Archer description of episodes (season 1)

Description of Archer episodes that were first released on FX September 17, 2009 Official: January 7, 2010 – March 18, 2010; ganre – action, adventure, comedy.

1 (1) episode Archer description

“Mole Hunt”
Wishing to hack the ISIS mainframe to hide an issue with his expense account Archer inadvertently spreads a rumour there is a mole in ISIS. There actually is a mole, Krenshaw, and on hearing this he plans to flee using Archer’s expense account.

2 (2) episode Archer description

“Training Day”
In an effort to make Cyril more attractive to Lana, Malory promotes him to field agent. Archer teaches him Krav Maga and how to dispose of a dead hooker.

3 (3) episode Archer description

“Diversity Hire”
After the death of yet another agent, ISIS needs a new operative and a racial minority, and Malory hires Conway Stern (voiced by Coby Bell) to fill the position. As Conway makes an impressive splash at ISIS, he quickly draws the suspicion of Lana. Meanwhile, Archer is worried that Conway has his sights set on marrying Malory and cutting him out of her will.

4 (4) episode Archer description

“Killing Utne”
To get a major client, Malory hires a German hit man and his twisted girlfriend to fake an assassination attempt during a dinner party, unaware the duo have been hired to really kill the man.

5 (5) episode Archer description

Archer has to seduce an enemy agent to recover incriminating video footage of his mother. The enemy agent however is a man.

6 (6) episode Archer description

Archer and Lana go on a mission to stop an arms dealer while Malory has a tryst with her KGB lover and reveals he may be Archer’s father.

7 (7) episode Archer description

While on the maiden voyage of the luxury airship Excelsior, a bomb threat requires the attention of the ISIS agents. Malory eventually admits that she called in a false bomb threat as an excuse so she could get free tickets. Just as Lana calls Archer to tell him this news, he ironically finds a real bomb in the cargo hold.

8 (8) episode Archer description

“The Rock”
When ODIN steals a contract away, Malory sends Archer and Lana to steal a priceless diamond as payback. However, the mission (and Cyril’s plan to propose to Lana) are upset when the ISIS workers decide to go on strike for better pay.

9 (9) episode Archer description

“Job Offer”
ODIN offers Lana a job but Archer believes the offer is for him and accepts after he and Malory have a falling out. It seems great at first, until his mother drunkenly puts out a burn notice on him.

10 (10) episode Archer description

“Dial M for Mother”
Archer is kidnapped and implanted with a mind control chip to try and kill Malory. Meanwhile, Lana tries to teach Cyril a lesson after cheating on here with several women (including Cherryl) while Pam attempts to lose her virginity with one of the co-workers.
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