Bob’s Burgers description of episodes (season 3)

Description of Bob’s Burgers episodes that were first released on Fox September 30, 2012 – May 12, 2013; ganre – animation, sitcom.
Bob’s Burgers overview of episodes (season 2)

1 (23) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Ear-sy Rider”
Louise gets her bunny ears stolen by a high school bully, and Bob meets the One-Eyed Snakes, a motorcycle gang, when they visit to honor their fallen leader.

2 (24) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Full Bars”
The kids skip their normal trick-or-treat route for Halloween and decide to go to a posh neighborhood, Kingshead Island, as they distribute full-sized candy bars. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda attend Teddy’s annual “Black and Orange” party.

3 (25) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Bob Fires the Kids”
When Bob feels that he is depriving the kids of any summer vacation, he decides to relieve them of duty from working the restaurant. After they get bored of their summer break, they are hired by a hippie couple to be “weed pickers”. Meanwhile, Bob hires Mickey the bank robber to work at his restaurant.

4 (26) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Mutiny on the Windbreaker”
The Belchers are shanghaied on a cruise ship when the captain requests Bob to be his personal chef. While stuck on the cruise, Gene gets a crush on a talentless ventriloquist’s Mae West-inspired manatee puppet, Tina pesters a masseur to give her a massage, and Louise gets cartoonishly-long finger- and toenails at the on-board salon.

5 (27) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”
Bob’s Thanksgiving traditions are interrupted when Mr. Fischoeder recruits the Belchers to pose as his family, hoping to impress an old flame.

6 (28) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“The Deepening”
In this parody of Jaws, Mr. Fischoeder buys a mechanical shark that was used in a movie shot at Wonder Wharf. Teddy, who worked on the movie when he was young, has to battle the shark when it threatens the town’s safety.

7 (29) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks”
When Tina accidentally totals the family car, she believes that she is jinxed when she and Bob decide to lie to the insurance agent and end up in insurance fraud.

8 (30) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene”
Gene tries to break up with his new girlfriend, Courtney (voiced by David Wain), after the family finds her annoying. When he tries to, however, he finds out that her dad writes jingles and he could possibly launch his own career.

9 (31) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”
Bob inherits a storage unit from a dead relative, and finds a mentally-disturbed man inside who claims that he was once a clothing store mannequin whose wife went missing when he turned human.

10 (32) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Mother Daughter Laser Razor”
Linda fears that her bond with Louise isn’t as strong as hers with Tina, so she forces Louise to attend a mother-daughter seminar. Meanwhile, Tina and Bob get their legs waxed.

11 (33) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Nude Beach”
Darryl and the Belcher kids set up a business for kids to pay to see a good view of the nearby nude beach. Meanwhile, a new health inspector replaces Hugo and Bob disagrees with him.

12 (34) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Broadcast Wagstaff School News”
Tina vows to find the “mad pooper” running rampant at the children’s school.

13 (35) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“My Fuzzy Valentine”
Bob tries to sweeten Linda’s Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped pancake, but when that doesn’t stack up, the kids convince him to let them skip school and help him find the perfect gift for the holiday. Meanwhile, Linda celebrates the day by holding a speed-dating event at the restaurant, but the idea hits a snag.

14 (36) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Lindapendant Woman”
Feeling unappreciated, Linda quits and takes a job at a grocery store, leaving Bob to run the place (poorly) on his own, and putting the children smack in the middle of their marital tiff. Later, Tina may have met her soul mate while stocking the milk fridge.

15 (37) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“O.T.: The Outside Toilet”
In a parody of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Gene finds a talking toilet (voiced by Jon Hamm), and he is determined to keep it out of the wrong hands.

16 (38) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

Louise tries to take down her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher by recreating the Topsy incident using Gene and Tina.

17 (39) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Two for Tina”
Tina starts dating a ballet dancer, making Jimmy, Jr. jealous.

18 (40) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“It Snakes a Village”
The family goes to Florida to visit Linda’s parents, but they discover they live in a swinger senior home. Meanwhile, the kids try to track down a legendary python.

19 (41) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Family Fracas”
The Belcher family competes against the Pesto family in a game show to win a new minivan after the family car breaks down.

20 (42) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“The Kids Run the Restaurant”
After Bob goes to the hospital, the kids take over the restaurant and transform it into a casino.

21 (43) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Boyz 4 Now”
Tina and Louise attend a Boyz 4 Now concert, leading Louise to discover her crush on the lead singer.

22 (44) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“Carpe Museum”
Bob chaperones a school trip to the museum and experiences some father-daughter bonding with Louise, while Gene and his gang are on the lookout for exhibits with busts, and not the kind that are sculpted out of stone. Later, on the museum steps, Linda offers her distinctive chanting talents to striking workers.

23 (45) episode guide Bob’s Burgers

“The Unnatural”

Linda tries to sign up Gene for an expensive baseball camp, while Tina becomes an espresso addict.

Bob’s Burgers overview of episodes (season 4)

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