Fairy Tail description of episodes (season 4)

Description of Fairy Tail episodes that were first released on TV Tokyo October 15, 2011 – April 7, 2012; ganre – action, adventure, fantasy.
Fairy Tail overview of episodes (season 3)

1 (101) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Black Wizard”
Natsu attacks the black-haired youth to no effect, causing the youth to despair that Natsu is not strong enough to defeat him. The youth unleashes another wave of deadly magic against Natsu and disappears, but Natsu is protected from the attack by his scarf, which turns black. Despite the encounter, the participants continue their exam as usual. Meanwhile, the most powerful dark guild of the Balam Alliance, Grimoire Heart, approaches Sirius Island in search of the youth, who is revealed to be the ancient wizard Zeref. After separating from Gajeel due to an argument, Levy is attacked by Grimoire Heart members Kawazu and Yomazu. Gajeel rescues her, and the two prepare to fight against their attackers.

2 (102) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Iron Soul”
Gajeel and Levy fight Kawazu and Yomazu, who reveal that they are scouting the island to kill the Fairy Tail wizards. Though seriously wounded, Gajeel sends Levy to warn their guildmates of Grimoire Heart’s attack and defeats the two scouts. While searching for Wendy together with Juvia, Erza finds Levy and lights a beacon signifying the exam’s suspension and the enemy attack. Yomazu warns Fairy Tail of their more powerful guildmates, the Seven Kin of Purgatory, one of whom he says is already on the island. Afterward, Carla and Panther Lily arrive on the island and confront Mest over his identity.

3 (103) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Makarov Charges”
While being interrogated, Mest rescues Wendy from an attack by Azuma, one of the Seven Kin. Mest reveals himself to be a Magic Council agent named Doranbalt, sent to search for incriminating evidence against Fairy Tail and disband it. He, Wendy, Carla, and Lily are defeated by Azuma, who destroys the fleet of council ships summoned by Doranbalt for support. Makarov attempts to cast Fairy Law to repel Grimoire Heart, but the dark guild’s master Hades counters the spell with Grimoire Law. Makarov recognizes Hades as Precht, his predecessor as the master of Fairy Tail.

4 (104) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Lost Magic”
Makarov is defeated and gravely wounded in his battle against Hades, which is sensed by the wandering Laxus. Meanwhile, the other members of Fairy Tail battle Grimoire Heart’s army. Joining the battle are the Seven Kin of Purgatory, each of whom practices an ancient form of magic called Lost Magic. Natsu faces Zancrow, one of the Seven Kin and a God Slayer who can create black flames Natsu is unable to eat.

5 (105) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Fire Dragon vs. Flame God”
Natsu is overwhelmed by Zancrow’s God Slayer magic, which proves superior to his own Dragon Slayer magic. Upon finding Makarov badly injured during his fight, Natsu regains his resolve and defeats Zancrow by nullifying his own magical power, allowing him to eat Zancrow’s flames and combine their power with his own. Meanwhile, Lucy, Cana, Gray, and Loke fight Caprico, another member of the Seven Kin, while Mirajane and Lisanna fight Azuma.

6 (106) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Grand Magic World”
Azuma learns of Mirajane’s former identity as the “Demon” and straps Lisanna to a time bomb so he can fight Mirajane at full strength. Not wanting to lose Lisanna again, Mirajane sacrifices herself to defend Lisanna from the explosion. The remaining members of Fairy Tail learn from the Seven Kin their true goal: to resurrect Zeref and bring about the World of Great Magic, where only wizards would thrive while the rest of humanity would perish. Meanwhile, Ultear finds Zeref and, after a brief battle, successfully captures him.

7 (107) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Arc of Embodiment”
Elfman and Evergreen are overwhelmed and defeated by Rustyrose’s Arc of Incarnation, which gives him the power to create anything from his imagination. Meanwhile, Loke realizes Caprico is the celestial spirit Capricorn, and that he has the power to take control of humans. He sends Lucy, Gray, and Cana away while he fights Caprico, who recognizes Lucy as the daughter of celestial wizard Layla Heartfilia.

8 (108) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Human Gate”
Caprico reveals himself to be a human named Zoldio who fused with Capricorn using his Human Subordination magic. He possesses Loke, but Loke gives his Regulus ring to the newly freed Capricorn, who uses it to free Loke and destroy Zoldio. Meanwhile, Cana suggests to Lucy and Gray that they split up to search for the Seven Kin and defeat them so they can resume the exam. After Lucy determines the location of Mavis’s grave, Cana knocks her out with a sleeping spell and abandons her to find the grave, leading her to be found by Kain Hikaru of the Seven Kin.

