Hawaii Five-0 description of episodes (season 2)

Description of Hawaii Five-0 episodes that were first released on CBS September 19, 2011 – May 14, 2012; ganre – action, drama, police.
Hawaii Five-0 overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (25) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

One week after Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is arrested for Governor Jameson’s murder, Danny (Scott Caan) brings in Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), McGarrett’s mentor, to help clear him. Victor Hesse (James Marsters), who was ordered by Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) to kill McGarrett, instead aids in his escape by stabbing him. On his way to the hospital, McGarrett breaks out of the ambulance and escapes. Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) is suspended from HPD, but assists Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) by following one of Wo Fat’s men with the hopes of incriminating him. She finds Wo Fat meeting with a weapons buyer, Kurt Hauff, in the docks, but is caught. Meanwhile, McGarrett seeks shelter in Max Bergman’s (Masi Oka) home. Joe White finds a lead in Mokoto, a veteran pilot of Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack force, who befriended McGarrett’s father before his death. The team find video footage taken from the governor’s office. Believing the camera is still present, Chin Ho and Danny find it and discovers video footage that proves McGarrett’s innocence, but it does not reveal Wo Fat’s face. With McGarrett cleared, new governor Sam Denning (Richard T. Jones) reinstates Five-0, except Kono, who is still under review from internal affairs. Kono escapes and warns the team that Wo Fat is leaving the island. The team storm his boat but cannot find him on board; Kono also kills Hauff, who is in possession of materials to make a dirty bomb. McGarrett soon finds that his father may have worked with Wo Fat from the camera’s footage, but the audio track has been erased from this sequence. In the end, Wo Fat kills Hesse and is seen being driven away by Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik), suggesting that Jenna might be working for Wo Fat.

2 (26) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ua Lawe Wale”
Governor Denning assigns Homeland Security officer Lori Weston (Lauren German) to Five-0 to ensure the team follows the new rules set by him, and to also apply her profiling skills to the task force. Their first investigation is the kidnapping of teenage paddleboard champion Jenn Hassley (Hayley Chase); they have 24 hours to find her because she is taken without the medicine she needs to stay alive. The first suspect, Matt Porter (Jason Rawcliffe) is found dead. However, Five-0 later discovers Porter actually rescued girls from religious cults and changed their identities. The team find a cult in the island of L?na?i, led by her grandfather Steven Carter (Bruce Davison), a cult that rejects all modern teachings, believing that society and its own trappings are the workings of the Devil. Realizing Five-0 are on to him, he attempts to escape with Jenn by plane, but McGarrett prevents it from taking off with a horse. Meanwhile, Jenna leaves the team after receiving word that her fianc? may still be alive, while Internal Affairs captain Vince Fryer (Tom Sizemore) strips Kono of her badge.

3 (27) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“The Hero”
Five-0 probe the death of a Navy SEAL, one of Joe White’s former charges. Initially ruled as a suicide, the team discover he was drugged and was shot in the head to mimic a suicide. Sometime later, the team uncovers the death of another SEAL in a car accident, however Max finds he was killed before the accident. It is emerged that both SEALs were part of a covert team to take down a Central American drug cartel. In response the cartel sent out a professional hitman, and is after the third SEAL. The assassin poses as a pilot, doses the SEAL who is going skydiving with a sedative, and then throw him out of the plane. However, McGarrett rescues him, while Chin Ho and Danny take down the assassin. The Navy later uses the intelligence Five-0 gathered to take down the cartel for good. Meanwhile, Chin Ho worries about Kono after she starts hanging out with a group of dirty ex-cops, including Frank Delano (William Baldwin).

4 (28) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Mea Makamae”
The severed hand of dead-sea diver Blake Spencer is found in the waters of Waikiki. Five-0 discover that he found treasure from a sunken galleon off the Oahu coast, which later turns out to be fake. When they find Blake’s boat, McGarrett and White dive to find a sunken army ambulance from 1939, which houses the remain of his dead grandfather; he only wanted to find his body to give his mother (Patty Duke), who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, closure. The murderer is revealed to be Jimmy Koller (Brian Guest), who worked with Spencer and killed him when he believed he wanted the found treasure. Meanwhile, Chin Ho realizes Kono logged onto HPD’s database with his password, which she is using to grant Delano access. McGarrett realizes White did not release the video with Wo Fat and his father to the Department of Defense; White claims he was trying to protect John.

