Dark Matter description of episodes (season 2)

Description of “Dark Matter” episodes that were first released on Space July 1, 2016 – September 16, 2016; ganre – science fiction.

Dark Matter overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (14) episode Dark Matter description

“Welcome to Your New Home”

Two, Three, and Four find themselves in the general population of the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility, unaware that Six had sold them out to the GA. One and Five meanwhile are held in the staff wing of the facility, pending release. Six tells One and Five that his real name is Kal Varrik, an undercover GA agent tasked with bringing them in. He later tasks Five with decoding an encrypted file that reveals a devastating secret from his past. One delves into his wife’s murder, and uncovers some inconsistencies that suggest Marcus Boone was not responsible. He is then visited by Jace Corso, who shoots him dead.

2 (15) episode Dark Matter description

“Kill Them All

The crew of the Raza engineer their escape from Hyperion-8, and face threats from within the prison. They escape with the help of Delaney Truffault, who transfers the layout plans of Hyperion-8 via eye contact to Three. Four suggests luring a shuttle from the Ishida Empire’s cruiser in orbit, and encounters Misaki Han. Arax has his people cause a riot in the prison, and when the inmates are disabled by the sonic device, Two regains consciousness and heads to the control room. The crew reunite at the shuttle and are joined by Arax Nero, Devon and Nyx. Six has a shootout with Lt.Anders after failing to convince him to let them go, and is critically wounded. Now aboard the Raza, Devon tells the crew that he lacks the tools to save Six, and Five suggests that they place him in stasis. They learn via a news broadcast that One (Derrick Moss) has been killed.

3 (16) episode Dark Matter description

“I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”

Five enlists the help of Arax, Nyx and Devon when Two, Three and Four collapse. With the Android undergoing repairs, Five activates the Android’s hologram in search of answers. She learns that a neural link from a brain scan taken fourteen months ago has caused them to take on their old personas, that of Portia Lin, Marcus Boone and Ryo Tetsuda. Faced with mistrust from her friends, Five creates a neural link of her own using Two’s brain scan, and uses Two’s most vulnerable memory against her to persuade Two to disconnect her neural link to the ships systems. With the neural link disconnected, they return to their old selves. Arax Nero is revealed to be the “asset”.

4 (17) episode Dark Matter description

“We Were Family”

His former gang contact Three, including Tanner who claims to have brought him up. Arax attempts to recover Five’s key but is thwarted, escaping with a useless copy. Three joins his gang on the planet to collect stolen payroll, but discovers the thief was coerced by the gang and is killed, he kills the gang members and then Tanner, who he realises had killed his parents. The Android stumbles upon a secret society of other Androids who donate a behavioural upgrade that will enable her to be indistinguishable from humans as they are.

5 (18) episode Dark Matter description

“We Voted Not to Space You”

The Android uses her upgrade to infiltrate a police station and plant a bug, attracting the attention of Inspector Kieken, who is on their case. The crew discover that the real Jace Corso shot One, and is hiding out in an abandoned settlement. Two, Three, Four and Nyx go to get him, but he escapes, setting off a self destruct mechanism. The Raza lands on the planet as does Kieken. Trapped in the tunnels under the settlement, Four is caught by Kieken, and Two captures Corso and executes him. After regrouping, the crew rescue Four. By his actions Six regains the trust of the crew, apart from Three.

6 (19) episode Dark Matter description

“We Should Have Seen This Coming”

Nyx recommends the Raza intercept a freighter to steal drugs and raise funds, but once on board she instead rescues her brother Milo and reveals that both of them were subjects of an experiment to enhance their precognition abilities, run by a team of rogue scientists called The Seers. Milo is the best subject and The Seers pursue the Raza to get him back. On rendezvous with the drug dealer the Raza is ambushed by The Seers, who seem to be able to predict their movements. Three and Six in the shuttle avoid the battle by hiding in a corrosive planet atmosphere whilst the Raza jumps away. When the Raza returns to rescue Three and Six, The Seers reappear, disabling their shields. Milo speaks of the oncoming war between the corporations, he wants to be returned so he can influence events. The Raza hands him over and departs, but concerned he will be used for nefarious plans, Milo commits suicide.

