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Description of Dominion episodes that were first released on CBS June 19, 2014 – August 7, 2014; ganre – apocalypticism, supernatural, action.

1 (1) episode guide Dominion

In the outskirts of Vega, Alex searches for “8-balls”, humans possessed by angels and led by the Archangel Gabriel. Alex finds three in an abandoned casino, and fights them, but back in Vega, Archangel Michael reprimands Alex for going on an unauthorized mission. Alex visits General Riesen’s daughter, Claire, his secret lover, and they discuss fleeing Vega, but she insists that her father will let them be together. Jeep, a warrior who has been missing for over a decade, is unable to decipher his mystical tattoos, and Jeep reveals that he is Alex’s father. Gabriel is alive, and he sends angels from his headquarters to fight those in Vega. Jeep gets stabbed by an 8-ball and dies in Alex’s arms. Jeep’s tattoos fade and then reappear on Alex. Michael tells Alex that he is the savior of Vega and that he must decipher the tattoos and use them to choose which course to take at critical junctures to end the war. Alex sees that a section of the tattoos has temporarily changed to read “Beware of those closest to you”.

2 (2) episode guide Dominion

Alex mourns the loss of his father and wrestles with the idea of being the Chosen One. He tells Claire that they should leave the city, but she wishes to stay and help defend it. Gabriel and Michael meet and discuss why the angels attacked; angels were upset that God gave humans their form and the Earth to be theirs. Alex’s new assignment is to protect the House of Whele. He reveals to Michael that the tattoos told him to stay away. Arika, being held a prisoner, blackmails David for her freedom or there will be war. General Riesen is shown to have congestive heart failure, and he wishes to hand control of the city over to Claire. After her maid, Felicia, sees Alex’s tattoos, she attacks him. Claire is injured, and Alex kicks Felicia out of a window. She flies away, revealing that she is an angel. He decides that the best way to protect Claire is to leave the city. When he does, his arm tattoos change to dots. Felicia returns to Gabriel with the identity of the Chosen One.

3 (3) episode guide Dominion

“Broken Places”
William meets Gabriel to learn he must now help the angel army, to which William hesitantly agrees. Arika meets David to talk about their mutual needs. He wants an air force and she wants his nuclear reactor technology to take back to Helena. Out in the desert, Alex learns angels have been attacking out of nowhere from the sky. Claire and her father argue that the system he created is actually enslaving people and creating a dangerous social order. David Whele corners Becca to say he wants her to study Michael. He reminds her that sleeping with an angel makes her a pariah, and recommends that Becca start autopsies on higher angels. Alex is very resistant to being the Chosen One. Michael say he will leave him alone if he goes to one more location – Alex’s childhood home. William tells his followers that it is time they start worshiping Gabriel and not Michael. Furiad tells Gabriel that he stabbed Michael, which angers Gabriel, who still hopes he can recruit his brother angel.

4 (4) episode guide Dominion

“The Flood”
Alex is dragged to Vega’s prison, and gets thrown into solitary confinement. While Michael and Becca are sleeping, a woman sneaks in and it is revealed she is Michael and Gabriel’s sister, Uriel. Alex tries to convince Claire that it’s probably best he stay in prison, but she frees him from jail. Alex visits Bixby, who tells him that her getting hurt is not his fault. David and General Riesen are summoned to Vega’s agriculture center, where Senator Frost reveals a device that could flood the building killing the food supply and the three of them in the process. With David and Riesen missing, Becca appoints Claire the Lady of the City. Uriel tells Michael that if he teaches Alex how to decipher the tattoos, she will join him in the battle against Gabriel. Noma and Ethan tell Alex that all Frost wants is to meet the Chosen One. When Frost asks for real proof, Alex says “she died for you”. He surrenders, but General Riesen shoots Frost. David visits Bixby in the hospital and turns up her intake of morphine, killing her.

5 (5) episode guide Dominion

“Something Borrowed”
Michael trains Alex in the desert to better fight angels. Michael mentions Bixby’s death, forcing Alex to use his anger. Claire confirms to Alex that she’s marrying William for the city’s sake. Clementine secretly goes into the city, where she buys a music box. She kills the store clerk when he realizes she’s an 8-ball. Alex vows to find the killer, as he believes it’s still within the city walls. Claire asks William to stop his father, and he promises that he will ask David to back off. William visits his father, then remembers and tries to discard the scarf with eyes drawn on it. His attempts to destroy it prove futile, so he hides it in a nearby desk drawer. At the engagement party, Claire finds the eye-painted scarf. She mistakenly confronts David for working for Gabriel with the scarf, promising to out him as such if he attempts to depose her father. At the party, she gives a speech about missing her mother, who is revealed to be Clementine.

6 (6) episode guide Dominion

“Black Eyes Blue”
Alex and Michael go to the vault where Clementine is, and Alex reveals a plan to perform an eviction of the angel possessing her. David reveals to William that the handkerchief was found in the house. Michael visits Uriel and tries to exchange a small Vermeer painting for a book called the Apocrypha, which helps evict angels from 8-balls, returning them to their human state. Uriel declines the offer, but hands the book over to him when he agrees to let her look at his tattoos. Alex takes Claire to meet with Clementine, and tells her that her mother is alive inside her possessed body. After a powerful incantation from the Apocrypha, the 8-ball leaves Clementine’s body. In icy fury, Claire later confronts her father for keeping Clementine a secret. Finding the Black Acolytes murdered, William reveals to his father that he was their leader. After, William holds a ceremony with his few remaining followers, during which he tortures his father, crushing his ribs.

7 (7) episode guide Dominion

Michael and Alex try to evict the angel from an 8-ball, so Alex can master evictions. He ends up having to kill the 8-ball. Meanwhile, Claire and William discuss moving up the wedding date. In the infirmary, Gabriel pretends to be Louis, a neutral higher angel, and tries to convert a few of the male nurses. They were other higher angels living quietly in the city like Louis until Gabriel found them. She confronts Michael to see if he knew other angels were in the city. David recovers, only to be apprehended by a guard. Noma confronts Alex, who admits to having doubts about Michael. Gabriel summons Alex to Michael’s lair, and Alex is upset that Michael did not tell him Noma was an angel. Alex performs an eviction and pushes Gabriel out, and Gabriel comes back to his lair to find Uriel. Michael and Alex inspect the bodies of the dead angels that tried to flee the city. In a flashback to the Babylonian desert, Michael slaughters humans until Gabriel and Uriel show up to stop him.

8 (8) episode guide Dominion

“Beware Those Closest to You”
Michael and Alex prepare to unseat Gabriel and put an end to the war. Claire and William marry. Michael confesses to Alex that he murdered humans, only stopping when Gabriel and Uriel beat him. Back at the Riesen compound, Claire meets Uriel, who confirms that Claire is pregnant with The Chosen One’s baby. Uriel’s plan is to translate the markings on Alex’s body, use the knowledge to defeat Michael and Gabriel, and end the fighting. Gabriel knows that it is a trap and shows up at the gates of Vega to surrender. Michael and Alex arrive; Claire forbids them from talking to Gabriel, but they do anyway. Gabriel convinces Michael to hate humans again, before escaping. Gabriel tells Alex that the only way to end the war is by them working together. Claire then realizes William is an acolyte for Gabriel. David drives William to the desert, and drops him off with a pack full of supplies. In Vega, Claire reads a letter from Alex, as he climbs the rocks to Gabriel’s temple.

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