9 (109) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Lucy Fire”
Lucy and Hikaru’s battle interrupts Natsu’s battle with Ultear, leading Natsu to help Lucy and reform their old team while Ultear leaves with Zeref. Hikaru takes control of Lucy’s body using his voodoo-like cursing magic, which Natsu and Happy take advantage of once they obtain Hikaru’s voodoo doll by lighting it on fire, turning Lucy into a living fireball, and throwing her at Hikaru, defeating him.

10 (110) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Dead-End of Despair”
Doranbalt tries to help Natsu and his friends evacuate the island as the Magic Council plans to fire Etherion once again, but they refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Juvia is nearly defeated during her and Erza’s battle against Merudy of the Seven Kin, but regains her will to fight upon hearing Merudy say she wants to kill Gray out of revenge for hurting Ultear, and sends Erza to search for Gray and their friends. Seeing Juvia’s determination to fight for Gray leads Merudy to link both of their physical senses to Gray’s to ensure that he dies no matter who is killed in their battle.

11 (111) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tears of Love and Vitality”
Juvia refuses to kill Merudy and tries to stop her from killing herself. In doing so, Juvia witnesses Merudy’s happy memories with Ultear through their connected senses, and persuades her to stop fighting. Meanwhile, Gray meets Ultear, who claims to be his ally and that her plans for Zeref are part of what her mother Ur wanted. The other members of Fairy Tail encounter Grimoire Heart’s remaining forces: Erza faces off against Azuma; a weakened Levy, Lisanna, and Panther Lily against Rustyrose; and Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy against Grimoire Heart’s massively powerful deputy commander Blue Note Stinger.

12 (112) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The One Thing I Couldn’t Say”
Cana finds Mavis’s grave and reflects on her reasons for becoming an S-Class wizard. Her father is revealed to be Gildarts, who is unaware of his relationship with her, leading Cana to decide to become an S-Class wizard and bolster her own confidence to reveal the truth to him. However, Cana realizes that she has betrayed Lucy in her determination to become S-Class. Wracked with guilt, Cana takes the Fairy Glitter spell from the grave and uses an enchanted card leading her to Lucy as she and her friends are attacked by Blue Note. She tries to perform the spell on Blue Note, but fails. However, she is saved when Gildarts arrives and attacks Blue Note.

13 (113) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tenrou Tree”
Gildarts fights Blue Note while Fried and Bickslow, who have returned to Sirius Island together with him, help Levy, Lisanna, and Panther Lily to fight Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Azuma reveals to Erza that he has used his magic, the Arboreal Arc, to absorb the magic-giving energy of the island’s giant Sirius Tree, destroying it and draining the strength of all the Fairy Tail members on the island except Erza.

14 (114) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Erza vs. Azuma”
Erza makes Azuma promise to return her guild’s magical power if she defeats him. She herself is nearly defeated when Azuma uses the Sirius Tree’s magic, but receives her second wind upon hearing Jellal’s voice and, drawing power from the tree’s magic, cuts Azuma down.

15 (115) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Freezing Fighting Spirit”
Azuma transforms into a tree as a result of overusing his Arboreal Arc, but makes good on his promise to Erza and returns the guild’s magical power, giving Gildarts, Fried and Bickslow enough strength to defeat Blue Note and Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Ultear tells Gray that the only spell that can defeat Hades is Iced Shell. She then takes Zeref and returns to Merudy, revealing to her that she is actually trying to manipulate Gray into defeating Hades for her so she can keep Zeref for herself. However, Gray is unfooled by her deception and, catching onto her true motives, challenges her.

16 (116) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Power of Life”
Ultear reveals to Gray during their battle that her mother Ur left her as a child at a magic facility, where she was cruelly experimented on. She eventually escaped to return to her mother, only to find that she had seemingly replaced her with Gray and Lyon. The two then fall into the ocean, where Ur’s ice body had drifted out from Galuna Island, allowing Ultear to experience her past from her mother’s memory: Ur had actually left Ultear at the facility to save her life, but the facility’s corrupt doctors lied to Ur by telling her that her daughter had died. Realizing that her mother truly loved her, Ultear admits defeat to Gray.

17 (117) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Rolling Thunder”
Juvia chases Merudy as she carries Zeref before they run into Zancrow, who takes Zeref and cruelly reveals to Merudy that Ultear was responsible for destroying her home. Suddenly, Zeref awakens, utters the name “Acnologia”, and unleashes a deadly wave of magic that kills Zancrow and knocks out Juvia and Merudy. Overhearing the commotion, Doranbalt warns the rest of the Magic Council troops, who retreat from the island. Meanwhile, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla, and Lily regroup with Gray and Erza. The exceeds infiltrate the Grimoire Heart airship to destroy its power source while the others take on Hades directly. Despite them fighting at full strength, Hades is unfazed by their attacks and prepares to kill Natsu, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Laxus.

