American Dad! description of episodes (season 10)

Description of American Dad! episodes that were first released on Fox September 29, 2013 – May 18, 2014; ganre – animation, sitcom.
American Dad! overview of episodes (season 9)

1 (153) episode American Dad! description

“Steve & Snot’s Test-Tubular Adventure”

After failing to get dates for the high school prom, Steve and Snot try using the CIA’s cloning machine to make dates, but the machine produces two fast-growing newborn babies, forcing the boys to father them in time for the prom. Meanwhile, Stan takes home the CIA’s cloned pet dodo with disastrous consequences.

2 (154) episode American Dad! description


In a spoof of the movie Poltergeist, the Smith home is haunted by Francine’s unsatisfied sexual drive every time she is left having to fake it, so it is up to Roger – as medium Ruby Zeldastein – to eliminate the ghost. Meanwhile, Hayley dates a young, Hispanic man named Mauricio, and Klaus goes to Atlantic City for a self-help seminar, but ends up breaking his back and forced to watch the hotel guide channel in his room.

3 (155) episode American Dad! description

“Buck, Wild”

In order to prove his manhood, Steve accompanies Stan and his CIA buddies on their hunting trip, while Roger and Klaus embark on a cross-country trek.

4 (156) episode American Dad! description


Just to show Steve she is still a “cool” mom, Francine teaches him various shoplifting techniques at the local mall “The Gash”. However, their efforts to pull off the ultimate heist result in Steve getting captured and sent to a Venezuelan sweatshop. Meanwhile, Roger, Hayley and Klaus become Langley Falls’ first Russian balalaika trio and Stan injures his groin (just as he did in “A Smith in the Hand”) and must use a whiteboard to communicate.

5 (157) episode American Dad! description

“Kung Pao Turkey”

Stan’s plans for watching football on Thanksgiving in his underwear are ruined by Francine inviting her adoptive parents over for the holiday. Meanwhile, Francine’s mom encourages Hayley (who is still single following Jeff’s abduction by aliens) to date again, but her true intentions are revealed at the dinner table.

6 (158) episode American Dad! description

“Independent Movie”

In this send-up of independent films, Steve and his friends embark on an epic cross-country road trip to the funeral of Snot’s father, so that Snot can confront his emotions and Steve’s commitment to his friends is put to the test when he falls for a quirky girl. Meanwhile, Stan and Roger invent an automatic cake-cutter with the help of Hideki’s investments for the Home Shopping Network, but their partnership is jeopardized by their “verbal agreement” on how to split the profits.

7 (159) episode American Dad! description

“Faking Bad”

In this parody of Breaking Bad, Hayley tries to fit in with her old high school friends and discovers Steve’s talent for creating fake IDs that can easily be passed for real ones. Seeing this as a business opportunity, Hayley builds out Steve’s operation, but find themselves up against another fake ID kingpin in Langley Falls: Kevin Ramage (another of Roger’s disguises).

8 (160) episode American Dad! description

“Minstrel Krampus”

A notorious Christmas demon known as Minstrel Krampus kidnaps a bratty Steve, so Stan and Roger must travel to the North Pole to save him with the help of Stan’s estranged father. Meanwhile, Hayley takes a job at the airport to get her family Christmas presents.

9 (161) episode American Dad! description

“Vision: Impossible”

A car accident gives Roger the power to foresee the future, causing the Smiths to pester him with questions of what will happen.

10 (162) episode American Dad! description


At Francine’s insistence, the Smiths go on vacation at a Disneyland-esque theme park called Familyland. Unfortunately, the visit turns disastrous when Roger, Hayley, Stan and Steve all separate to go to different regions of the park. Francine, disappointed in how the park broke up her family, complains in front of a statue of the park’s founder Roy Family. As Francine walks off with Klaus, the statue begins to cry and eventually crack revealing the original Roy Family inside. Roy, angry at how his park has failed to be a good influence over families decides to shut down the park and lock in all visitors. After one week, each member of the Smith family carves out their own personal “kingdom” out of the park while Francine struggles to find a way to end the chaos.

