American Dad! description of episodes (season 6)

Description of American Dad! episodes that were first released on Fox September 27, 2009 – May 16, 2010; ganre – animation, sitcom.
American Dad! overview of episodes (season 5)

1 (79) episode American Dad! description

“In Country…Club”
Stan teaches Steve that the only way he can truly appreciate the national anthem is by participating in a war re-enactment, but the experience leaves Steve looking and acting like a traumatized Vietnam War veteran. Meanwhile, Roger gets a pet bird and badgers Stan into giving him a cable code so he can watch a Barbra Streisand pay-per-view special. And an amputee mental patient who has psychic powers, named John Q. Mind (Randy Spears), escapes from a mental hospital on a motorcycle.

2 (80) episode American Dad! description

“Moon Over Isla Island”
In order to get a promotion at work, Stan has to convince the dictator of Isla Island to sign a treaty. Stan meets the general and accidentally kills him and has Roger pose as the leader of the small island nation. Meanwhile, Steve and Snot compete for the sexual advances of each other’s mothers.

3 (81) episode American Dad! description

“Home Adrone”
Steve is left home alone when the family takes a trip to look at a potential college for Hayley. When his friends arrive and realize he has the run of the house, they persuade Steve to break the rules. They’re soon in over their heads when they discover that what they thought was a video game is actually a military controlled drone. As Hayley’s flight is about to leave, the pilot sees the drone, and delays the flight for safety of the passengers. As Steve and his friends attempt to cover their tracks, Roger has a meltdown that keeps the family from making their trip by dressing as Stan instead of a little girl to get alcohol. The Air Marshall threatens to kill everyone unless the little girl (Roger) is found. Stan returns to find that Steve has betrayed his trust and thrust them into a high-level security situation.

4 (82) episode American Dad! description

“Brains, Brains and Automobiles”
Stan tries to sabotage Francine’s plans to make Roger self-sufficient so Francine will not leave Stan for being boring. Meanwhile, Steve, Barry, Snot, and Toshi meet a mysterious salesman who sells them bikini underwear called “culottes.”

5 (83) episode American Dad! description

“Man in the Moonbounce”
Steve must become the “man of the house” when Stan relives his childhood after an emotional breakdown on a moonbounce – and ends up in Chimdale Minimum Security prison for vandalizing a house. Meanwhile, Hayley gives Klaus a wig so he can have his first haircut in years.

6 (84) episode American Dad! description

“Shallow Vows”
When Stan lets it slip that he only married Francine for her looks days before they renew their wedding vows, Francine purposely lets herself go so she can see if Stan really does love her. Meanwhile, Steve and Hayley go on the run when one of Roger’s personalities threatens to kill them.

7 (85) episode American Dad! description

“My Morning Straitjacket”
Stan becomes obsessed with Hayley’s favorite band, My Morning Jacket after trying to ban her from listening to their music.

8 (86) episode American Dad! description

“G-String Circus”
Stan opens up a dry-cleaning shop with 20-year-old strippers as the workers to prove Hayley should take his advice, but when Stan’s business goes south, Stan decides to take off his own clothes for money. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends go to space camp (which turns out to be boring) and try to escape when he sees a webcam shot of Roger housing Stan’s stripper dry-cleaning workers in Steve’s room.

9 (87) episode American Dad! description

“Rapture’s Delight”
Stan is upset when he cannot find his family a good seat for a Christmas Day church service, but that proves to be the least of his worries when Stan discovers that he, Roger, and Francine are the last people left on Earth and everyone else has ascended into Heaven as part of the Biblical end of days.

10 (88) episode American Dad! description

“Don’t Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth”
When Stan gets told by Francine to get rid of his gas-guzzling SUV, he and Roger hatch up a plan at the local horse track to avoid losing his car. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends help an obese man out of his bedroom.

11 (89) episode American Dad! description

“A Jones for a Smith”
Stan gives Francine a hard time when she is sentenced to work in a soup kitchen following a drunk driving arrest (since Stan does not believe social programs that help the homeless and impoverished are of any value to American society), but when Stan gets hooked on crack cocaine, he refuses to get help (and costs Steve a chance to hook up with a beautiful high school girl who’s attracted to nerds), but later he discovers that asking others for help does not hurt.

12 (90) episode American Dad! description

“May the Best Stan Win”
For Valentine’s Day, Stan gives Francine “love coupons,” but refuses to honor them, prompting a cyborg version of Stan from the future to challenge him for Francine’s heart. Meanwhile, Steve wants to remake the 1980s movie Mannequin after finding a sex doll in Toshi’s parents’ room. The “Japanese funk” song that Cyber-Stan plays is “Monochrome Effect” by Japanese technopop group Perfume.

13 (91) episode American Dad! description

“The Return of the Bling”
Roger reveals that he played on the gold-medal-winning Miracle on Ice 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team as a steroid-abuser. Stan is able to convince Roger to return his Olympic gold medal, but Roger has a difficult time dealing with the loss. Meanwhile, Hayley reevaluates her relationship status with Reginald the Koala.

14 (92) episode American Dad! description

“Cops and Roger”
Roger joins the police force after he and Francine are mugged, but he turns into a dirty cop, and Hayley gets a new friend.

15 (93) episode American Dad! description

“Merlot Down Dirty Shame”
Roger winds up kissing Francine when the two go wine-tasting, leading Francine having to tell Stan so it’s not bad if they told soon, but Roger tries everything to keep Francine from telling Stan. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley screw with Steve’s head by making him think his reality is a lucid dream, but he goes too far when he tries to fly out the window.

16 (94) episode American Dad! description

“Bully for Steve”
Stan bullies Steve to try to toughen him up while Roger studies crime scene photography.

17 (95) episode American Dad! description

“An Incident at Owl Creek”
In preparation for a neighborhood party, Stan tells his family to get in shape, but an accident in the pool makes Stan a laughingstock.

18 (96) episode American Dad! description

“Great Space Roaster”
It is Roger’s birthday, and he begs to be roasted, but Roger takes the cruel jokes to heart and goes on a rampage against the Smith family.
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