7 (20) episode Dark Matter description

“She’s One Of Them Now”

The crew abduct Calchek so they can hunt down Reynaud to discover the secret of the key she was after. Five, with Three and Four, use Transit Pods installed on the Raza to infiltrate Reynaud’s fortress as clones, Five hacks into the system to find the key is used for a “blink drive” adapter that improves space travel. They steal the adapter but Three and Four are captured and their clones killed. Five’s clone escapes and is rescued with the adapter, which is installed on the Raza. Devon remains on the station with Nyx whilst the blink drive is tested, but he is killed by The Seers.

8 (21) episode Dark Matter description

“Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”

The blink drive transports the Raza to an alternate universe where corporations are at war, and the alternate Raza is launching attacks as rebels. Six (Jones) is dead, Four (Ryo) is a tyrant, the crew is now Corso, Two (Lin) and Three (Boone), who have their criminal memories, with Wexler and Tash from Episode Ten. The blink drive is destroyed, so they align with Truffault of the Mikkei Combine to trick the alternate Raza crew in order to steal their working one, with Two and Three impersonating and infiltrating, the situation with the mining colony from Episode Two is repeated with different results. They retrieve the drive and return to their universe, but inadvertently bringing along the shuttle from the alternate Raza.

9 (22) episode Dark Matter description

“Going Out Fighting”

Two keeps collapsing, she finds her nanites are failing and she is dying. The crew contact an employee of Dwarf Star Technologies to discover improved nanites are available. Three and Six infiltrate the Dwarf Star HQ to obtain them but are captured and tortured by CEO Alex Rook. Two, Four and Nyx use the blink drive on the shuttle to land covertly but Two is confronted by Rook who sets a new synthetic to attack her. The new model is defeated by the combined efforts of the crew who transfer the improved nanites to Two and save her. When Three returns to the Raza he brings a parasite that was implanted during torture, the crew eject it into space, but they remain intrigued by what research Rook was doing.

10 (23) episode Dark Matter description

“Take The Shot”

The crew debates whether to disable the ship’s Android after she explains that she may have a potential flaw in her programming. After experiencing hallucinations via their prior neural link with the ship, and the Android’s unconscious re-charge docking system, they start to take the idea more seriously. It is revealed that the Android’s simulation was infected with a virus; it attempts to kill the crew and disable the ship. Two attempts to disable the ship’s core software, but requires the Android’s help. The crew comes to accept the Android as she is, even with her potential to make future mistakes.

11 (24) episode Dark Matter description

“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had The Chance”

On a routine break on a space-station, Five is kidnapped, and Three helps her to escape. In the mean time they, and the crew, are being pursued by GA Commander Kirken. Three is injured, making their escape more difficult. The rest of the crew manages to locate and rescue them in the shuttle after Five fires a missile to save Three. Five and Three share their true feelings with each other.

12 (25) episode Dark Matter description

“Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose”

With the help of the Android, Four has his original memories restored. He demonstrates the power of the blink drive to general Dragoe in order to get close to his brother, restore his status as emperor, and win the war against Pier. His brother agrees to abdicate the throne in exchange for the safety of their people. Four says goodbye to the crew, but soon finds out that he had been misled. His step-mother, having taken control of the throne with the help of the Seers, attempts to have the crew, and Four, killed. But they are in for a surprise.

13 (26) episode Dark Matter description

“But First, We Save The Galaxy”

The crew decides to preserve the balance of corporate galactic power by trying to prevent the bombing of the EOS-7 space-station. With the help of commander Truffault they are able to get into the space station. Five is able to disable the bomb. However, Four, now Emperor of Zairon, has other plans. He steals the blink drive and the episode ends with a cliff-hanger and the rest of the crew’s safety in doubt.

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