Blue Bloods description of episodes (season 7)

Description of Blue Bloods episodes that were first released on CBS September 23, 2016 ; ganre – police, procedural, drama.
Blue Bloods overview of episodes (season 6)

1 (134) episode guide Blue Bloods

“The Greater Good”

Danny’s world is rocked when Robert Lewis (Michael Imperioli) in the Attorney General’s office obtains new evidence against him in the self-defense shooting case of serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi). Also, Jamie and Eddie respond to a car crash involving a high-profile drunk driver, and Frank is asked by Grace Edwards (Lori Loughlin), the wife of a slain police officer, to keep her only son out of the police force.

2 (135) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Good Cop Bad Cop”

Danny and Baez investigate the death of an elderly woman who was shot in her home by a stray bullet. Also, Frank faces ridicule from his department when he disciplines a disrespectful cop, and Erin steps in to help her detective, Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa), find a legal solution for his mother after a con man bilks her out of her life savings. Meanwhile, Jack is in big trouble after ditching school to drink at a party.

3 (136) episode guide Blue Bloods

“The Price of Justice”

Danny and Baez are determined to get justice for a traumatized young woman who was held hostage, despite her resistance to press charges. Also, Frank deals with a PR nightmare when a prominent NYPD donor (Saul Rubinek) is spotted speeding through Manhattan traffic in a fake police vehicle, and Jamie is offered a job as a technical advisor on a television crime show after working with the TV and Film unit.

4 (137) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Mob Rules”

Intent on bringing justice to Lieutenant Gormley after he is beaten by a mob outside his temporary rental home, Anthony offers to help Frank because he has a personal connection to the neighborhood where the attack occurred. Also, Eddie and Jamie witness a dishonest arrest involving an NYPD detective and an agent from Homeland Security, while Danny and Maria search for a witness to testify against a dangerous gang leader.

5 (138) episode guide Blue Bloods

“For the Community”

Erin and Anthony try to prevent the deportation of a prominent community activist, Coryna Garza (Judy Reyes), who is not a citizen. Frank must decide if the NYPD will participate in the U.S. Marshals’ high-profile raid of a local gang. Elsewhere, Eddie takes Jamie to see her 16-year-old psychic, but the girl’s “papa” says she has disappeared. When they find the girl, Jamie and Eddie try to figure out why she ran.

6 (139) episode guide Blue Bloods


Frank is informed of a whistleblower within the NYPD who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in high crime neighborhoods. Danny and Baez investigate the case of a waitress at a popular Irish pub who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.

7 (140) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Guilt by Association”

When a key witness in Danny’s murder case is killed just before testifying, Erin angers Danny by enlisting Anthony to help him find additional evidence to collar the murderer. Robert Lewis returns, trying to force Frank to publicly support the Attorney General’s investigation into the use of excessive force by police. During a joint press conference with Lewis, Frank accuses him of having political motivations for the probe. Lewis responds later by promising further investigations into NYPD chain of evidence issues. Meanwhile, Eddie and Jamie get a call for an attempted suicide.

8 (141) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Personal Business”

After Emily Harrison (Danielle Savre) tells Danny and Baez she’s concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend, Emily is accused of vigilantism when the guy is murdered. Eddie gets jealous when Jamie takes in a young professional woman who was forced to live on the street, letting her crash at his apartment. Meanwhile, Frank must decide how to discipline a sergeant after he fails to intercede during an armed robbery while off duty, as he was protecting his young daughter.

9 (142) episode guide Blue Bloods


Frank is left with minimal information to find a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could help won’t break the seal of confession. Danny and Baez investigate the death of a prominent New York City socialite with a secret life. Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie attend a wedding together while trying to hide their recently resurfaced romantic feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Jamie’s behavior towards one of the guests at the reception leads to a brawl on the dance floor and a destroyed wedding cake. Those involved spend the night in the slammer.

10 (143) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Unbearable Loss”

When the son of Frank’s most outspoken critic in the African-American community, Reverend Darnell Potter (Ato Essandoh), is killed, Potter must put aside his contentious relationship with the Reagan family in order to get justice for his son. Also, Erin and Anthony investigate when a convicted felon’s cause of death is inconsistent with injuries he sustained during a prisoner transport van accident, and Jamie learns that a mugger he shot in self-defense is the son of a member of the New York State Police.

11 (144) episode guide Blue Bloods


An adoption case gets complicated for Jamie and Eddie, so they turn to Erin for help in preventing the case from going to court. Frank deals with an NYPD sergeant who is helping cadets from military backgrounds cheat on the psychiatric portion of their exam. Meanwhile, Danny learns from a worried Linda that Jack plans to enter the Marines after graduation.

12 (145) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Not Fade Away”

anny is asked to provide private security for Ernie “Goodnight” Mason (Omar Dorsey), who spent 12 years in prison for his involvement in a murder. In return, Danny makes Mason help him locate the actual triggerman in the crime. Jamie and Eddie have to break up a public quarrel between two NYPD partners who have become romantically involved, making them evaluate their own complicated relationship. Elsewhere, Frank tries to make things right when Sid’s wife tells him that her husband feels underutilized.

13 (146) episode guide Blue Bloods

“The One That Got Away”

When diplomatic immunity complicates a child abuse case for Danny and Baez, Frank intervenes, despite not having jurisdiction on the case. Also, a robbery occurs while Eddie and Jamie are on a double date with Eddie’s boyfriend and his sister, and they are forced to step in.

14 (147) episode guide Blue Bloods

“In & Out”

15 (148) episode guide Blue Bloods

“Lost Souls”

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