Daredevil description of episodes (season 2)

Description of “Daredevil” episodes that were first released on Netflix March 18, 2016; ganre – superhero, action.

Daredevil description of episodes (season 1)

1 (14) episode Daredevil description


Following the downfall of Wilson Fisk and the Russian mafia, and the disappearance of the Chinese and Yakuza, various gangs attempt to take control of Hell’s Kitchen, including the Irish Mob and Cartels. When a group of Irish are gunned down by an apparent “army”, the sole survivor, Elliot “Grotto” Grote, seeks out the firm of Nelson and Murdock for protection. Karen Page, Nelson and Murdock’s assisstant—who is struggling to manage their financial troubles given that the firm’s clientele often cannot afford legal fees—takes the wounded Grotto to the hospital, while Foggy Nelson learns from the Dogs of Hell biker gang that a group of their own was murdered by the same “army” as the Irish. Matt Murdock, as his secret vigilante persona Daredevil, investigates the cartels, who he learns had all of their high-power weapons stolen by a single man. At the hospital, Grotto and Page are attacked by this man and barely escape alive. Daredevil confronts the new vigilante in the rooftops near the hospital, and is shot in the head at point blank range.

2 (15) episode Daredevil description

“Dogs to a Gunfight”

Nelson finds Murdock the next morning. Though his body armor saved his life, Murdock’s head and heightened senses are damaged and impaired, and Nelson insists that he rest and recover. Nelson attempts to get Grotto into witness protection, but since all of his mob contacts were murdered, District Attorney Samantha Reyes only agrees if Grotto wears a wire to a meeting with a high-level drug lord. After his senses improve, Murdock asks his armorer, Melvin Potter, for a new, improved mask, before investigating the hideout where the Irish where murdered. Realizing that they had a now missing dog, Murdock tracks it to a nearby apartment, where the other vigilante—nicknamed “The Punisher” by the DA’s office—had been listening to the DA’s operation with Grotto on a police radio. When the Punisher attacks the operation, Nelson and Page realize that Reyes had always meant it as a trap. Police snipers fire at the Punisher as Daredevil arrives and attacks him. Grotto escapes in the chaos, while Murdock is injured and loses consciousness.

3 (16) episode Daredevil description

“New York’s Finest”

Daredevil wakes up as the Punisher’s captive, and pleads with him to stop killing, feeling that there is goodness within anyone, and that no criminal is beyond redemption. The Punisher insists that what he does is necessary, that by murdering criminals he stops them from doing wrong ever again, while Daredevil merely delays the inevitable by injuring them. Their debate culminates in Punisher bringing out Grotto, whom he caught stealing a car in an attempt to flee the city, and strapping a gun with a single bullet to Daredevil’s hand, offering him the choice of killing Grotto, killing the Punisher before he kills Grotto, or doing nothing and living with the fact that his actions caused someone’s death anyway. Daredevil shoots the chains holding him and breaks free, but in doing so gives the Punisher time to fatally shoot Grotto. As the dying Grotto asks why Daredevil allowed him to die, the Punisher attacks a nearby Dogs of Hell group. Daredevil manages to knock the Punisher unconscious, and then fights his way through the angry gang members to safety.

4 (17) episode Daredevil description

“Penny and Dime”

Finn Cooley, a high-profile member of the Irish mafia whose son was killed by the Punisher, arrives in New York seeking revenge, and tracks the dog Punisher took to his apartment, where he realizes who the Punisher is. Page begins investigating the Punisher herself, using files slipped to her by assistant DA Blake Tower. She learns that he is Frank Castle, once a husband and father who was hospitalized with a bullet in his head. Barely surviving, Castle escaped an apparent cover up of some kind, potentially of Reyes’s doing. The Irish confront Castle at a family carousel and take him hostage. Cooley violently tortures him, until Castle escapes and brutally murders Cooley and several of the other Irish. Daredevil finds them and stops Castle from murdering anyone else, helping him escape. Castle tells Daredevil about his family, who were murdered, before allowing himself to be arrested, with Daredevil giving credit for his capture to Sergeant Brett Mahoney in hopes of restoring the public’s faith in the police rather than in vigilante justice.