5 (29) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

Five-0 investigates the death of a volleyball coach murdered in a locker room, which leads them to a rich married couple where he stayed, Carl and Trisha Joyner. During the investigation Trisha ends up missing, and Carl is killed by a sniper in front of McGarrett and Danny. Lori and Chin Ho look for her in a motel room, however they end up mortally wounding a gunman, who is being driven by Kono; the man is part of Delano’s gang. They are looking for Joyner because they have money they are hiding from Delano. When Five-0 arrest Kono, Fryer reveals she is actually working undercover to stop Delano, who was his former partner. Kono is brought back to Delano, who finds Trisha, who guides them to a bank where his money is being held. Trisha is emotional and reluctant to give the money, however, Kono reveals that she is an undercover cop and that she will help her. After he recovers the money, this whole ‘mission’ looks quite suspicious to the bank. One worker threatens to press the silent alarm button, but Delano takes a worker hostage and Five-0 and HPD apprehend the gang. Kono is reinstated to the task force while Steve confronts and punches Fryer in revenge for Fryer knowingly using Kono as bait. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and his former fiancee Malia (Reiko Aylesworth) begin spending time together again.

6 (30) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ka Hakaka Maika?i”
“The Good Fight”
Five-0 investigate the murder of local restaurant owner and philanthropist Jake Griffin, seemingly by a series of home invasions in the area; the team believe the burglars are escalating. However after catching the gang, they realise they did not murder the man. It is later revealed the murderer was Griffin’s brother-in-law mixed martial arts (MMA) instructor Marshall Martel (Shawn Hatosy), the husband of Griffin’s sister Samantha (Annie Wersching), who attempted to cover it up as a home invasion gone wrong. Later, McGarrett participates in a charity MMA fight against Chuck Liddell, taking the place of another fighter (Gino Anthony Pesi) whom he injured after Martel attempted to frame him. Meanwhile, Joe White calls in L.A NCIS agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) to review the video of John McGarrett, Governor Jameson, and Wo Fat, but only recognizes the word “Shelburne”. When White returns home, he encounters Wo Fat, who tries to kill him. After White pushes him away, he goes to Mokoto, but finds Wo Fat beat him to it and killed Mokoto.

7 (31) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ka Iwi Kapu”
“Sacred Bones”
A young couple is murdered on a heiau while shooting a documentary on a Halloween night. During the autopsy Max uncovers a fingerprint from a criminal who was killed by his girlfriend several months before. Later, while examining the burial ground through ground-penetrating radar, Five-0 initially assume they are dealing with a serial killer when they find several bodies not belonging to the ancient Hawaiians. They track down the killer, Jacob Garrison, who turns out to be a body parts trafficker for the black market, however he burns himself alive to prevent capture. Meanwhile, Danny ignores the warnings of his co-workers and a drifter (Robert Englund), and later finds out the hard way the consequences of trespassing on the burial grounds. Danny then decides to buy one of the victims’ apartments, but changes his mind after believing that he saw the ghost of one of the tenants before ordering the team to pack up everything much to their dismay.

8 (32) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Monica Jensen is found dead inside a Cessna that crashes off the coast of the North Shore. Max’s autopsy reveals she was dead long before the plane even took off. Five-0 learns that before she died Jensen was investigating possible illegal activities at a medicinal marijuana shop. Further investigations reveal she had an unofficial informant, which leads them to an illegal poaching ring. It is ultimately revealed Jenson’s murderer is a pilot, Liam Miller (Jon Gries), who also kidnapped a doctor selling him faux medicine to cure his cancer, which worsens. Danny decides to adopt Jensen’s dog.

9 (33) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ike Maka”
Sergeant Duke Lukela and his team in the HPD uncover a car theft ring but pass the case on to Five-0 after a bandaged body is discovered in the trunk of one of the cars. The team find it nearly impossible to identify the victim because he took extensive plastic surgery. When they find the surgeon who worked on the victim, he used a fake name. Eventually, they find that the victim, Jimmy Sheehan, was placed in witness protection after he witnessed an Irish Mob hit in Boston. Five-0 tracks down the mobsters in Oahu, but learns they had nothing to do with his death; it turns out Sheehan actually died from complications with the plastic surgery, and the surgeon attempted to cover it up. Meanwhile, Danny is forced to sleep on McGarrett’s couch until he can find another apartment.

