American Dad! description of episodes (season 2)

Description of American Dad! episodes that were first released on Fox September 11, 2005 – May 14, 2006; ganre – animation, sitcom.
American Dad! overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (8) episode American Dad! description

“Bullocks to Stan”
Stan finds Deputy Director Bullock, his supervisor, starting a relationship with Hayley. However, he cannot risk saying or doing anything about it because he’s up for a promotion at the CIA. He tries to make Jeff tougher so Hayley will take him back, but the plan backfires when Hayley dumps Bullock and takes Jeff back, leading Bullock to order Stan to kill Jeff in order to get his promotion. Meanwhile, Steve finds Dick Cheney’s BlackBerry and uses the contact numbers to play pranks on political figures.

2 (9) episode American Dad! description

“A Smith in the Hand”
Upon finding out that Steve’s school is giving a sex education class, Stan volunteers to teach a more wholesome and clean class himself. Stan has never masturbated prior to this and teaches Steve that it is wrong. However, after getting a groin injury and having to rub ointment on himself, he discovers masturbation and becomes addicted to it. Meanwhile, Roger turns the attic into a bar after Hayley accuses him of wasting his life by eating junk food and watching trashy reality TV shows.

3 (10) episode American Dad! description

“All About Steve”
Stan discovers and is ashamed of Steve’s geekiness and disowns him, but the stress of this causes damage to Stan’s body, causing him to physically revert into a nerd. When Steve breaks the code of a cyber-terrorist, the two must unite to save the world, and Stan comes to accept that nerds can do “macho” jobs such as antiterrorism. Meanwhile, Roger tries to find a suitable way to interact with the outside world.

4 (11) episode American Dad! description

“Con Heir”
After his father’s death, Stan reveals to his family that the man they called Grandpa was not their grandfather. Meanwhile, Steve goes out with his pseudo-grandfather’s elderly friend.

5 (12) episode American Dad! description

“Stan of Arabia: Part 1”
After doing a terrible job standing in for Jay Leno at Bullock’s anniversary roast, Stan is reassigned to Saudi Arabia. While his family begins to go through hell, Stan discovers all of his greatest fantasies come true under the male-dominated society.

6 (13) episode American Dad! description

“Stan of Arabia: Part 2”
Stan has renounced his American citizenship to live in Saudi Arabia, though his family finds themselves in their own awkward situations that lead them to getting sentenced to death by stoning. Meanwhile, Roger is wooed by an Arab prince.

7 (14) episode American Dad! description

“Stannie Get Your Gun”
Stan and Hayley attempt to bond, but things are difficult due to Stan’s obsession with guns and Hayley’s stance against them. In the process, Hayley herself accidentally shoots Stan and paralyzes him. Meanwhile, Roger takes the ultimate revenge on Steve for eating his cookie by convincing him he is adopted and later was kidnapped by Stan and Francine.

8 (15) episode American Dad! description

“Star Trek”
A drowned Steve tells the story of how he became famous for writing a story about Roger the alien, and how his parents exploited his talents to get what they want.

9 (16) episode American Dad! description

“Not Particularly Desperate Housewife”
Francine pretends to be having an extra-marital affair in order to join an exclusive women’s club called The Ladybugs, where membership is dependent upon the member cheating on their husband. However, Francine’s life is threatened when she asks to quit. Meanwhile, Stan and Roger fight over the attention of an adorable little dog, and Hayley locks Steve and Klaus in her closet for reading her diary.

10 (17) episode American Dad! description

“Rough Trade”
Stan and Roger experience life in each other’s shoes after Stan is arrested for a DUI and is put on house arrest and Roger is made the man of the house, which leads to disaster.

11 (18) episode American Dad! description

“Finances with Wolves”
Stan gets a hefty bonus at work and uses all it on himself, while Francine uses a part of the bonus to open a muffin shop without Stan’s approval. Now without a housewife at home, Klaus tricks Stan into putting Klaus’s brain back into a human body in order to replace Francine around the house. Klaus (now with a human body) beats Stan up and ties him, before heading to Francine’s muffin shop in an attempt to seduce her and make her leave Stan to start a new life with him. Meanwhile, Steve is convinced he’s becoming a werewolf after watching a scary movie of it and being attacked by a wolf.

12 (19) episode American Dad! description

“It’s Good to Be Queen”
Stan seeks revenge for being the focus of a prank during his high school years by showing off that he married Francine, who is the homecoming queen. However, when they find two uncounted votes for Francine’s arch-rival, Betty Sue, and her title is revealed to be a mistake, Stan’s pride gets the best of him and goes out with the real queen.

13 (20) episode American Dad! description

“Roger ‘n’ Me”
Stan and Roger become best friends in Atlantic City, taking their friendship to a whole new, unexpected level, when Roger absorbs all of Stan’s memories. When Francine wants to find out what happened, the situation ends up with her in the hospital in a coma. Meanwhile, Hayley and Steve conspire to break up a good-looking couple so that they can date the two.

14 (21) episode American Dad! description

“Helping Handis”
After being embarrassed by Hayley’s student film about her life as a housewife, Francine decides to become a back-alley surgeon to gain the respect of her daughter. Meanwhile, Stan forces Steve to take steroids – and Steve instantly becomes popular for two reasons, while Roger goes insane trying to clean the Smith’s house.

15 (22) episode American Dad! description

“With Friends Like Steve’s”
After Steve shows a lack of interest in Stan’s job, Stan replaces him with Barry, Steve’s obese friend, who is in fact malicious (without his medication) and plots to replace Steve completely. Meanwhile, Roger does an impressive keg stand and becomes a fraternity brother.

16 (23) episode American Dad! description

“Tears of a Clooney”
Haunted by resentment towards George Clooney (who Francine blames for her failure to become an actress), Francine resolves to win his heart with the intention of breaking it. However, her plan is sabotaged by Stan, who becomes close friends with Clooney as part of his wife’s scheme. Meanwhile, Roger builds a vineyard and starts up a private sweat shop using foster children and Hayley, the only one who can save the children, is incapacitated with an unnamed lung disease.
American Dad! overview of episodes (season 3)

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