Fairy Tail description of episodes (season 7)

Description of Fairy Tail episodes that were first released on TV Tokyo April 5, 2014 – December 26, 2015; ganre – action, adventure, fantasy.
Fairy Tail overview of episodes (season 6)

1 (176) episode guide Fairy Tail

“King of the Dragons”
Following Sting and Rogue’s defeat, Ziemma furiously attempts to expel the two from Saber Tooth. When Lector defends Sting, Ziemma seemingly kills him, prompting Sting to blast the guild master through the chest. Meanwhile, Gajeel shows his guildmates the dragon graveyard beneath the tournament arena. Using her Milky Way spell, Wendy summons the spirit of the dragon Zirconis, who tells the Fairy Tail wizards the history of dragons and Dragon Slayer magic—additionally revealing that Acnologia, the Dragon King, is a former human Dragon Slayer who became a dragon via Zeref’s magic—before vanishing. The wizards are then approached by Arcadios and Yukino, who profess their plan to kill Zeref and Acnologia.

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“The Eclipse Project”
Arcadios reveals that the twelve Zodiac celestial spirit keys owned by Lucy and Yukino are required to open Eclipse, a gate he describes can only be opened on the night of the forthcoming eclipse on July 7, which will allow them to travel back 400 years in time and kill Zeref in his mortal state. However, Darton captures Arcadios, Yukino, and Lucy, as Eclipse may alter history. He offers Natsu and his friends to release Lucy in exchange for their victory in the Grand Magic Games. Distrusting of Darton’s words, Makarov has Juvia take Natsu’s place on their guild’s team for the final day of the tournament while Natsu joins a second team with Wendy, Mirajane, and the Exceeds to rescue Lucy.

3 (178) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Fairy Tactician”
The guilds participate in a battle royal within the city for the games’ final event. While the other teams eliminate Quatro Puppy’s team and endanger Fairy Tail’s lead, Fairy Tail’s team remains motionless, to their guild’s confusion. Mavis reveals she is telepathically relaying a battle strategy to them, which she has formulated based on their opponents’ behavior throughout the tournament, allowing her to predict their moves. After Fairy Tail eliminates Blue Pegasus under Mavis’s direction, Gray faces Saber Tooth’s Rufus. Meanwhile, Natsu’s team infiltrates the palace and rescues the celestial wizards, but Hisui E. Fiore, the kingdom’s princess, drops the wizards down into the palace dungeon, the Palace of Hades.

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“Gray vs. Rufus”
Rufus overpowers Gray with his ability to memorize any form of magic and use it against him. Determined to win after suffering his earlier humiliation, Gray overcomes Rufus’s magic by conjuring different ice weapons faster than Rufus can memorize, lowering his guard long enough to defeat him. Meanwhile, Natsu’s team attempts to escape the dungeon by causing a ruckus to attract the guards’ attention. They soon exhaust their ideas and press onward, unknowingly watched by a single-eyed flower.

5 (180) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Hungry Wolf Knights”
In a flashback, it is revealed that Minerva saved Lector from Ziemma’s attack and is holding the Exceed hostage to motivate Sting in the games. Meanwhile, Natsu’s team finds a seriously injured Arcadios within the Palace of Hades. They are assaulted by the Hungry Wolf Knights, a five-man squadron of executioners loyal to the kingdom. Natsu and Wendy team up to battle the executioners Kamika, who uses paper magic, and Cosmos, who controls magic plants.

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“Fairy Tail vs. Executioners”
Mirajane and Panther Lily join the fight against the Hungry Wolf Knights before a shockwave from one of Natsu’s attacks separates both teams into groups of five. While their friends engage each of the executioners in a one-on-one match, the defenseless Lucy and Yukino are left to face the executioner Uosuke, who uses his magic to transform the ground around them into a pool of lava. As the celestial wizards hang on a sinking ledge, Arcadios wades through the lava to rescue them.

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“Scorching Earth”
Arcadios pushes Lucy and Yukino safely on top of the ledge, telling them to meet Hisui should they escape. He is then saved from the lava by Horologium. Loke appears with Lucy and Yukino’s celestial spirit keys, allowing the celestial wizards to fight Uosuke, who alters the environment around them to counter the various spirits at their disposal. He eventually floods the tunnel with water, inadvertently allowing Lucy to summon Aquarius.

8 (183) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Our Place”
Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Mirajane, and Lily each overcome their struggles against the Hungry Wolf Knights and easily defeat them. The force of their attacks sends the executioners crashing into each other, and the wizards quickly regroup as Natsu threatens the executioners to show them the dungeon’s exit.

9 (184) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Kingdom ’til Tomorrow”
Darton confronts Hisui for plotting Arcadios’s rescue and deduces that Arcadios has been covering for Hisui, who is actually responsible for Eclipse. However, Hisui plans to use “Eclipse 2”, as she has been forewarned of the kingdom’s destruction by a time traveler from the future. She further explains that she has been told an “impossible” outcome of the Grand Magic Games by the time traveler as a sign of trust. As this happens, Natsu and his friends encounter the hooded girl at the dungeon’s exit, where she unveils herself as Lucy from the future. Meanwhile, Erza enters a three-way battle between herself, Kagura, and Minerva. Reaching a stalemate, Minerva shows them Millianna as her hostage.

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“Erza vs. Kagura”
Future Lucy collapses and is taken in by Natsu’s team, while Princess Hisui and Jellal ponder over the upcoming calamity. Meanwhile, as Gajeel and Laxus square off against Rogue and Olga, respectively, Minerva pits Erza and Kagura to fight each other before leaving with Millianna. Demonstrating her superiority over Erza with her sheathed sword, Kagura professes that she will only draw her weapon to kill Jellal. She reveals herself as Simon’s younger sister, and intends to exact revenge on Jellal for her brother’s death. When Erza reveals Simon’s self-sacrifice to Kagura and takes credit for his death, Kagura furiously attacks Erza.

11 (186) episode guide Fairy Tail

“A Future Racing Toward Despair”
During Kagura’s attack, Erza saves her from being injured by falling rubble. Kagura recognizes Erza as a girl from her past; a flashback shows Erza rescuing Kagura during a raid on their hometown, Rosemary Village. In the present, Kagura prepares to surrender, but Minerva stabs her, bringing Saber Tooth to first place and pushing Erza over the edge. Meanwhile, Jura joins the fight between Laxus and Olga, while Gray and Juvia team up to fight Lyon and Sherria. In Mercurius, Future Lucy awakens and forewarns Natsu’s team that following the Grand Magic Games, Fiore is to be invaded and destroyed by a horde of 10,000 dragons.

12 (187) episode guide Fairy Tail

After forewarning her friends, Future Lucy says that she is unable to stop the attack after telling them that she used Eclipse to arrive on the fourth day of the games. Distrusting of the time traveler, Arcadios compares the discrepancies between her statements and the counsel Hisui received on Eclipse 2 Project, which is actually a weapon designed to fire its cumulated magic energy on the dragons. The group continues to navigate the castle, but the kingdom’s army confronts them. Meanwhile, Rogue expresses his understanding of Gajeel’s camaraderie in Fairy Tail and stops fighting. However, Rogue’s shadow comes to life and possesses him, and attempts to kill Gajeel with his shadow magic. Gajeel infuses Rogue’s shadow magic into his body, achieving an Iron Shadow Dragon form.