10 (34) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

Reporter Bethany Morris is found murdered in her apartment and her computer containing the latest story she was working on is stolen. Jenna receives news her fiance is still alive, but wants McGarrett to rescue him in North Korea. When they arrive however, Jenna double crosses McGarrett, revealing she is working with Wo Fat, and captures him in exchange for her fiance. Wo Fat delivers on his word to Jenna but she finds him dead. Wo Fat later interrogates and tortures McGarrett to find out who or what Shelburne is. Meanwhile, the rest of Five-0 discovers a link between Jenna and Bethany, the latter of which was one of her sources. When they learn of McGarrett’s capture, they and Joe White and a SEAL team go on an unsanctioned mission to rescue him, and enlists the help of one of Joe’s friends (Jimmy Buffett), who is a helicopter pilot. Jenna then gives McGarrett a pin to help him escape while Wo Fat disposes of Jenna by shooting her, killing her instantly while an enraged Steve who witnesses the killing vows revenge for Jenna’s death. Wo Fat escorts McGarrett to an air field. En route however, Five-0 and the SEALs attack Wo Fat’s convoy and rescues McGarrett, however, once again Wo Fat escapes their clutches with Danny being the first to find Steve in a truck. As they return to Hawaii, Chin Ho announces he is engaged to Malia again.

11 (35) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

The episode starts with the Governor announcing that a large shipment of cocaine was seized by a previous bust. In retaliation, a school bus full of private students is hijacked. The kidnappers, who work for a drug cartel, demand that Five-0 return the large shipment of cocaine. Denning eventually allows McGarrett to deliver the drugs to a van. However, the van later explodes, apparently on orders of the leader of the Cartel who posed as a low-level thug and was imprisoned- with the drugs destroyed,the case against him would be dismissed. Five-0 eventually tracks down the children to a cement factory, rescuing them and killing the kidnappers. The father then recognizes one of the heads of the gang, who is in prison claiming he is only a low-level member. Joe White is forced into an early retirement after rescuing McGarrett in North Korea, however he continues to investigate “Shelburne”. According to Hiro Noshimuri, Shelburne is an unidentified person, the only one Wo Fat fears. White is later seen calling an unknown person and telling them that they have to move before revealing that McGarrett is getting too close in his investigation.

12 (36) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Alaheo Pau?ole”
“Gone Forever”
Three teens discover a body in an abandoned World War II bunker but when Steve and Max examine the body for themselves, they discover that the supposedly dead victim is actually alive with the team’s investigation later leading them to cross paths with newly-promoted Chief of Detectives, Vince Fryer.

13 (37) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ka Ho?oponopono”
“The Fix”
A 17-year-old girl is found smothered to death in her bedroom. Before her death, she stole $5,000 from her father after her best friend Carolyn (Courtney Coleman) was blackmailed for having sexual relations with their school principal. When the blackmailer discovers he also recorded the girl’s murder, Five-0 find she was killed by a professional hitman. The team finds that the father was working as a juror following a case where substandard Chinese steel was used to construct an $800 million building. The defense lawyer in the case (Sam Anderson) set up the girl’s murder in order to get a alternate juror to be more favorable to him. Five-0 arrive at the building to arrest the lawyer and the contractor, however the lawyer falls to his death. Meanwhile, Joe returns from Japan again and is later kidnapped by Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), Hiro’s son, who believes he murdered him. When McGarrett later rescues him, Joe reveals he actually faked Hiro’s death, but would not say why. McGarrett gets angry at this, knowing that he went through torture by Wo Fat.

14 (38) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“The Package”
A Trans-Hawaiian Parcel truck is violently robbed in broad daylight but Kono’s investigation reveals nothing missing. They reluctantly rely on Sang Min’s help when it has emerged that one of the couriers smuggled 100 electronic chips used in passports to allow smugglers to forge them. Sang Min (Will Yun Lee) assists them in bringing them down, and in return he is transferred to the mainland. Meanwhile, Danny is called to the hospital to help his ex-wife Rachel deliver her baby as her husband Stan is out of town. The Yakuza attempts to have Joe killed. Seeing as how the situation is getting out of hand, Joe eventually agrees to tell Adam that his father is in hiding and he, Adam and McGarrett must work together to stop Wo Fat. Later, Joe reveals to McGarrett that he is Shelburne, and he killed Wo Fat’s father.