5 (18) episode Daredevil description


10 years ago, Murdock meets Natchios at a ballroom party. The two bond over their shared observational skills and thrill seeking before heading off into the night in a stolen car. They visit the boxing ring used by Murdock’s late father, where Murdock discloses details about his father’s death before the two spar and begin having sex midway. Sometime later, they break into the home of Roscoe Sweeney, the man responsible for ordering the death of Murdock’s father. Sweeney is restrained, and Murdock beats him unconscious. Natchios urges Murdock to kill Sweeney, but Murdock is unable to, which prompts Natchios to abandon him. In the present day, Natchios requests Murdock’s help on her dealings with her father’s company Roxxon Energy Corporation, which Murdock refuses, though he spies on a business meeting. That night, he and Page go on their first date together. Murdock visits Natchios’ penthouse, where Yakuza members begin to converge on the building. Natchios, who has stolen Murdocks’ Daredevil attire, advises him to prepare to fight.

6 (19) episode Daredevil description

“Regrets Only”

Murdock and Natchios subdue Yakuza assailants that attack Natchios’ apartment. Afterwards, they talk in a diner and Murdock reluctantly agrees to continue helping her. Murdock, Nelson and Page meet with the public defender on the Punisher case, who reveals that Castle could be facing the death penalty for links to crimes outside New York. This prompts Murdock to consider defending Castle himself. Their meeting at the hospital is interrupted by Reyes, who insists on giving Castle the death penalty. Murdock confronts her, but his involvement in the case is cut short when Natchios recruits him to steal a valuable Yakuza ledger from the Roxxon building. While the two succeed in their heist and narrowly escape, Page reveals to Castle that she broke into his home and discovered private details about his family. The two converse over this until Nelson comes in and informs Castle that he has managed to shorten the latter’s charges to one life sentence, as long as he pleads guilty. Castle agrees, but when stating his plea to Reyes and the judge, he suddenly pleads not guilty and threatens Reyes. When Murdock returns to the firm, Nelson informs him The People v. Frank Castle has begun.

7 (20) episode Daredevil description

“Semper Fidelis”

Castle’s trial begins. Murdock neglects his work on Castle’s case to continue moonlighting with Natchios. The two then raid a train car and get into an extended fight with the Yakuza, only for Natchios to be severely wounded when Daredevil keeps her from killing an attacker. After, Murdock tends to her wounds and asks why she left him, only to be told he “deserves better”. The next morning, Murdock is late to make his opening statement at Castle’s trial and a reluctant Nelson is forced to take over for him. Murdock’s relationships with Page and Nelson now continue to deteriorate. Murdock reveals his work with Natchios to Nelson. Nelson, who assumes Murdock is having an affair with Natchios, suggests Murdock leaves the case. That night, Daredevil and Natchios force a local corrupt professor to decrypt the Yakuza’s ledger. It leads them to an abandoned warehouse where they discover the Yakuza are digging a giant hole.

8 (21) episode Daredevil description

“Guilty as Sin”

Daredevil and Natchios are attacked by ninjas and saved by Stick. Natchios is cut by a poisoned sword and rushed back to Murdock’s apartment so Stick can save her. Stick reveals that Natchios works for him, then tells Murdock about the Hand and their purpose in New York. In court, Nelson begins to sway the jury in Castle’s favor. Murdock offers to take Natchios back if she will leave Stick and swear not to kill anymore. Page comes by and is devastated to see a recovering Natchios in Murdock’s bed. In court the next day, Castle takes the stand and purposefully wrecks his own defense. Page and Nelson berate Murdock for allowing them to lose. Natchios tells Stick that she is leaving him to be with Murdock; Murdock and her share a close moment before he is attacked by an assassin. They subdue him and discover he is only a teenager. Natchios impulsively slits the young man’s throat, much to Murdock’s horror. Castle enters prison and is led by a guard to a meeting with Fisk.

9 (22) episode Daredevil description

“Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Fisk arranges a meeting with Castle, who reluctantly agrees to a deal which involves killing Fisk’s rival in the prison who is able to provide information on the massacre of Castle’s family. Betrayed by Fisk, Castle singlehandedly slaughters a swarm of henchmen of the man he had just killed, and is placed in solitary. After an intense brawl with Fisk, Castle is smuggled out of prison, now able to find the Blacksmith, the mastermind behind his family’s massacre. Frank also threatens Fisk that he will kill him the next time they meet. Murdock and Natchios fall out for good over her indifference to killing. Nelson and Murdock reluctantly agree to part ways after Nelson and Murdock collapses. Page confirms a John Doe at the carousel where the Castles died was really an undercover cop, knowledge Castle learned from his cell block victim. Daredevil learns the accountant’s son is one of several children held for a medical experiment by Nobu, the now resurrected Yakuza leader. Nobu manages to escape with a device to which the children were hooked. Murdock wonders whether Stick’s claim that the Hand has discovered immortality can be true.