13 (188) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Roaring Thunder!”
Gajeel singlehandedly defeats Rogue with his Iron Shadow Dragon form, freeing Rogue from his possession. In Mercurius, the Hungry Wolf Knights regroup with the army and battle Natsu and the others, while Arcadios leaves the group to confront Hisui about Future Lucy’s statements. While Erza, Gray, and Juvia’s battles continue, Jura takes out Olga with a single strike and attempts to do the same with Laxus. However, Laxus recovers quickly, and the two engage in a duel.

14 (189) episode guide Fairy Tail

Laxus defeats Jura after a heated battle, bringing Fairy Tail to first place. Gray and Juvia then defeat Lyon and Sherria, while Erza activates her Second Origin to don the invincible Nakagami Armor, allowing her to defeat Minerva as well. As their last opponent, Sting comes out of hiding and challenges Fairy Tail, intending to claim victory by taking out all five battle-weary wizards at once. Stunned at the wizards’ determination and unable to fight them, Sting surrenders, allowing Fairy Tail to finally win the Grand Magic Games. Millianna then reunites Sting with Lector, having found the Exceed during the games. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting’s surrender is the “impossible” outcome, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon.

15 (190) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The One Who Closes the Gate”
While celebrating their victory over Saber Tooth, Fairy Tail grows concerned for Natsu’s rescue team. When Arcadios confronts Hisui at Eclipse, the princess reveals that her advisor is actually another time traveler. The time traveler reveals himself as Rogue, who uses his shadow powers to wipe out the kingdom’s army in Mercurius. Having arrived from a future ruled by dragons, Rogue intends to stop Lucy from closing Eclipse before it can be used against the horde. He attempts to kill Lucy, but her future self jumps in the way at the last second to save her. Enraged by this sacrifice, Natsu attacks Rogue.

16 (191) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Natsu vs. Rogue”
After witnessing Future Lucy’s death, Natsu powers up with his Dragon Slayer magic and furiously battles Rogue. Meanwhile, Lucy and the others exit the castle to meet Hisui as she prepares to open Eclipse. Crocus is evacuated while the king of Fiore, Toma E. Fiore, requests that the wizards to remain in the city to help fight any dragons that survive the Eclipse Cannon’s attack. Future Rogue uses his White Shadow Dragon technique to easily defeat Natsu, but Ultear and Merudy intervene and save Natsu. When Eclipse opens, Lucy moves to close the gate.

17 (192) episode guide Fairy Tail

“For Me, Too”
To Hisui’s surprise, Lucy reveals that the Eclipse Cannon does not exist, and dragons from the past begin to emerge from the gate. With Lucy unable to close the gate due to the eclipsed moon’s power, she and Yukino summon the twelve Zodiac spirits to close Eclipse, leaving seven dragons outside. Future Rogue orders the dragons to lay waste to Crocus. The wizard guilds fight the dragons, but are completely overpowered. Recovering from his injuries, Natsu appears on the city rooftops to challenge Rogue again.

18 (193) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Seven Dragons”
As the battle between the guilds’ strongest wizards and the dragons continue, Sting and Rogue reveal that they have no experience in battling other dragons as they have already killed their dragon masters at their behest. At Mercurius, Future Rogue tells Natsu that he plans to use the seven dragons against Acnologia and become the new Dragon King. Realizing only Dragon Slayer magic can harm the dragons, Natsu calls out to the Dragon Slayers in the city to fight against them. At Jellal’s request, Doranbalt releases the Dragon Slayer Cobra from detainment to even out the numbers between dragons and Dragon Slayers.

19 (194) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Zirconis’ Magic”
In Crocus, the dragon Motherglare lays multiple eggs that hatch into miniature dragon offspring, which the wizards fend off. As the Dragon Slayers go their separate ways to fight each dragon, Wendy encounters Zirconis. After mercilessly stripping Lucy and the soldiers of their clothes, Zirconis launches the celestial wizard into Natsu. When Lucy reveals that she has been nearly eaten alive, Natsu gets an idea and immediately returns to the battle. Lucy discovers her future self’s notebook among the rubble. Meanwhile, Jellal comes to Erza’s aid in the city, but is confronted by a furious Millianna.

20 (195) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Humans and Humans, Dragons and Dragons, Humans and Dragons”
Natsu jumps onto the back of the fire dragon Atlas Flame and begins eating the flames covering his body. While Atlas Flame attempts to shake him off, Natsu’s technique reminds him of Igneel, who Atlas Flame says is his friend. Realizing that Natsu is Igneel’s son, Atlas Flame is freed from Future Rogue’s control and assists Natsu in fighting him. Back in Crocus, Rogue is horrified to learn from one of the dragons that his future self is responsible for the attack on Crocus. Ultear plots to kill Rogue while eavesdropping on him, therefore completely erasing Future Rogue from existence.

21 (196) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Sin and Sacrifice”
While Millianna confronts Jellal for Simon’s death, Ultear tells her that she is responsible for manipulating Jellal into doing so. She prepares to kill Rogue, but Sting arrives, which reinvogorates Rogue. Ultear realizes that she no longer has the right to live for attempting to kill an innocent person. Meanwhile, the wizards continue to struggle against the miniature dragons. Gray rushes to shield Juvia from the mini dragons’ blasts, and dies as a result.

22 (197) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Time of Life”
As several wizards across Crocus are killed by the dragons, Ultear recalls her forbidden Last Ages spell, which is capable of reversing time at the cost of the user’s life. Ultear decides to atone for her lifelong misdeeds by using the spell in an attempt to avoid the dragons’ arrival in the present. Afterward, she discovers that only one minute has been reversed and collapses. As a result of her spell, however, the wizards are able to foresee and prevent their own deaths, including Gray’s. At Mercurius, Lucy reunites with her friends near Eclipse with her future self’s notebook, and reveals that they can return Future Rogue and the dragons to their respective time periods by destroying Eclipse once and for all.

23 (198) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Fields of Gold”
On Mercurius, Lucy and Yukino use their celestial spirits on Eclipse in a knowingly futile attempt to destroy it. In the sky, Natsu realizes that Frosch from Future Rogue’s timeline no longer exists, having been killed in one year’s time, and tells Future Rogue that everyone will decide their own future. As the celestial wizards struggle to close the gate, Natsu finally releases his full strength and Atlas Flame helps boost his power. Together, they ram Rogue and Motherglare into Eclipse, obliterating the gate and saving Fiore from destruction. The dragons, as well as the future selves of Rogue and Lucy, return to their timelines. Before disappearing, Future Rogue forewarns Natsu that Frosch’s death is what causes his change.