15 (39) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Mai Ka Wa Kahiko”
“Out of the Past”
A Marshal and friend of Danny’s is found dead in a plane from New Jersey. Five-0 begins searching for the prisoner he escorted, Rick Maguire but the team soon discover that Maguire died two years ago, and that someone is actually posing as him. It is eventually revealed the person in question is Rick Peterson (Peter Greene), Danny’s ex-partner from New Jersey who was jailed ten years ago for corruption. Peterson has returned to exact revenge against Danny who testified at Peterson’s trial. After Peterson kidnaps Grace while disguised as a HPD officer, Danny is forced to go off the grid to save her life, having been given strict instructions not to contact HPD or any of his Hawaii Five-0 colleagues due to Peterson having cloned Danny’s phone. Peterson instructs Danny to call Stan to meet, and then kill him so that he would go to prison for murder, resulting in him losing Grace; the only thing Danny cares about. As the two meet, the rest of the team discover Peterson’s intentions and arrive at the scene but are too late to stop Danny, who shoots Stan. However, it turns out that he only wounded him to trick Peterson. After Peterson is arrested by Kono and Chin, an enraged Danny approaches Peterson, demanding from him to give Grace’s location. When Peterson doesn’t say anything, Danny shoots him in the right kneecap before threatening to shoot him in the head. Peterson eventually gives up the location and reveals that Grace is being held in a storage container. After Danny and Steve have gotten Grace out of the container, she, Rachel and Danny have an emotional reunion as Steve, Chin and Kono look on.

16 (40) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“I Helu Pu”
“The Reckoning”
Five-0 finds a young woman dead in the same hotel where Governor Denning is hosting a silent auction charity event. However, Denning refuses to lock down the hotel–which is needed to catch the killer–choosing instead to launch a low-key investigation so as to not disrupt the event. The team finds a link between the victim, Victoria Chase, and the corporation Garlin International. It is revealed that the victim’s sister Amanda (Sarah Habel) worked there and was raped by her boss, Dimitri Vonikov. Five-0 then suspect Vonikov murdered the victim as she was seeking revenge. However, they cannot question Vonikov as he is hiding out in the Russian consulate. To lure him out, Chin Ho breaks into the consulate with a fake bomb, setting off an international incident. McGarrett chases Vonikov, but both get hit by a car driven by Five-0 member Lori Weston. Kono surreptitiously obtains a blood sample from Vonikov during his surgery, and with it they prove Vonikov was the murderer. Despite the case being solved, the fallout from the international incident prompts the Governor to punish Lori by forcing her resignation from the task force.

17 (41) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

After McGarrett returns home from reservist training, Five-0 probe the death of Brandon Koruba, a local shipbuilder who enjoys Hawaiian history, in the jungle near the site of a historical war re-enactment he participated in. The team realise Koruba was targetted by a fundamental environmentalist group after he was planning to introduce a ferry that would apparently damage the eco-systems of the Hawaiian waters. When Five-0 arrests the leader of the group, his defense lawyer reveals that Koruba actually backed out of the project after realizing the pollution threat. By then the team shifts priorities to Koruba’s business partner, who was set to lose money after the project was pulled, and must find him before Koruba’s grief-stricken widow does. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny argue about Danny’s apprehension to introducing Grace to his girlfriend Gabrielle Asano.

18 (42) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

Five-0 probes the death of pirate radio DJ Bobby Raines (Dennis Miller), who was killed in his home studio by an IED. The investigation pauses temporarily when his body is stolen by his fans, known as “Acolytes”. When the body is recovered, they uncover a prime suspect, retired NYPD bomb expert Tony Archer (James Caan, Scott Caan’s father), whose team of officers was a constant target of Raines. However they find the two are actually good friends. Together, they learned that Raines worked for a charity financing emancipations. One suspect has motive when Raines emancipated the suspect’s son. In the conclusion, it turns out that the killer was Karen Whitfield (Tanya Clarke), only to be killed herself by her male accomplice.

19 (43) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

McGarrett’s sister Mary (Taryn Manning), returns to Hawaii for a visit, revealing she is now a flight attendant. When she returns to her hotel room, a Liberian man (Tony Todd) forces her to smuggle $20 million worth of conflict diamonds to New York, or else fellow fight attendant and friend Angela will die. She is caught before she can board the flight, and the team now have nine hours until the plane lands, and save Angela. After the confiscated diamonds are stolen by the brother of Kaleo (Jason Scott Lee), whom Danny put away for murdering his partner last year, Five-0 and Chief Fryer team up and enlist the help of August March (Ed Asner), who served a 30-year sentence for smuggling diamonds. They find the Liberian man, who claims that Angela has set up her own kidnapping in order to scare Mary into cooporating. Although Angela is nowhere to be found, Mary is allowed to return to work. Angela meanwhile, sells the diamonds to August, who then kills her.