18 (118) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Man Without an Emblem”
Laxus furiously battles Hades to avenge Makarov. Their fight rages until Hades gravely injures Laxus, so he transfers his own lightning magic to Natsu and tells him to defeat Hades. Meanwhile, the rest of the uninjured Fairy Tail members defend their wounded master and friends from Kain Hikaru, Kawazu, and Yomazu.

19 (119) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Realm of the Abyss”
Despite using Laxus’s lightning power to its fullest, Natsu’s attacks continue to have no effect on Hades. Rather, Hades awakens the true depths of his magic power before the powerless Fairy Tail wizards, immobilizing them with fear. However, Natsu bolsters his friends with the same words of courage Gildarts had given them during the exam, and leads them in one final assault against Hades. Meanwhile, Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily stumble across a mechanical heart on the ship and try to destroy it.

20 (120) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Daybreak on Tenrou Island”
The mechanical heart Happy and Carla destroy turns out to be giving Hades his power. Ultear uses her magic to return the Sirius Tree to its original state, allowing Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Laxus to finally defeat the now powerless Hades. Makarov and the other injured guildmates return and order Grimoire Heart to leave Sirius Island. As the Fairy Tail wizards celebrate and recover from their fight, Hades and the other defeated Grimoire Heart members discover Zeref on their ship.

21 (121) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Right to Love”
Zeref reveals to Hades that his power had never been sealed to begin with, making Grimoire Heart’s efforts to reawaken him pointless. Accusing Hades of summoning the dragon called Acnologia through his guild’s actions, Zeref kills him. Ultear, meanwhile, confesses to Merudy about destroying her hometown and tries to drown herself out of guilt, but Merudy rescues and forgives her. On Sirius Island, Makarov postpones the S-Class exam because of the battle, and Cana finally tells Gildarts that she is his daughter. As this happens, Acnologia forebodingly flies towards Sirius Island as Zeref watches in alarm.

22 (122) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Let’s Hold Hands”
Acnologia appears on Sirius Island and begins destroying everything in sight. Makarov tries to hold Acnologia off for his guild to escape, but they refuse to let their master die and help him fight the dragon. Everyone holds hands with one another to try and cast a defensive spell against Acnologia’s breath attack, which seemingly obliterates the island. With the disappearance of the Fairy Tail members on the island, they are thought to be dead.

23 (123) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Fairy Tail, Year X791”
Seven years have passed since the incident at Sirius Island and the Fairy Tail guild has become the weakest wizards’ guild in Fiore, indebted to Twilight Ogre, a new local guild. The remaining Fairy Tail members are visited by Ichiya and the Tri-men of Blue Pegasus, who tell them that they have recently discovered a change in the magical energy around the waters where Sirius Island once stood. There they discover that the island was protected against Acnologia’s attack by the spirit of Mavis Vermilion, who used her power to help everyone on the island cast the defensive Fairy Sphere spell that inadvertently caused them to be frozen in time for seven years. The missing members return to their guild, drive the members of Twilight Ogre away, and reunite with their friends.

24 (124) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Seven Year Gap”
The members of Lamia Scale visit Fairy Tail as they celebrate their friends’ return. Gray learns from Lyon what had happened to Ultear and Merudy over the past seven years, while Erza learns the same about Jellal. Makarov, Erza, and Mirajane later visit the Twilight Ogre guild and take revenge for being bullied by them. Meanwhile, Lucy is kicked out of her house for being unable to pay her rent for seven years. She decides to visit her father Jude, only to learn he had died one month before she and her friends returned from Sirius Island. She is allowed to return to her house by her landlady, who reveals to her seven years worth of birthday presents and rent money from her father, who had also left a letter detailing his unwavering hope that she was alive. Realizing her father truly loved her, Lucy admits her own love for her father.

25 (125) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Magic Ball”
Natsu, Lucy, and their friends take a job to capture Velveno, an escaped convict with the power to transform into other people and mimic their magic, who plans to attend a ball held by the wealthy Count Balsamico for his daughter Aceto to find a husband. It is assumed by the count that Velveno is there to steal the valuable Balsamico family ring. The Fairy Tail members fail to capture him before he obtains the ring, but he instead confesses his love for Aceto and uses it to propose to her. Aceto accepts his proposal on the condition that he turn himself in for his crimes, which he does at the cost of Fairy Tail’s reward for the job.
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