24 (199) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Grand Banquet”
Following Eclipse’s destruction, the wizard guilds celebrate their victory with a ballroom party at Mercurius. While there, everyone is troubled when they realize Natsu’s absence. Meanwhile, the Saber Tooth wizards reconcile with Yukino and offer to let her return to their guild. Fairy Tail and the other wizards, however, begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl. They calm down when Arcadios announces the king’s appearance, only to discover Natsu impersonating the king as a practical joke. Later, Hisui is forgiven by her father for her plans after he punishes her to wear a pumpkin mask for one week.

25 (200) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Droplets of Time”
While searching for Ultear, Jellal and Merudy are approached by Doranbalt, who reveals that he has wiped the Magic Council’s memories of the dragon attack. He also reveals that Cobra has turned himself in, and forewarns them about the dark guild Tartaros. The two later receive a letter from an elderly woman telling them about Ultear’s sacrifice, unaware that the woman is actually an aged Ultear. Gray recognizes Ultear and grieves for her while passing her by on his carriage ride back to Magnolia, realizing that she is the one who has saved his life. Ultear silently bids her loved ones farewell, finally at peace with herself.

26 (201) episode guide Fairy Tail

“A Gift”
Fairy Tail returns to Magnolia to find the public celebrating their victory. As a gift for their victory in the tournament, the city mayor presents the guild their original, newly renovated guildhall. Afterwards, Lucy and her friends accept a job to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a “mole” (a giant mudskipper). Learning from the villagers that the monster is looking for a mate, the wizards trick Lucy into capturing it, after which Virgo finds a female “mole” (a giant crayfish) for the male to mate with. Later, Mavis finds Zeref at the forest near Magnolia, where he reveals his plans to destroy mankind.

27 (202) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Welcome Back, Frosch”
Frosch wanders off while shopping with Lector in the city and becomes lost. Rogue desperately searches for Frosch alongside Sting, Lector, and Yukino, asking several wizards for the Exceed’s whereabouts. The group eventually finds Frosch trying to return to the Saber Tooth guildhall alone, and decide to follow in secret, averting various hazards to the Exceed along the way. After spending the day searching, Frosch ends up at the Fairy Tail guildhall by mistake, to Rogue’s dismay.

28 (203) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Moulin Rouge”
In a flashback, Erza learns that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been posing as a member of Fairy Tail in order to commit crimes. Erza tracks down and subdues Moulin Rogue, who confesses that she is unable to find work to pay for medicine for her pet mouse, Sonny. After reprimanding Moulin Rouge for impersonating Fairy Tail, Erza offers her work at the guild. Moulin Rouge reveals her real name, Bisca Moulin, and later joins Fairy Tail.

29 (204) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Full Effort Hospitality!”
Lucy and Yukino offer favors to each of the twelve Zodiac spirits out of gratitude for their help in closing Eclipse. Each spirit’s request gradually exhausts Lucy until finally, after performing a comedy routine for an angered Aquarius, she passes out from summoning multiple spirits in a row.

30 (205) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Signal of Rebellion”
A series of abnormal weather and natural disasters occurs across the world, keeping everyone in Fairy Tail busy. Natsu and Lucy embark on a job to investigate major changes in celestial bodies, but when they arrive at the supposed destination, they find that the job is a trap and are attacked by a giant sea slug. Lucy attempts to summon her Zodiac spirits to fight, but they all ignore her calls. Meanwhile, Yukino visits the Fairy Tail guildhall and reveals that she is unable to summon Libra and Pisces as well. The twelve Zodiac spirits appear before Lucy with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and their memories of Lucy erased. Leo voids his and the other spirits’ contracts with their owners, saying that they desire “complete freedom”.

31 (206) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Library Panic”
Lucy learns from her spirit Crux that the Zodiac spirits have laid waste to the celestial world, and that the Celestial Spirit King has disappeared. Researching a book brought by Yukino, Levy discovers that the spirits aim to perform a ritual called Liberam that will grant them complete freedom from their owners. Lucy, Yukino, and Levy visit the Magic Library in search of a globe required for the ritual, but are attacked by the corrupted Virgo. Meanwhile, Natsu enters the celestial world, convinced that fighting the spirits will return them to normal. He is forced out of the celestial world in battle against Taurus and crash lands into the library, allowing Virgo to escape with the globe while the others are distracted. Afterward, Levy reveals that the spirits will die twelve days after completing Liberam.

32 (207) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Hisui Rises!”
The Fairy Tail wizards search for Astral Spiritus, the location where the Zodiac spirits intend to perform Liberam. They encounter Hisui and Arcadios, who reveal that the Zodiac spirits’ change and weather phenomena are side effects of Eclipse’s destruction. Feeling responsible for the situation, Hisui presents the wizards with a case containing magic keys that will allow them to forcibly close the spirits’ gates. However, the case is stolen by the Eclipse form of Pisces, who appear as a mother shark and son kappa. After the group fails to recover the keys, Arcadios reveals the stolen case to be a decoy, and that he possesses the real keys.

33 (208) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Astral Spiritus”
Following Hisui’s directions, Lucy and her friends reach Astral Spiritus and interrupt the Eclipse spirits’ ritual. Lucy tries to reason with her spirits, but they refuse to relent despite knowing that their lives will be forfeit by performing Liberam. The rest of Fairy Tail arrives to fend off the spirits, who challenge the wizards to stop them. Armed with Hisui’s gatekeys, the wizards each follow the spirits into a different pocket dimension, with Elfman battling and successfully sealing Taurus away.

34 (209) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Wendy vs. Aquarius – Let’s Have Fun in the Amusement Park!”
Wendy and Carla enter an amusement park dimension and attempt to gently subdue a young, lighthearded version of Aquarius, whose attempts to play with Wendy cause wanton destruction around the park. Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending each other before Aquarius resumes the fight. During his battle with Leo in another dimension, Natsu’s is swallowed by a sudden wave of magic and falls into Aquarius’ dimension, where he fights Aquarius on the park’s Ferris wheel. Their attacks destroy the ride and cause Aquarius to fall, but Wendy saves her and convinces her to return to the spirit world.

35 (210) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Guild Deck vs. Celestial Deck”
Capricorn challenges Levy to a trivia quiz, while Mirajane defeats Pisces in an underwater battle. Meanwhile, Cana faces off against Scorpio in a card battle game that pits simulacra of Cana’s guildmates against the other Eclipse spirits. Cana struggles to grasp the rules of the game, but quickly discovers that both she and Scorpio make up the rules as they play and is able to outsmart Scorpio, eventually allowing her to play her strongest card, Gildarts.

36 (211) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!”
Cana uses her Gildarts card to defeat Scorpio. Meanwhile, Cancer challenges Gray to a dance battle. When Gray admits he can’t dance, Cancer gives him a pair of magic shoes and casts a spell on him that removes his inhibitions, turning Gray into a master dancer. This backfires when Gray infatuates Cancer with his dancing skills, allowing him to defeat the spirit while he is distracted. In Leo’s dimension, Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla enter a temple in search of Leo. After Natsu destroys a statue in the temple, a thirteenth gate appears in Astral Spiritus, which Hisui and Arcadios decide to investigate.