20 (44) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

McGarrett places Danny in charge of the team while he travels to Tokyo to track down Joe, who he suspects is covering for Shelburne’s real identity. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman is found, and Max’s autopsy reveals the trademarks of a serial killer from the 1980s known as “The Trashman”, who leaves his victims, all female, in trash bags, even though the apparent killer has been imprisoned. Due to HPD’s pressure to arrest a killer, Richard Branch (Pruitt Taylor Vince) maintains his innocence, and Max wants the Trashman case reopened to find the real killer. Max also reveals that his birth mother was the Trashman’s second victim. In the investigation, Five-0 finds a link between all the past and current victims; all women gave birth and left their infants to the same parish. The team find evidence that links the caretaker to being the killer. However they later find that he is suffering from arthritis, and hence could not have committed the killings. Max returns to the parish to find that the deacon is the true killer, and imprisons him. As Chin Ho and Kono arrive, Max breaks free and kills the deacon with a shard of glass. Meanwhile, Kamekona believes someone has stolen his shrimp truck but as it turns out, he just forgot to renew his licence, causing the City of Honolulu to impound the truck. At the prison, Richard Branch is finally released and shakes hands with Max. Later, Danny tries to call Steve who ignores the call with Steve later shown to be in Tokyo, Japan, ready to board a plane.

21 (45) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Pa Make Loa”
“Touch of Death”
With McGarrett still out of the country, Five-0 investigate the death of a former army soldier from an advanced form of smallpox. They find that the victim, and several others who are missing, were exposed to smallpox believing they were testing with a new form of antidepressant. They find a suspect, Dracul Comescu (Craig Robert Young) of the Romanian Comescu crime family. Agents Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) of NCIS: Los Angeles are called in to assist Five-0; Callen has history with Comescu as they killed his family. They track a payment Comescu made in Sand Island, and find a lab where the other tests subjects are found to be executed before they arrived. After arresting Comescu’s driver, the team learn that Comescu took some vials to sell them. They stop the sale from taking place, and Callen kills Comescu. However, the vials turn out to contain saline, and that the disgraced doctor Comescu worked with, Jarrod Prodeman (Rob Benedict), took the vials and has already arrived in Los Angeles, forcing Callen and Sam to return to Los Angeles to stop a possible smallpox outbreak from becoming a reality with Danny and Chin coming along to help.
Note: This is the first part of a two-part crossover between Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles that ends with the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Touch of Death”.

22 (46) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ua Hopu”
In Osaka, McGarrett and Interpol find and arrest Wo Fat, who surrenders a bit too easily. In addition, it is revealed that Wo Fat found and killed Hiro Noshimuri and that Kono is dating Hiro’s son, Adam. In Honolulu, the rest of Five-0 trace a phone call Wo Fat made to an undercover CIA agent, Wo Fat’s “get out of jail free card”, who is found dead. As McGarrett and Wo Fat’s plane approaches Hawaii, McGarrett finds that the pilots are Yakuza; during the struggle the plane crashes in the Oahu jungle, leaving McGarrett and Wo Fat as the only two survivors. After McGarrett subdues Wo Fat, a helicopter full of Yakuza operatives arrives with intent to kill Wo Fat in revenge for the death of Hiro Noshimuri. McGarrett kills all the Yakuza members and flies the helicopter to the airbase. On landing, they are surrounded by Adam’s men. However, the Five-0 team arrive and Kono talks Adam out of killing Wo Fat, and then kills Adam’s lawyer, who had murdered the CIA operative, just as he tries to kill Adam. McGarrett later escorts Wo Fat to a prison cell.

23 (47) episode guide Hawaii Five-0

“Ua Hala”
“Death in the Family”
With Wo Fat now in jail, Joe White returns to McGarrett to tell him he will be taken to the real Shelburne, while Danny learns Stan and Rachel are moving to Las Vegas, and he faces losing custody of Grace. Meanwhile, arriving at the scene of a fake murder, Fryer is shot and killed by a mysterious shooter. As Five-0 investigate the scene, the shooter returns to wound Max before escaping with a police car. The team chase the shooter to HPD headquarters, where the shooter uses a gas leak to destroy the building, though it was evacuated beforehand. Recovering, Max tells Joe that the shooter is a woman, and Fryer wounded her. The culprit, Hillary Chaver (Taylor Cole), was a criminal Fryer and Delano once worked to catch, until she faked her death. Five-0 track her to a veterinarian as she is seeking treatment. Chaver fires at the team, but McGarrett manages to kill her. Later, it becomes apparent that Chaver had a partner who also worked with Delano; Chin Ho is blackmailed into breaking Delano out of prison after Kono and Malia are kidnapped. Delano forces Chin Ho to choose which one to save; he chooses Malia, but after arriving at home finds she has been shot. In the meantime, Delano instructs Chaver’s partner to dump Kono into the ocean. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Joe return to Japan where Steve finally meets Shelburne, who turns out to be his supposedly dead mother.

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