Home Movies description of episodes (season 4)

Description of Home Movies episodes that were first released on Adult Swim November 11, 2003 – April 4, 2004; ganre – sitcom, animation.
Home Movies overview of episodes (season 3)

1 (40) episode guide Home Movies

“Everyone’s Entitled to My Opinion”
Brendon starts writing online movie reviews for money, and his next assignment is to watch the film All that Violence, but because of its adult rating Paula forbids it. Mr. Lynch is made interim principal, which McGuirk takes full advantage of.

2 (41) episode guide Home Movies

The gang goes to a performing arts camp, where they are led by Dwayne and two other counselors (voiced by John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants). All three kids are berated by the camp counselors in their respective fields, and Melissa finds it difficult to overcome her fear of swimming. Meanwhile, McGuirk is taken on a camping trip but he becomes afraid of his companions who appear to be from some sort of cult. He sneaks into the camp and the kids hide him in their cabin, until the “cult” comes looking for him and the counselors feel something is suspicious. At the last day of camp, the kids put on a play expressing their extreme hate of their experience and their mentors, and Melissa finally overcomes her fear of swimming when saving McGuirk from drowning, while McGuirk comes to realize the “cult” had good intentions.

3 (42) episode guide Home Movies

“Bye Bye Greasy”
Brendon directs the school musical which is set in the 50s called “Bye Bye Greasy”. Shannon forcibly casts himself as the lead, and is actually well fit for the role. Melissa is upset by Brendon’s casting her as a non-singing role, and is doubly upset when Paula, who has been painting the set to be at Christmas, accidentally buys a kiwifruit pie that she must eat from in her scene, despite Melissa’s hyper attentiveness to her recently discovered kiwifruit allergy. Shannon is suspended from school for his usual activities the night of the performance, forcing Brendon to understudy, while his play falls apart. Melissa accidentally eats part of the pie during the performance, causing her to run off stage in fear that she will die, but Paula reveals she went out and got another pie. Shannon returns to the school, after having discovered that Fenton, hired by Brendon to take care of lighting, sent in a false report on him to get him suspended after Shannon insulted Fenton’s stage hand abilities, and performs the climactic number, followed by Coach McGuirk driving his car on stage in the final act to sing, despite the fact he cannot leave his car and his lines are unheard over his engine.

4 (43) episode guide Home Movies

“The Heart Smashers”
Brendon tries to break off his friendship with Fenton after realizing how overbearing he is while they are filming a movie that Fenton keeps trying to take over. Paula unsuccessfully tries to break up with her boyfriend, despite multiple attempts. Coach McGuirk has been heavily exercising his pecs, but suffers a painful pectoral blowout, forcing him to wear a brassiere during healing. Brendon ultimately makes up with Fenton, realizing that he cannot act without his constant annoyance.

5 (44) episode guide Home Movies

“The Wizard’s Baker”
Brendon is unhappy with The Wizard’s Baker, the movie the gang is making, so avoids it by joining the Skunk Scouts and having fun with their model car derby. Coach McGuirk has trouble returning swords he bought from a home shopping channel after it bankrupts him. At the Skunk Scouts dinner, Melissa and Jason try to promote The Wizard’s Baker, forcing Brendon to reveal his hatred of the project, but their argument is upstaged by Coach McGuirk appearing at the dinner. Ultimately, an aged attendee decides to bankroll the project, much to Brendon’s surprise.

6 (45) episode guide Home Movies

The gang tries to make a movie for a video store contest, McGuirk tries to woo a waitress at a diner (and contends with a street musician who accuses him of stealing his money and sings a scathing song about his weight), and Paula’s new hairstyle backfires.

7 (46) episode guide Home Movies

After Brendon shows a movie full of profanity and sexually suggestive content to his friends, it upsets the kids’ parents, forcing Paula to get Brendon to reshoot the film without any of the cursing or lewdness, and institutes a swear jar for him. McGuirk tags along with Erik to a journal class, which is just a front for Erik to meet up with his new girlfriend in secret, a fact that Melissa has discovered. When he comes clean, Melissa decides to stay with the Smalls, but her presence keeps Brendon up, as does Jason who is staying with them as well. Brendon decides to take Erik’s journal and show it to Melissa, and the father and daughter reconcile. At the screening of his cleaned film, Brendon cannot bear to watch it, so he leaves the room. Erik realizes how he has upset Melissa and Brendon gives McGuirk the swear jar, when they hear the kids react in disgust. Brendon reveals he found the movie so boring he spliced in a clip of two dogs having sex that McGuirk gave him.

8 (47) episode guide Home Movies

“Honkey Magoo”
The gang adopts a stray puppy who turns out to be nothing but trouble.

9 (48) episode guide Home Movies

“Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me”
Brendon cheats on Mr. Lynch’s test. Coach McGuirk tries to cheat his way through traffic school. Jason can’t get past the “stalking” phase of a relationship with a 5th grade girl.

10 (49) episode guide Home Movies

“Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee”
Brendon accidentally scores a goal, which ruins the record of the opposing team’s star goalie, Cho, who threatens to harm Brendon. McGuirk remembers his days as a Scottish Highland Dancer.

11 (50) episode guide Home Movies

“Definite Possible Murder”
In the vein of Rear Window, Brendon is laid-up in his room with a broken leg, thinks that the man who just moved in next door may be a murderer. Meanwhile, McGuirk trains to become a bartender.

12 (51) episode guide Home Movies

“Temporary Blindness”
Coach McGuirk loses his vision and supposedly gains clairvoyance after having laser eye surgery, only to be found to be a fraud after his only prediction regarding some milk being spoiled is revealed that he only knew because he was supposed to put it in a fridge but never did and after he regains his sight. The kids make family trees for a school project but Melissa’s absent mother upsets her during the project.

13 (52) episode guide Home Movies

“Focus Grill”
Brendon, Jason, and Melissa discover their first film they ever made is unfinished and each decides to film an ending, presenting them to a peer focus group made up of Walter, Perry, Fenton, and Junior. Coach McGuirk tries to build a grill in Paula’s backyard for several days, but is mostly unsuccessful. After realizing that their final project is no good and their films should never be seen, McGuirk fires up the grill, causing an explosion that affects much of the house. On the way to a fast food place, Brendon films from outside the car window and accidentally drops his camera outside, but he cannot get the group to turn back and retrieve it.

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