37 (212) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!”
Levy wins Capricorn’s quiz in a tie-breaking match by revealing her romantic crush (implied to be Gajeel), while Natsu and the others encounter the thirteenth Eclipse spirit Ophiuchus in the form of a sadistic nurse. Meanwhile, Juvia searches for Aries in an arid desert realm. Aries attacks Juvia after her water magic is weakened by the heat, leaving her defenseless. However, Juvia senses a water coolant in Aries’ magic four-wheeler and bathes in it, regaining her strength and defeating Aries.

38 (213) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!”
Gajeel and Panther Lily are transformed into small animals by Gemini during their battle with the twin spirits, but Gajeel eventually discovers he can still use his magic and easily knocks them out. Meanwhile, Sagittarius challenges Erza to three horseriding contests: first an archery contest that Erza wins, and then a horse race won by Sagittarius. During their final match—a horseback battle on a minefield—Erza defeats Sagittarius by riding on his back and forcing him onto a cluster of mines. In Ophiuchus’s dimension, Leo appears and reveals Ophiuchus’s true form as a colossal snake, and prepares to hold the Liberam ritual again.

39 (214) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Natsu vs. Leo”
Leo resumes Liberam with the constellations of the defeated Eclipse spirits overhead. Natsu battles Leo to interrupt him while Wendy, Happy, and Carla try in vain to retrieve the ritual globe. Leo weakens Natsu by absorbing his flames to strengthen his own dark magic, but Natsu eventually manages to turn the tables by consuming Leo’s flames and using them against the spirit, defeating him. After Natsu returns Leo to the spirit world, however, the wizards discover Ophiuchus reciting a ritual chant in his place.

40 (215) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Ophiuchus, the Snake Charmer”
Hisui and Arcadios reach Ophiuchus’s dimension and deduce that the snake spirit is acting on behalf of the Celestial Spirit King, who has also been corrupted by Eclipse. Meanwhile, Natsu falls ill as a result of harboring Leo’s dark magic. He notices a weak spot on Ophiuchus’s body and attacks it, causing the Eclipse spirits’ realms to merge while Lucy and Yukino are battling Virgo and Libra, respectively. He holds the realm in place using the dark magic, allowing Lucy and Yukino to seal the two remaining Eclipse spirits away. However, Ophiuchus reveals this to be a part of her plan to sacrifice the Eclipse spirits to the Celestial Spirit King as part of a new ritual, Liberam Verus.

41 (216) episode guide Fairy Tail

“When the Stars Fall”
Levy determines that they may stop Liberam Verus by destroying Ophiuchus, Astral Spiritus, and the celestial globe at the same time. The wizards inside Astral Spiritus begin demolishing everything around them while Natsu battles Ophiuchus and the others attack the globe outside. Ophiuchus plays her flute to turn Natsu’s own attacks against him, but he overcomes her control and moves in to destroy her flute. Meanwhile, Hisui combines her powers with Lucy and Yukino to cast her ultimate celestial spell, Gottfried, in the hopes of destroying the globe.

42 (217) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Celestial Spirit Beast”
Although Natsu and the others defeat Ophiuchus and destroy the celestial globe, they are unable to prevent the Eclipse spirits from being absorbed by the Celestial Spirit King. Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, who appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast. The beast uses its powers to transform the wizards into constellations, leaving only Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel standing. Natsu senses that the Eclipse spirits are still alive inside the beast and enters its mouth with Happy to save them while the rest of his friends continue to fight the beast outside.

43 (218) episode guide Fairy Tail

As Natsu searches for the Eclipse spirits inside the Celestial Spirit Beast, his friends outside manage to weaken the beast with their attacks. Natsu eventually finds the Celestial Spirit King’s original form chained by the Eclipse spirits to a sphere of energy. By eating part of the sphere, Natsu is able to destroy it and free the spirit king. He returns to find their friends and the spirit world returned to normal, as well as the Zodiac spirits, who have lost their memories of their Eclipse selves. The wizards return to the human world while the Zodiac spirits renew their contracts with Lucy and Yukino.

44 (219) episode guide Fairy Tail

“What a Pure Heart Weaves”
Alzack and Bisca leave Natsu to babysit their daughter Asuka while they are away. Natsu loses to Asuka in a sharpshooting contest and is forced to fulfill her wishes for the day. Asuka takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to perform several odd jobs around town for her to afford a treasured snow globe lacrima that her parents were once forced to pawn off to pay for her medicine. Shortly after they buy the lacrima, it is stolen by a gang of sky pirates, but Natsu helps Asuka shoot them down by spitting fireballs along with her cork gun, revealing he had lost their contest on purpose. They return to the guildhall where Asuka gives her parents the lacrima after eating a cake that Erza, Wendy, Carla, and Lily have spent the day making for her.

45 (220) episode guide Fairy Tail

“413 Days”
Juvia decides to celebrate the 413th-day anniversary of her first meeting with Gray, and is encouraged by Erza to give him a present. After taking several suggestions from her guildmates, she settles on knitting him a scarf. However, Gray rejects the gift and asks to be left alone. Lyon approaches Juvia to explain that Gray is mourning the anniversary of his teacher Ur’s death. Feeling guilty for intruding on a such somber occasion for Gray, Juvia is comforted by Erza, who tells her that every day has a different meaning for everyone. Meanwhile, it begins to snow and Gray is reminded of Ur giving him a scarf, prompting him to go back and recover the scarf Juvia made for him. The next day, Juvia exchanges apologies with Gray and gives him a dakimakura of herself as a 414th-day anniversary gift.

46 (221) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Labyrinth of White”
Natsu, Lucy, and Happy set out on a mission to Mount Hakobe to collect magic ice with abnormal properties. They take refuge from a blizzard within a cave of living ice that closes behind them, trapping them inside. They quickly become lost for days in the labyrinthine cave with little food and sleep. They eventually find the magic ice at the cave’s exit and retrieve a sample, only to be attacked by a giant octopus monster that they are too fatigued to fight. Lucy recalls that the ice has restorative properties and feeds it to Natsu, giving him the strength to defeat the monster. However, they collapse in exhaustion upon realizing that without the ice, they now have to start the mission over again.

47 (222) episode guide Fairy Tail

Mirajane teaches Natsu, Lucy, and Happy how to use transformation magic. Macao and Wakaba eavesdrop on the lesson so they can regain their youth and win over their estranged wives, but they strain their magic power after multiple failed attempts and transform into monsters that proceed to attack Magnolia. Meanwhile, Erza buys a superhero costume at a boutique and begins performing heroic deeds around town as “Fairy Woman”. Upset that her heroics amount to little more than menial tasks, Erza encounters and defeats the rampaging Macao and Wakaba, returning them to normal. Afterward, she discovers that her face has inexplicably turned realistic while wearing her costume.

