Burn Notice description of episodes (season 1)

Description of Burn Notice episodes that were first released on USA Network June 28, 2007 – September 20, 2007; ganre – drama, action.

1 (1) episode guide Burn Notice

“Pilot”Note 1
Michael Westen, a covert-operations agent in the employ of the U.S. Government, is on an assignment in Nigeria when he suddenly and unexpectedly gets “burned”. He barely escapes with his life and takes the first flight he can out of the country, which dumps him in Miami, Florida, his home town. Michael, after reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne, finds his accounts are frozen by a government code and his contacts are cut off but nevertheless tries to reach Dan Siebels, his now-former case officer and handler and friend. Needing to put money together to sort out what is happening, Michael also re-connects with Sam Axe, his best friend, and reluctantly gets in touch with his mother, Madeline Westen, who was unaware of his career, and also evades FBI surveillance as best as he can. Michael takes a job from a former colleague to help an estate caretaker clear his name in a high-priced art theft. Eventually, after mailing a non-functioning bomb to Siebels’ office, Michael finally succeeds in reaching him and is told the burn notice is to “put him on ice” in preparation for a job offer and he is not to leave Miami or risk being killed. This is demonstrated when he returns home to find pictures of himself scattered about, with a message saying “Welcome to Miami,” the show’s tagline.
The teleplay by Matt Nix won a 2008 Edgar Allan Poe Award, honoring the best in mystery, in the category Best Television Episode Teleplay.

2 (2) episode guide Burn Notice

Michael helps his mother’s friend, Laura (Elayne Wilks), a retiree who was scammed out of her life savings by a group of con artists. Michael tracks down, and then works his way into the con artist group, causing dissension among the ranks. He is able to convince head con artist Quinten (Mark Pellegrino) to give him the information to access the stolen accounts, and Michael returns all of the money. By successfully helping Laura, Madeline gives Michael a number that FBI agents had left her. The episode concludes with an anonymous voice congratulating Michael over the telephone.

3 (3) episode guide Burn Notice

“Fight or Flight”Note 2
While attempting to gather more information about the people who burned him, Michael sneaks into a conference at a hotel for operatives. He finds the name of Akhom Thabet (Robert Younis), an Egyptian spy who he helped rescue years ago. Thabet gives Michael a copy of his burn notice. Meanwhile, Michael helps Cara Stagner (Dedee Pfeiffer), a waitress who is being harassed by a drug cartel because she is a witness to a brutal beating committed by Alvaro Desantos (Ivo Lopez). Michael is able to convince the cartel that Desantos is a cooperating informant. Desantos is killed by his own people, leaving the cartel no reason to kill Cara.

4 (4) episode guide Burn Notice

“Old Friends”Note 2
Michael is reunited with his brother Nate, who offers Michael a job of helping his friend Bill Reese (Eric Lange) track down his estranged daughter Jenna (Susie Abromeit), who was caught up in a fake modeling agency; which in reality is a prostitution ring that is run and overseen by the Wilhelm brothers, who are responsible for recruiting potential models. Michael kidnaps one of the Wilhelm brothers and trades him for the safe return of Jenna, who tearfully reunites with her father after learning of what fate would have awaited her had not Michael intervened on her father’s behalf. Meanwhile, Michael avoids assassination attempts by a Czech assassin and old enemy of Michael; Jan Haseck (Ilia Volok), who has come to kill him after hearing of Michael being burned. In the end, after poisoning and extracting what little information Jan has on Michael’s burning, Michael turns Jan over to the FBI to get them to back off from Sam. Sam later learns Jan was murdered by unknown government agents loyal to those who burned Michael.

5 (5) episode guide Burn Notice

“Family Business”
Michael helps airport security guard Jake Miller (Scott Michael Campbell) whose family is being threatened by the Zamars, an arms dealer family with connections to the Mossad. Michael poses as an arms trafficker and learns the secret location of the Zamar’s arms storage house to gain leverage, forcing the Zamars to leave Miami. Sam places a bug in Michael’s car as the FBI agents turn up the heat, threatening to leave Sam without any pension. Michael and his brother Nate discover the true owner of their father’s car.