11 (163) episode American Dad! description

“Cock of the Sleepwalk”

After Stan completes his 100th kill, he accidentally releases a benevolent persona of himself while sleeping, and this new incarnation goes on a spree of doing good deeds that the real Stan would never undertake.

12 (164) episode American Dad! description

“Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses”

In a parody of Face/Off, Roger switches faces with Steve to help him win over the hot girl at school, but soon decides he wants her for himself — until the girl reveals that she is pregnant with her jock ex-boyfriend’s baby. Meanwhile, in a parody of Charlie’s Angels, Stan and Francine’s vacation to Sacramento gets sidetracked when they befriend a quartet of sexy stewardesses and go undercover to help them thwart Mark Cuban’s plan to blow up the sun.

13 (165) episode American Dad! description

“I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy”

Against Francine’s wishes, Stan takes Steve and his friends into the woods for some outdoor playtime, where they wind up on the CIA’s holodeck. Meanwhile, Hayley claims she is Roger’s queen after purchasing his home star on an international star registry.

14 (166) episode American Dad! description

“Stan Goes on the Pill”

Unable to listen to Francine’s constant chatting, Stan takes an experimental estrogen pill which allows him to be able to listen to women without zoning out. Things get complicated, however, when Stan’s dosage turns him into a woman and Avery Bullock begins making romantic advances towards the now-female Stan. Meanwhile, Roger and Klaus start their own business selling the suits Stan wore as a male, which doesn’t go according to plan.

15 (167) episode American Dad! description

“Honey, I’m Homeland”

Stan infiltrates an Occupy Wall Street protest and ends up being kidnapped and brainwashed. Meanwhile, Roger buys thousands of candles and is unable to sell them, resulting in him and Steve getting carried away while giving each other massages in the attic in an attempt to use them all up.

16 (168) episode American Dad! description

“She Swill Survive”

Stan fears that Hayley has no life skills, so he forces her to take a job as a bartender in Roger’s attic. However, when Bullock becomes Hayley’s best customer, Stan realizes that he can use his daughter’s knowledge to get ahead at work. Meanwhile, Steve and Snot watch ‘Das Boot’ with Klaus, only for Klaus to realize they cannot fully appreciate the movie without telling them every German story that the movie references, much to the boys’ annoyance.

17 (169) episode American Dad! description


Stan’s newfound talent of checking out women on the sly leads to an auto accident, and a tough insurance agent threatens to rat him out to Francine. Meanwhile, after spilling wine on the new couch, Roger and Klaus come up with a far-fetched plan to keep from being caught.

18 (170) episode American Dad! description

“Permanent Record Wrecker”

CIA budget cuts leave Stan out in the cold, and since his company work record is classified, his only employment opportunity is at a local grocery store that is managed by Steve. Meanwhile, Roger and an annoying coffee-shop musician engage in a wager that leads Roger into a Faustian pact with an infomercial guitar instructor.

19 (171) episode American Dad! description

“News Glance with Genevieve Vavance”

Hayley starts an internship at a local news station under Genevieve Vavance, a Nancy Grace-type reporter who turns out to be Roger in disguise. Meanwhile, Steve pretends to be missing after his sex-ed teacher reads his embarrassing question during a Q&A session, which Hayley and Roger (as Genevieve) manipulate into a far-fetched story in order to get more views, which soon backfires.

20 (172) episode American Dad! description

“The Longest Distance Relationship”

Hayley is still heartbroken and trying to get over Jeff’s abduction, and meets a millionaire named Matt, who helps her deal with the tragedy. However, Steve and Snot discover that Jeff is alive and, along with the ghost of Sinbad, is trying to make his way back to her. Ultimately, Jeff learns that by the time he can make it back to Earth, Haley will be sixty and would have spent her entire life waiting for him. He goes back in time through the wormhole that he used to enter into Earth, and tells Hayley that he isn’t sure if he can make it back to Earth after all, and that he wants her to move on. She accepts, saying she will never forget him, and goes to begin life with Matt, only for him to be killed by Roger upon finding out he is an alien.

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