48 (223) episode guide Fairy Tail

“It’s Kemo-Kemo!”
Natsu and Happy discover an egg that falls from the sky and hatches into a small, fire-breathing creature, which Natsu names Kemo-Kemo. Meanwhile, the Magic Council initiates a member exchange program between the guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games; Natsu volunteers as one of the exchange members, interested in asking about Kemo-Kemo’s origins across Fiore. As he and his friends visit the other guilds and cause problems for their respective members, they notice Kemo-Kemo growing larger and more powerful. When Fairy Tail visits Saber Tooth, the Council cancels the exchange program and requests the two guilds to investigate a mysterious island that has risen from the sea.

49 (224) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Place You Came To”
While Fairy Tail and Saber Tooth explore the newly surfaced island, the two guilds are attacked by a giant sea serpent caught on the island. The serpent traps Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Kemo-Kemo in the ruins on the island, while everyone else succumbs to a mysterious virus. Lucy deciphers the glyphs in the ruins and discovers Kemo-Kemo to be a guardian deity that protects those on the island from the virus. Kemo-Kemo grows into a giant and defeats the serpent alongside Natsu, curing everyone in the process. However, Kemo-Kemo merges with the island as it sinks into the ocean, leaving a seed behind that Natsu plants in front of his house in memory of Kemo-Kemo.

50 (225) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Lightning Man”
Laxus and the Raijin Tribe accept a job requesting them to solve a series of never-ending lightning strikes around the city of Volwatt. The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the phenomenon due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games. As Bickslow and Evergreen battle electric serpents in the city, Laxus and Fried find a lacrima charged with Laxus’s lightning magic in the underground sewers. After Laxus neutralizes the lacrima, he and the Raijin Tribe discover that the mayor has deliberately set up Laxus to blackmail Fairy Tail. Laxus angrily confronts the mayor, but decides to spare him when he protects his granddaughter from the rampage. Laxus and the Raijin Tribe are hailed as the town heroes while the mayor secretly continues his extortion schemes.

51 (226) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen”
Ichiya creates a magic perfume that spreads into the sewers of Magnolia, transforming its residents into zombie-like Ichiya clones that spread the “virus” by smelling others. Lucy evades detection from the clones in a bunny costume that conceals her smell while most of her guildmates become infected. She hides in the sewers together with Natsu and Happy, but they are forced to fly above the city to find it has been overrun with Ichiya clones. Meanwhile, Romeo tells Wendy and Carla of the clones’ weakness and sends her to meet Natsu before being infected himself. Natsu remembers a deodorizing spray given to him by Erza and uses it to return everyone to normal. He and Happy then decide to take a bath at Lucy’s house, unaware that Happy has become infected.

52 (227) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Morning of a New Adventure”
At their new bathhouse, the female members of Fairy Tail encounter Flare, who tells them that Raven Tail has disbanded. However, she declines Lucy’s invitation to join Fairy Tail, bewildering everyone. Lucy returns home to learn from Erza, Wendy, and Carla that Natsu and Gray haven’t returned from a job, only to later find the two bickering as usual. As they refuse to work with each other again, Natsu and Gray receive a job request from Warrod Sequen, the fourth highest ranking Wizard Saint, asking them to save a frozen town known as Sun Village. Warrod explains that the village’s Eternal Flame deity has also been frozen, and that the villagers are still alive inside the ice. He uses his magic to transport Natsu’s team to the village on a moving tree, seeing them off as he recollects the formation of his original guild, Fairy Tail.

53 (228) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Wizards vs. Hunters”
Natsu’s team arrive at the frozen Sun Village, discovering it to be the home of giants. While investigating the magic ice freezing the town, the wizards encounter a trio of treasure hunters from the Sylph Labyrinth guild, who plan to steal the Eternal Flame for themselves and warn Fairy Tail against interfering with them. The wizards chase after the treasure hunters for their bottle of liquified Moon Drip, believing the liquid can help save the village, but are shocked when the treasure hunters prove themselves to be capable fighters. Meanwhile, Erza explores the village on her own in search of the Eternal Flame, and later finds herself mysteriously transformed into a child.

53 (229) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Art of Regression”
While struggling to adapt to her childlike body, Erza encounters Minerva, who reveals herself to have joined the dark guild Succubus Eye to take revenge against Erza for her humiliation at the Grand Magic Games. Meanwhile, the bottle of liquid Moon Drip accidentally breaks as the other Fairy Tail wizards fight Sylph Labyrinth over it, thawing out a small patch of ground. Natsu hears a familiar voice from the patch and sets off to find its source, only to run into Minerva’s monstrous guildmate Doriath, who turns him into a child as well. Finding his physical and magical strength severely weakened, Natsu runs away. Elsewhere, Lucy and Wendy are separated from Gray and followed by Sylph Labyrinth. The girls are nearly killed by the treasure hunters until Flare arrives and rescues them, wearing a new emblem in place of her Raven Tail mark.

54 (230) episode guide Fairy Tail

“The Demon Returns”
Flare reveals she is an adopted resident of Sun Village, evidenced by her new emblem. Angered by the village’s frozen state and Sylph Labyrinth’s callous effort to steal the Eternal Flame, Flare fights the treasure hunters alongside Lucy and Wendy. After the girls’ attacks send the hunters flying out of the village, Lucy and Wendy accept Flare’s offer to help guide them to the Eternal Flame. Later, Doriath finds Gray and turns him into a child, causing Gray to relive his traumatic memories of Deliora upon seeing the monstrous Doriath. While panicking, Gray hears Ultear’s voice encouraging him and regains his composure, preparing himself to fight Doriath and save the village.

55 (231) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Gray vs. Doriate”
Despite his weakened magic in his childlike form, Gray outsmarts and humiliates Doriath with various pratfalls, determining that he is not the one responsible for freezing Sun Village. Doriath becomes enraged and transforms into a massive demon whose roar transforms everyone in the village into a child. Gray notices that the berserk Doriath instinctively avoids the ice freezing the village, which he deduces is harmful to the demon. Gray channels the ice’s magic through his body to defeat Doriath, reversing his spell on everyone. Doriath is subsequently devoured by his and Minerva’s giant, one-eyed bird mount. Meanwhile, Natsu meets with Lucy, Wendy, and Flare after tracing the voice to a frozen mountain, which Flare says is the Eternal Flame. Gray arrives at the flame while pursued by the bird, which Natsu prepares to fight.

56 (232) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Voice of the Flame”
Gray uses his newfound understanding of the magic ice to unfreeze the Eternal Flame. Upon doing so, the wizards find the flame burning faintly. Natsu uses his fire attacks to knock the one-eyed bird onto the flame’s altar, reigniting the flame. Wendy discovers that the flame is alive and uses her Milky Way spell, revealing the flame to be the spirit of the dragon Atlas Flame, who recalls the village being frozen by a demon slayer wizard named Silver, one of the dark guild Tartaros’ elite Nine Demon Gates. Atlas Flame uses the last of his strength to thaw out the rest of Sun Village, freeing the giants and forcing Minerva to flee. Before vanishing, Atlas Flame tells Natsu about E.N.D., Zeref’s most powerful demon, and Igneel’s inability to destroy it.

