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Description of Home Movies episodes that were first released on UPN, Adult Swim April 26, 1999 – October 7, 2001; ganre – sitcom, animation.

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“Get Away From My Mom”
While filming a new movie entitled The Dark Side of the Law, Brendon discovers that his mother Paula is going to go out on a date with his soccer coach, John McGuirk. The date ends up going terribly and Paula gets drunk drinking wine in order to withstand it. The next day at soccer practice, Brendon acts up and warns everyone that McGuirk will try and make moves on their mothers. Later, Brendon apologizes to McGuirk and they reconcile. Soon after, McGuirk and Paula break up over the phone.

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“I Don’t Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences”
Paula is forced to attend a parent-teacher conference after learning that Brendon has not done any of his homework from the entire year, despite the fact that she hates doing so. Brendon’s teacher informs her that Brendon is now in danger of repeating the fourth grade because he did not perform any research for a project. She tries to vouch for her son, but her communication skills are terrible and has no other option but to encourage him to display a better work effort. She fails in doing so and Brendon simply becomes overstressed. As a way of expressing his fears of doing the presentation, he creates a new film about a man who becomes a monster when forced into public-speaking.

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“The Art of the Sucker Punch”
After learning that the local bully, Shannon, has been harassing and beating up Jason, Brendon decides to challenge him to a brawl, despite the fact that he does not know how to fight. He trains himself to the best of his ability and documents it all on camera. After training for a few days, the fight commences and Brendon is knocked down in three punches. Despite this, Brendon, Jason, and Melissa are invited to Shannon’s birthday party, where they sympathize with the bully after he tells them a lie that no one showed up. He then humiliates them, revealing that all the guests are simply hiding and laughing at them, and Brendon retaliates by stealing his lawn gnome.

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“Brendon Gets Rabies”
Paula promises her neighbors the Peabody’s that she will take care of their pet cat Alexandre while they are off on vacation so they become more involved in neighborhood activities. She soon realizes that the cat is prissy, spoiled, and uncooperative, so she hands off the responsibility to Brendon, who accepts hoping to show his mother that he is mature enough to own a dog. He tries his best to take care of it, but it escapes through an open door and he is forced to try to find him with Jason and Melissa. Brendon finds the cat, but Alexandre has contracted rabies and bites Brendon. Wracked with guilt that he was to blame for the cat’s death as he had to be put down, Brendon makes a movie for the Peabody’s to memorialize Alexandre, only for Paula to back into their car while leaving the pet cemetery.

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“Yoko (aka We’ll Always Have Tuesday)”
The soccer team goes on a camping trip with McGuirk as their chaperon. Russian-exchange student Eugene urinates in McGuirk’s water canteen, causing him to furiously take everyone back home. When they return, Brendon begins a relationship with a girl named Loni, whom he discovered feelings for on the trip. She joins in on the film-making activities, but upsets both Jason and Melissa with her ineptitude. Loni’s ex-boyfriend, Mitch, still believes they are dating and refuses to move aside for Brendon to date her. Loni tells Brendon that she still has feelings for Mitch and breaks up with Brendon to go back with him. A depressed Brendon rebuttals by making a film based on the situation, though making it seem like he broke up with her.

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“Director’s Cut”
Dwayne, who performs the music for the kids’ movies, has written a script for a rock opera film adaption of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Melissa tries to get Brendon to create the film, but he is reluctant as he is filming a movie called Louis, Louis, a fictional encounter between Louis Braille and Louis Pasteur. He eventually gives in and begins filming the movie. Melissa and Jason love the film but Brendon despises it and wishes to rewrite the script. No one responds to his wish, including Dwayne, and he ends up abandoning the project, forcing him to abandon the project. He films Louis, Louis by himself, but eventually returns to help film the opera, agreeing to create a director’s cut to include both his and Dwayne’s ideas. Meanwhile, McGuirk becomes outshined on the soccer team by a new assistant coach named Drew. He tries getting him fired by spray painting a wall at school and pitting the blame on Drew, but the police catch him redhanded.

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“It Was Supposed to Be Funny”
Melissa’s father Erik approaches Brendon, asking him to make a film about his father Ned’s life for his birthday. Brendon agrees and interviews Ned with Jason in his retirement home, but he finds his regale boring and does the interview again with Ned in drag. When he shows the film at Ned’s birthday party, Melissa is furious at the treatment of her grandfather but Erik finds him humorous. Brendon and Jason try to make it up to Melissa by giving her balloons and chocolate, but it is not enough and they decide to do a reenactment of Ned saving a fellow soldier’s life during a Nazi assault in World War II, starring McGuirk. When they show the film to Ned, he is unable to give his apparently negative opinion as he keeps repeatedly flatlining.