10 (23) episode Daredevil description

“The Man in the Box”

Daredevil arranges hospital treatment for the children who had been hooked up to Nobu’s blood extractor. Reyes calls on Nelson and Murdock to get information on Castle that may keep her family alive. Nelson and Murdock refuse to break attorney-client privilege, forcing Reyes to tell the whole story of the carousel massacre—a major drug deal gone awry when Blacksmith, its mastermind, failed to show, and tensions spilled into the gun fight that killed an undercover cop and Castle’s family. Reyes admits to covering the entire matter up for fear of ruining her career. A firestorm of bullets riddles Reyes’ office, killing her and injuring Nelson. Murdock learns Castle was taken to Fisk’s cellblock and visits Fisk, where Murdock fails to blackmail Fisk into revealing his involvement. Page learns that Castle was not involved in the attack on Reyes’ office, as a similar attack happens at her apartment while Castle himself saves her. Natchios kills an assassin sent by Stick to kill her. Murdock on the hospital roof prepares to confront a horde of the Hand.

11 (24) episode Daredevil description


Daredevil takes on the ninjas assaulting the hospital. He explains to Claire Temple about the ninjas. An attempted autopsy on one of the slain Ninjas shows the scars of a prior autopsy. The hospital board chief opts to cover it up, compelling Temple to quit after Nelson’s release. Nelson ponders an offer from his occasional girlfriend to join her law firm. Page lies to a detective about the attack on her apartment but accepts police protection. Murdock confronts her and she tells him she does not think Castle was behind the D.A.’s and medical examiner’s deaths. Page slips her police protection to meet Castle. He admits to using her as bait to lure those he thinks are following her. Murdock thinks Madame Gao is Blacksmith’s competitor and she reluctantly sends him to the pier. He talks Castle out of killing a man claiming to be Blacksmith. Stick learns Natchios survived the hit. Blacksmith’s men arrive and shoot up the boat, detonating gunpowder and exploding the ship.

12 (25) episode Daredevil description

“The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”

Murdock stops Natchios from killing Stick as ninjas descend on them and they must fight together, but Murdock and Natchios cannot stop the Hand from taking Stick. Murdock vows to find him, while Natchios vows to kill him. Police clean up the pier mess and Page insists Castle is not dead. She tracks down Castle’s commander in Afghanistan, Ray Schoonover, discovering his identity as the Blacksmith and his involvement in the drug ring that led to the slaughter of Castle’s family. Castle arrives and kills Schoonover, where he discovers a room full of advanced weapons. Daredevil and Natchios track the Hand and find Stick bound and tortured. Soon, Nobu reveals himself and the Hand’s true motive is disclosed, as is the missing link in Natchios’ haunted past, with Nobu revealing her to be the Black Sky. A fight ensues that eventually ends with Natchios saving Stick, while Daredevil escapes the Hand with Nobu determined to stop him.

13 (26) episode Daredevil description

“A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

Nelson meets with Jeri Hogarth to discuss joining her firm. With Stick safe at Murdock’s apartment, the Hand raids a police station for information on people Daredevil has helped. When Murdock learns of it, he fears especially for Page. Murdock and Natchios use a police transmission to find the beneficiaries the Hand rounded up. The hostages are freed, exposing a trap intended for Daredevil. Murdock and Natchios make a pact to stay together after defeating the Hand with Murdock agreeing to leave New York with Elektra. Nobu arrives and attacks Daredevil, but Natchios sacrifices herself for him. An enraged Daredevil takes on the remaining ninjas with unexpected help from Castle, who shoots the ninjas from another rooftop. Stick returns to finish off Nobu by cutting his head off, then mourns the death of Natchios with Murdock. Nelson accepts the offer from Hogarth’s firm, formally ending Nelson and Murdock, and has a last drink with Page before having a final talk with Murdock. Castle burns down his family’s home, after taking a CD labelled “Micro”. Murdock reveals to Page that he is Daredevil, while the Hand recovers Elektra’s dead body.

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