Community description of episodes (season 6)

Description of Community episodes that were first released on Yahoo! Screen March 17, 2015 – June 2, 2015; ganre – sitcom.
Community overview of episodes (season 5)

1 (98) episode Community description

Dean Pelton hires Francesca “Frankie” Dart (Paget Brewster) as a consultant to help improve Greendale, but her tactics create tension on campus.

2 (99) episode Community description

“Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care”
Britta discovers that her parents have been helping her financially from behind the scenes, while the Dean becomes obsessed with an expensive virtual reality system and Jeff seeks out the inventor, Elroy Patashnik (Keith David), to get a refund.

3 (100) episode Community description

“Basic Crisis Room Decorum”
When City College plans an attack ad asserting that Greendale gave a degree to a dog, the group clashes over the best way to handle it.

4 (101) episode Community description

“Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing”
The Dean is offered a position on the school board but only as a token homosexual, Chang auditions for a theater version of The Karate Kid, and Abed and Elroy attempt to fix the school’s Wi-Fi connection.

5 (102) episode Community description

“Laws of Robotics and Party Rights”
Prisoners attend Greendale via telepresence robots, and Britta uses Abed so she can have a party, breaking Annie’s rules.

6 (103) episode Community description

“Basic Email Security”
A hacker threatens to publish emails unless a scheduled appearance by a racist comic (Jay Chandrasekhar) is cancelled.

7 (104) episode Community description

“Advanced Safety Features”
The dean is highly susceptible to a guerrilla marketing campaign by Britta’s ex-boyfriend, Rick, who now works for Honda. Meanwhile, the group tries to become closer friends with Elroy. Greendale hosts an alumni dance and hires the band Natalie is Freezing to perform, while Elroy reveals he once dated the band’s lead singer Julie (Lisa Loeb).

8 (105) episode Community description

“Intro to Recycled Cinema”
When a commercial starring Chang goes viral, the group tries to cash in by converting footage of a cop drama starring him into a sci-fi film.

9 (106) episode Community description

“Grifting 101”
The group is cheated and tries to get back at a grifter (Matt Berry) now teaching at Greendale.

10 (107) episode Community description

“Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”
The group takes a road trip in Elroy’s RV to deliver a giant fiberglass hand that Frankie forces Dean Pelton to sell, while Abed imagines the trip as a flashback-filled movie.

11 (108) episode Community description

“Modern Espionage”
Frankie’s “Cleaner Greendale” initiative drives the school’s paintball game underground as the group tries to discover the identity of a mysterious assassin.

12 (109) episode Community description

“Wedding Videography”
The group attends Garrett’s wedding while Abed films it for a new documentary.

13 (110) episode Community description

“Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”
With six years at Greendale completed, the group imagines what a hypothetical season seven would be like while discussing the uncertainty of life.

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