57 (233) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Song of the Fairies”
After Atlas Flame’s disappearance, Fairy Tail celebrates their mission’s success while Flare is welcomed back by the giants of Sun Village. Elsewhere, Minerva returns to the Succubus Eye guildhall to find her guildmates wiped out by Ky?ka, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros. Ky?ka notes that the rest of Succubus Eye has failed to withstand her power of strength enhancement, which she proceeds to use on Minerva to recruit for Tartaros. Later, the Fairy Tail members make their way back to Warrod’s house to collect their reward, which turns out to be a potato. After Warrod reveals his membership in Fairy Tail to the younger wizards, Natsu asks him about E.N.D., whom Warrod speculates is in Tartaros’ possession.

58 (234) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The Nine Demon Gates”
The Magic Council discusses Tartaros’ recent activity and decrease in dark guilds under its jurisdiction. As the council decides to take action, Jackal of the Nine Demon Gates infiltrates the building and destroys it with his explosion-based abilities, killing the council members and several others, including Lahar. As news of the Magic Council’s assassination spreads to Fairy Tail, Doranbalt, one of the attack’s few survivors, goes to the council dungeon to extract information on Tartaros from Cobra. Cobra tells him that the dark guild is composed entirely of demons from the books of Zeref, with E.N.D. serving as their master. Later, Tempester, another of the Nine Demon Gates, fights Yajima. The Raijin Tribe attempt to defend Yajima from Tempester’s storm-based powers before Laxus arrives to battle the demon.

59 (235) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. Netherworld”
Laxus defeats Tempester before the demon can kill Yajima, learning that Tartaros is hunting former council members. Mortally injured, Tempester’s body disintegrates to be reconfigured at Tartaros’ headquarters, leaving behind a cloud of poisonous black mist. Laxus inhales most of the mist to keep his friends from being contaminated, but he is unable to save the town, which is quarantined. After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Fairy Tail furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. The guild sends several teams to the surviving ex-council members’ homes to protect them; Natsu’s team meets Michello, who thinks that Tartaros is after something called “Face”. Jackal destroys Michello’s house, but Natsu consumes the explosion and faces the demon.

60 ()236 episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The White Legacy”
Natsu assails Jackal when the demon demolishes the city around them, but Jackal uses his curse power to turn Natsu into a living bomb, knocking him unconscious. Michello runs for his life as Jackal chases him through the city, insisting he knows nothing of Tartaros’ plans. Lucy pursues Jackal as Wendy heals Natsu, but Jackal traps her in a land mine and threatens to kill Michello and a pregnant woman, forcing her to choose between whom to spare. Natsu recovers in time to save Lucy, having learned to eat Jackal’s explosions without being damaged by them, and faces Jackal again.

61 (237) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Natsu vs. Jackal”
Realizing his explosions no longer affect Natsu, Jackal assumes his demonic true form, but Natsu quickly defeats him. Jackal self-destructs in a final effort to kill the wizards, but Happy carries him above the city before he explodes, barely escaping the blast himself. Later, Fairy Tail’s other teams find that their assigned council members have already been killed. Elfman and Lisanna encounter Seilah of the Nine Demon Gates, who takes control of Elfman’s body to strangle Lisanna. Makarov interrogates Michello, who tells them that Face is a pulse bomb used by the Magic Council to eradicate all magic on the continent, leaving humans defenseless against Tartaros, who perform curses instead of magic. According to Michello, Face is sealed by three former council members whose identities are known only by the original chairman, whom Erza and Mirajane are dispatched to protect.

62 (238) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Immorality and Sinners”
Erza and Mirajane arrive at the home of former council chairman Crawford Theme, who says he knows nothing of Face, before they are ambushed by henchmen from Tartaros. Meanwhile, Doranbalt releases the Oraci?n Seis from prison under Jellal’s watch. With Brain left for dead by his guild and Richard (Hoteye) refusing to fight, the remaining four members—Macbeth (Midnight), Erik (Cobra), Sawyer (Racer), and Sorano (Angel)—battle Jellal. Later, Erza and Mirajane collapse and are captured by Crawford, who hands them over to Tartaros. Erza awakens in Tartaros’ dungeon and is tortured by Ky?ka, who demands to know Jellal’s location, revealing him to be the last remaining seal to Face. Natsu realizes Crawford is Tartaros’ informant and traces his scent to Tartaros’ headquarters to rescue his friends.

63 (239) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Jellal vs. Oraci?n Seis”
Natsu attacks Franmalth, one of the Nine Demon Gates, until Silver arrives to deal with Natsu. When Natsu recognizes Silver’s scent as similar to Gray’s, Silver freezes him solid and imprisons him with Lisanna, leaving Happy to escape on his own. Meanwhile, Jellal continues to battle the Oraci?n Seis, unaware as Zero’s personality appears to take control of Brain. Happy later returns to Fairy Tail’s guildhall to warn his friends about what has happened, including the location of their base, a floating, cubical island. Elfman then returns, but unknown to anyone else, he is possessed by Seilah and has brought an explosive lacrima to destroy the guild.

64 (240) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – A Place Reached by Prayer”
As Crawford attempts to locate the final key to Face, Zero awakens and seemingly vaporizes Jellal. Realizing it is actually an illusion created by Midnight, Jellal maims his own eyes to break the illusion, and he defeats the Oraci?n Seis. He then asks the defeated dark guild to join Crime Sorci?re and aid in the battle against Zeref. Crawford manages to transfer the final key to himself, but rather than allow him to transfer it to another sacrifice, Ky?ka kills him on the spot and unseals to Face. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail wizards discover that Tartaros’ headquarters are directly above Magnolia. Before they can react, Elfman detonates Seilah’s bomb, destroying their guildhall.

65 (241) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – The Demon’s Rebirth”
As the demons of Tartaros revel in Fairy Tail’s destruction, they realize that Happy, Carla and Lily, having escaped the explosion with her guildmates, are flying towards Cube. Using her magic card deck, Cana unseals the guildmates and they begin their assault on Tartaros. Mirajane breaks free of Tartaros’ demonic reincarnation facility, while Natsu and Lisanna escape their cell during the confusion and free Erza, who confronts Ky?ka over Tartaros’ goals. The two fight, creating a hole in Tartaros’ headquarters and allowing the rest of Fairy Tail to enter. Natsu separates with Lisanna before time stops around him, and he finds himself face to face with Zeref.

66 (242) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – To Let Live or Die”
Zeref cryptically tells Natsu to choose whether to kill or spare E.N.D. before disappearing. As the rest of Fairy Tail infiltrates Tartaros’ base, Mirajane reunites with Lisanna and is confronted by a furious Seilah. Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Carla reach Tartaros’ control room to discover that Face has been set to detonate in 41 minutes. Chased by the Demon Gates Franmalth and Keyes, Lucy and Gray help hold the demons off to allow Wendy and Carla to find and deactivate Face. Lucy reunites with Natsu to battle Franmalth, who has the ability to absorb Lucy’s spirits and mimic their powers. When Natsu overcomes his spirit forms, Franmalth assumes a powerful new form that shocks the wizards.