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“Method of Acting”
Brendon takes acting lessons in hopes of strengthening his acting abilities. He continuously interrupts everyone else in the class and displays no acting prowess, eventually leading to him being kicked out without a refund. He attempts to get a role in a commercial, but the interview falls flat when his audition tape starts showing a recording of him singing in drag. He returns to the lessons after showing the teacher the recording. Meanwhile, Paula is stressed out after making out with a student in her creative writing class, who reveals that the kiss meant nothing. McGuirk forces the soccer team to help him win a hovercraft, but they end up revolting and he loses the contest.

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“Life Through a Fish Eye Lens”
Brendon is filming a new movie about aliens and believes that the film cannot work without a fish-eye lens. The lens is expensive and Paula is experiencing heavy financial issues, so she is unable to buy it for him. While she is practicing asking her mother for a loan, Brendon performs a card trick on her and she ends up owing him $20. Unsuccessful in getting money still, Brendon gets a job as a paperboy, but quits after being attacked by a dog. He gets hired by Erik to do miscellaneous jobs at his real-estate, but he ends up shredding all the documents in his office by accident and is fired. He begins cleaning up around an ice cream stand, trying to impress the worker and get a job, but it fails. Paula ends up getting a loan from her mother and Brendon is anxious to buy the lens, but finds out it does not fit on his camera. Meanwhile, McGuirk tells the soccer team that they will be facing his old coach Ralph’s team in an upcoming game and the only way to win is through cheating. When the game comes, Ralph does not show up and McGuirk explains that he made him up to motivate the team. Melissa reveals that she made a bet with Brendon that Ralph was real and now owes him $20.

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“School Nurse”
When a lice outbreak happens at the school, Nurse Kirkman is introduced as the new school nurse, checking children for lice, with Jason apparently being patient zero and Melissa also infested. McGuirk goes on a date with her, but he becomes drunk and she is disgusted by him. Kirkman drives him to his house, but McGuirk passes out and she is forced to push him out of the car. The next day at the teacher’s lounge, Kirkman tells Brendon and Melissa’s teacher Mr. Lynch that the date went terribly and she and McGuirk are not dating. McGuirk learns of this and confronts her, telling her that she thought they had something special. Jason, who has developed strong feelings for Nurse Kirkman, attacks McGuirk after hearing that they went on a date. Later, at a soccer rally, McGuirk gives a speech but interrupts it to tell Kirkman he would go back out with her if she begged him. She does not do so and tells Jason that he is too young for her to date.

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“Mortgages and Marbles”
Brendon’s adoptive sister Josie is rushed to the hospital after sticking a marble up her nose, where she is deemed healthy and is signed out. Brendon then decides to make a public service announcement, filming Jason and Melissa performing with hand puppets to warn children not to stick marbles up their noses. Dwayne and his band then begin performing a rock song about the same thing. When they show the video to a group of toddlers at school, the message is misinterpreted and all the children begin shoving marbles up their noses. Meanwhile, Erik tries to help McGuirk find a new house after he hastily moves out without a plan, temporarily living with Erik and Melissa, much to her disgust. McGuirk ultimately has to move back into his original place for three times his previous rent, but Erik helps him with rental laws.

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“Law and Boarder”
While riding his bicycle in the rain, Brendon is struck by a car and heavily injured. Meanwhile, Stephanie, a woman Paula knew in college, comes for a visit, as she is having problems with her marriage. Despite the harm ensued on him, the car who hit him is suing, saying that he was the cause of the accident. Paula asks Stephanie to take Brendon to court, but she gets into an argument with her husband, forcing McGuirk to take Brendon, and he represents the boy, but his mediocre legal tactics lead he judge to order both Brendon and McGuirk to write an essay on road safety. Stephanie proves to be a terrible house guest and comes home drunk one night with a man she met while out. Brendon decides that he will make a movie, but demonizes the drivers and expresses his anger at the judge for punishing him in such a way. The judge is insulted by the video and orders him to do community service, and the Smalls are fined for the damages to the car that hit Brendon. Paula kicks Stephanie out, while McGuirk is arrested for not handing in his assignment, just as his pet goldfish dies.

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“Brendon’s Choice”
Brendon, Jason, and Melissa’s film Fat-Hur wins an award at an annual film festival. A news crew decides to do a story on their success and interview them about details of the film and of their lives. When the newswoman asks Brendon about his father, he has nothing to say as his parents are divorced and he never got to know his father. Curious, he nervously asks his mother about him, and she tells him that when she calls him at the end of the month, the two of them can talk. Meanwhile, McGuirk is forced by the school to take anger management classes. The courses go terribly, as McGuirk keeps out bursting and the teacher only makes him more aggressive. When the news story airs, Brendon, Jason, and Melissa get upset that the newswoman does not show any of the footage she took of them, when the house gets a call and Paula tells Brendon the call is from his father.
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