6 (6) episode guide Burn Notice

“Unpaid Debts”
Madeline Westen is attacked by a government agent who urges Michael to stop his investigation. Meanwhile, Michael retrieves a boat from Jamaican gangsters for a client, Virgil. When Michael tries to deliver the boat to Virgil’s client, they demand to know where Virgil is and attack Michael. Michael flees with the boat and later discovers $10 million hidden on board, who Virgil’s client had wanted delivered. Sam dumps the boat without the money for the Jamaicans and Virgil’s client to find. However, Virgil is later kidnapped by his client, who offers to Michael a trade: Virgil’s life for the $10 million. Michael sets up the trade, but tells the Jamaicans about it as well, and Virgil’s client and the Jamaicans get into a shoot-out while Michael escapes with part of the money. Meanwhile, Michael and Fiona discuss their breakup, and Michael manages to learn the name of the government agent who attacked his mother.

7 (7) episode guide Burn Notice

“Broken Rules”
A merchant based in Little Havana requests Michael’s help. A crime gang has been terrorizing merchants in the neighborhood, with the aim of driving them out of the area. Michael poses as a crazed thief competing for their territory. A member of the gang captures Michael, but the gang’s leader is impressed by him and enlists him in her gang. Meanwhile, Michael uses the services of a money launderer in order to blackmail Agent Bly to reveal information about his burn notice.

8 (8) episode guide Burn Notice

“Wanted Man”
Fiona, working as a bail bondsman, enlists Michael’s help in tracking down a man who jumped bail. He pleads his case to Michael and Fiona, claiming himself to be innocent. The fugitive offers Michael and Fiona a sum of money to help clear his name. With the help of Max, Michael locates the jewel thief. Michael, Sam, and Fiona hatch a complicated plot in order to bring the thief to justice and clear the accused man’s name. Elsewhere, Michael finds out the name of the man who had him burned.

9 (9) episode guide Burn Notice

“Hard Bargain”
Dawn, the fiance of Nick Lam, who “house-sits” the vacation homes of millionaires, is kidnapped. The kidnappers ask for $5,000,000, a figure far beyond the reach of Nick Lam. During a surveillance operation, Nick gives away Michael’s position and Michael is forced to kidnap a kidnapper, Lucio, who he blackmails into helping him. Sam and Fiona develop a new plan to have Fiona be “kidnapped.” Sam learns from the kidnapper the location of the warehouse where Dawn is being held, so he and Fiona attack the guards and free her. Michael, who is acting as a hostage negotiator, leads the kidnapper to the warehouse just as the police come and arrest the kidnapper. Afterward, Michael meets with a supposed CSS bureaucrat assigned to review his case. When the bureaucrat attempts to kill him, the three theorize that Michael’s would-be killer was not the real bureaucrat after all, but merely an impersonator.

10 (10) episode guide Burn Notice

“False Flag”
Michael goes looking for a fake ID, but is almost arrested. Michael then agrees to help Sam’s friend Lucy if she will give him a fake ID. Evelyn (Lucy Lawless), Lucy’s client, says that her son was kidnapped by her estranged husband Doug. Michael becomes emotionally vested in the case. However, when he takes Evelyn to Doug, she tries to kill him. Michael puts Doug and his son into Witness Protection, and confronts Evelyn, who chooses to jump to her death rather than be brought in. Sam also discovers that the man who put the burn notice on Michael intends to visit him in Miami.

11 (11) episode guide Burn Notice

“Dead Drop”Note 3
Season Finale, Part I: Sam accepts a job from a client who is being blackmailed by drug smugglers. Meanwhile, Michael is busy trying to set up a meeting with Phillip Cowan (Richard Schiff), the man who burned him. Michael eventually meets Cowan, but Cowan is shot and killed by an unknown sniper minutes into their conversation. At the end of the episode Sam is kidnapped by a group of people and Fiona calls Michael at a pay phone to let him know the situation. Midway through their call, the same people that kidnapped Sam reach Fiona’s location. Fiona flees, leaving the pay phone dangling on its cord.

12 (12) episode guide Burn Notice

“Loose Ends”Note 3
Season Finale, Part II: Sam is held hostage by heroin smugglers who also happen to be former Special Forces operatives. Michael must use his underworld connections to rescue his friend as he tries to dodge agents out to get him. Michael eventually rescues Sam and shoots the leader of the group that kidnapped Sam. Michael begins to receive calls from a mysterious woman, and at the end of the episode Michael drives his car onto a truck (made to transport cars), expecting to meet the mysterious woman calling him and find out more information on his burn notice.

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