67 (243) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Wendy vs. Ezel”
Franmalth takes on the form of Grimoire Heart’s master Hades, using the dark wizard’s formidable magic against Natsu and Lucy. Natsu finds that his magic has no effect on Franmalth, who is able to absorb his attacks. Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla reach Face, which is guarded by the multi-armed Ezel, one of the Nine Demon Gates. When Ezel brutally injures Wendy and prepares to eat Carla, Wendy consumes the Ether-nano in the air around Face, allowing her to obtain her own Dragon Force.

68 (244) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Friends Forever”
Using her newly attained Dragon Force, Wendy simultaneously defeats Ezel in his powered up form and dismantles Face. To her dismay, the bomb continues its countdown and its imminent detonation is sensed by Fairy Tail and Tartaros. Using her clairvoyance, Carla reconfigures Face to self-destruct and tells Wendy to save herself from the explosion, but she declines and they activate the mechanism together. The bomb finally explodes, but Doranbalt saves the two and commends them for their heroic actions.

69 (245) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Hell’s Core”
Sensing that Face has been deactivated, Franmalth begins absorbing Natsu, Lucy, and Happy’s souls in a fury. When Lucy closes the gates of her celestial spirits absorbed by Franmalth, the demon releases them to avoid being sent to the celestial world with them. Lucy tricks Franmalth into thinking Natsu is a spirit, allowing Natsu to break free and smash Franmalth with giant rocks, defeating him. This frees Hades’ soul, who warns the wizards that detonating Face is not Tartaros’ true objective. Meanwhile, Mirajane destroys Tartaros’ laboratory in her fight with Seilah, preventing Ezel and Franmalth from being resurrected. Finding that her curse has no effect on Mirajane, Seilah unleashes her true power to fight her.

70 (246) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Underworld King”
Jellal, Merudy, and the Oraci?n Seis encounter former Grimoire Heart member Rustyrose, who has survived a failed assault against Tartaros. Rustyrose warns the wizards of Mard Geer, the Underworld King who commands Tartaros on E.N.D.’s behalf and surpasses the Nine Demon Gates. Jellal and Merudy set out to face Tartaros, but the Oraci?n Seis refuse to violate their non-aggression pact with the dark guild. Later, Rustyrose attacks Jellal and attempts to persuade Merudy to reform Grimoire Heart. Her refusal to obsess over the past inspires the Oraci?n Seis to save her and Jellal, who regains his eyesight. Jellal leaves with his new allies after offering Rustyrose membership in Crime Sorci?re.

71 (247) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Alegria”
Mirajane uses the last of her magic to absorb some of Seilah’s abilities, which she uses to call Elfman to her rescue, defeating Seilah. As Warren telepathically contacts the rest of the guild, Happy relays Hades’ message to Makarov, who determines he must activate Lumen Histoire. Mard Geer interrupts and casts the Alegria curse, which transforms the island cube into the flying monster Pluto’s Grim. The wizards within its body are all absorbed except for Lucy, who miraculously escapes the curse.

72 (248) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – A Strike from the Stars”
As she looks for a way to release her friends from Pluto’s Grim, Lucy is pursued by the members of Tartaros, including the Demon Gates Torafuzar and a resurrected Jackal. Lucy exhausts herself summoning Leo, Virgo, and Aquarius to help fight off the demons. When Jackal corners Lucy, Aquarius advises her to summon the Celestial Spirit King, which requires her to destroy one of her golden Zodiac keys. Lucy reluctantly sacrifices Aquarius’ key at the spirit’s urging and summons the king, who cuts down Pluto’s Grim and confronts Mard Geer.

73 (249) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld King”
The Celestial Spirit King attacks Mard Geer to avenge Lucy and Aquarius’ sacrifice needed to summon him. During their battle, the king fits Lucy with a new dress imbued with Aquarius’ magic, giving her enough power to defeat Jackal. As the king’s strength begins to wane, he uses his remaining power to break Mard Geer’s curse on Fairy Tail and encase the Underworld King in stone before returning to the spirit world. Torafuzar, Keyes, Silver and Tempester arrive to kill Lucy, but Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Juvia come to her rescue.

74 (250) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Erza vs. Minerva”
Silver separates Gray from his friends as they fight against the remaining three demons, while Franmalth survives in the form of a mushroom attached to Happy’s head. Elsewhere, Wendy and Carla awaken in Doranbalt’s care to discover thousands of Face bombs have appeared in place of the one they have destroyed. Meanwhile, Erza battles with Minerva, who has been converted into a demon. During their fight, Minerva’s memories of her father Ziemma’s abuse surface and she suffers an emotional breakdown, asking Erza to kill her. Mard Geer escapes his petrification and attempts to kill Minerva for her weakness, but she is rescued by Sting, Rogue, and their Exceed.

75 (251) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – The Boy’s Tale”
Sting and Rogue battle Mard Geer to cover for Erza and Minerva’s escape. Erza and Minerva learn that Keyes is using Crawford’s reanimated corpse to manually activate the Face bombs. They soon discover Franmalth embedded in Happy’s head and force him to take them to Tartaros’ main control room. Meanwhile, Gray finds himself in a private confrontation with Silver, whom he recognizes as his father previously killed by Deliora. When Gray refuses to believe it is him, Silver states that he is actually Deliora resurrected in the body of Gray’s father to take revenge against Gray.

76 (252) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Gray vs. Silver”
Enraged to hear that Deliora is possessing his father’s corpse, Gray furiously attacks Silver, whose ice demon slayer powers make him immune to Gray’s magic. Gray tries channeling Silver’s magic against him as done against Doriath, but it also has no effect. With no other options, Gray contemplates using the same Iced Shell technique used by Ur to permanently freeze Deliora, despite needing to sacrifice his body in order to do so. He reconsiders and ultimately manages to grievously wound Silver by hurling a cannonball through his chest. Gray refuses to kill Silver, however, reasoning that his father is not Deliora as he claims to be.

77 (253) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – A Silver Wish”
Silver reveals he is a corpse brought to life by Keyes’ necromancy curse, driven by vengeance against Zeref’s demons. He requests Gray to finish him off, but Gray is unable to bring himself to kill his father. As the two embrace, Silver telepathically contacts Juvia and instructs her to destroy Keyes and stop him from activating the Face bombs using Crawford’s corpse. Juvia hesitates to do so, however, realizing that doing so would separate Gray from his father forever. As Keyes taunts Juvia, she enters his body in the form of water and reluctantly destroys him from within. Before fading away, Silver bestows his demon slayer magic onto Gray, who vows to destroy E.N.D.

78 (254) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Air”
As the wizards continue to navigate Tartaros’ headquarters, Torafuzar and Tempester assume their true “Etherious” forms to finish Natsu and Gajeel off. The two dragon slayers activate their lightning and shadow powers, respectively, but their teamwork is hindered when they begin bickering over whose form is stronger. Their argument allows Torafuzar to conjure a deluge of black water that poisons the wizards. Gajeel quickly loses oxygen while fighting Torafuzar underwater, but Levy saves him from drowning by giving him air with a kiss.

79 (255) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Steel”
Gajeel tells Levy to give oxygen to their drowning guildmates with her magic while he continues to battle Torafuzar. The demon hardens his body to neutralize Gajeel’s attacks, but Gajeel uses the carbon-rich water to furbish his iron body into steel, which cuts through Torafuzar’s defenses and defeats him. Tempester attacks Gajeel after he is left weakened from the fight, but Laxus comes to Gajeel’s rescue and faces Tempester in a rematch despite still being contaminated from their earlier battle.

80 (256) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Final Duels”
Despite his ailing condition, Laxus fights and defeats Tempester. The demon’s blood spills onto Laxus’ coat, which he gives to Gajeel to deliver to Porlyusica and create an antidote for himself, the Raijin Tribe, and Yajima. Mortally wounded, Tempester turns into toxic mist once more to kill the wizards, but Gray arrives and freezes the mist with his new demon-slaying magic before his friends are contaminated. Meanwhile, Erza and her allies reach the main control room to find Ky?ka and Seilah successfully activating Face using Crawford’s corpse. Mirajane comes and takes Seilah down, leaving Erza to face the final Demon Gate Ky?ka before the bombs detonate.

81 (257) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Wings of Despair”
Erza and Ky?ka’s battle is interrupted when the wizards and demons hear a mysterious roaring sound in the distance. To their dread, they all recognize the sound as Acnologia, who wreaks destruction as he prepares to descend on the two guilds. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue are immobilized as they begin to pulsate violently. Natsu suddenly hears Igneel’s voice saying the time has come for him to stop Acnologia, and watches in awe as the missing fire dragon finally emerges from his body, revealed to have been inside him all along.

82 (258) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Fire Dragon Iron Fist”
Natsu intervenes between Igneel and Acnologia’s battle, confused and angry over Igneel’s unexplained return. Igneel tasks Natsu with stealing the book of E.N.D. from Mard Geer with the promise of answering Natsu’s questions about his fourteen-year disappearance; however, he instructs Natsu to avoid opening or destroying it. Seeing the dragons as obstacles in his plans, Mard Geer telepathically orders Ky?ka to hasten Face’s detonation by merging with the control device. Ky?ka complies, aware that this will end her own life, and assumes her Etherious form to kill Erza.

83 (259) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – 00:00”
Ky?ka uses her curse power to perpetually increase her own strength while maximizing Erza’s sensitivity to pain and removing her senses. Despite not being able to see or hear Ky?ka, however, Erza manages to continue fighting and defeat her, but collapses before she can deliver the final blow. Minerva stabs Ky?ka with Erza’s dropped sword, but not before the timer to Face’s detonation reaches zero.

84 (260) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – The Girl in the Crystal”
Taking place 20 minutes before Face’s detonation, Natsu and Igneel fight Mard Geer and Acnologia, respectively. Sting and Rogue arrive on the battlefield and join Natsu, who reluctantly accepts their help and manages to push Mard Geer back. Enraged, Mard Geer places E.N.D.’s book down to use the full extent of his curse power to survive the dragon slayers’ onslaught. Meanwhile, Makarov telepathically contacts his guild to reveal their ultimate weapon, Lumen Histoire, which is Mavis’s body preserved in crystal.

85 (261) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Absolute Demon”
Makarov instructs his guild to come to the ruins of their guildhall, privately requesting Doranbalt to erase their memories of Lumen Histoire after the battle. Meanwhile, Mard Geer reveals that the true purpose of the Etherious demons created by Zeref is to kill their creator, and that they aim to eradicate magic in Earth-land to lift the seal on E.N.D.’s book. Gray arrives and uses his demon-slaying magic on Mard Geer, which proves effective. Mard Geer summons a flower containing Ziemma, who has transformed himself into a demon mightier than the Nine Demon Gates. Sting and Rogue fight their former master, allowing Natsu and Gray to focus on battling Mard Geer in his true form, Mard Geer Tartaros.

86 (262) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Memento Mori”
Sting and Rogue are able to destroy Ziemma, professing that Saber Tooth has changed for the better since his departure from the guild. Meanwhile, Natsu and Gray continue their fight with Mard Geer Tartaros, who performs his ultimate curse, Memento Mori, to erase the two from existence. When Natsu and Gray are seemingly destroyed, Mard Geer declares that he will use his curse to kill Zeref.

87 (263) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Soaring Above Ishgar”
Natsu and Gray emerge from the rubble left by Mard Geer’s curse, having survived after Gray took the brunt of the attack in a demonic form. After Gray collapses, Natsu performs one final onslaught on Mard Geer in his Dragon Force form, but it inflicts little damage on the demon. Natsu’s attack proves to be a feint, allowing Gray to seemingly kill Mard Geer with his demon-slaying magic. Despite Mard Geer and Acnologia being seemingly defeated, Face’s countdown reaches zero. With Fairy Tail’s ally guilds unable to dismantle the bombs, the dragon guardians of Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue emerge to deactivate Face once and for all.

88 (264) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter – Drops of Fire”
After the dragons destroy the bombs across Ishgal, Face is deactivated, stopping E.N.D.’s and saving Earth-land from destruction. Acnologia gains a second wind and resumes his fight with Igneel, leaving Natsu and Gray to argue over whether to destroy E.N.D.’s book. However, Zeref arrives to retrieve the book and kills Mard Geer before vanishing. Igneel reveals that he and the other dragons sealed themselves within the dragon slayers to immunize them from becoming dragons like Acnologia, and to have the opportunity of killing Acnologia themselves. Igneel severs Acnologia’s arm but Acnologia mercilessly obliterates the fire dragon with his dragon roar, devastating Natsu.

89 (265) episode guide Fairy Tail

“Tartaros Chapter, Finale – Where the Power of Life Lies”
Following Igneel’s death, the surviving dragons reveal that because their souls have been stolen by Acnologia in the past, they are already dead in a sense and ascend to a higher plane alongside Igneel. Natsu, devastated by Igneel’s death, vows to become strong enough to kill Acnologia and avenge his father. The wizards spend a week recovering and rebuilding the damage left by their battle with Tartaros: Laxus and the Raijin Tribe return to full health; Gray forgives Juvia for her role in Silver’s death; Jellal and the Oracion Seis’ members go their separate ways with Erza; Minerva returns to Saber Tooth to receive a warm welcome from her old guildmates. At Makarov’s request, Doranbalt additionally erases their memories of Lumen Histoire before Makarov informs him he has always been a member of the guild, having wiped his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council. Afterward, Fairy Tail is disbanded, the wizards go their separate ways, and Lucy returns home to find a note from Natsu and Happy saying that they have left to train hard for the next year. Elsewhere, Zeref muses over Natsu’s efforts to defeat him, calling him “Etherious Natsu Dragneel”.
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