Hot in Cleveland description of episodes (season 2)

Description of Hot in Cleveland episodes that were first released on TV Land January 19, 2011 – August 31, 2011; ganre – sitcom.
Hot in Cleveland overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (11) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Free Elka”
Elka meets up with an old friend (Mary Tyler Moore) while she is in prison and Melanie, Joy and Victoria hold a fundraiser to raise the money to pay her bail. Meanwhile, Joy receives a letter from the INS and is forced to get engaged to Rick (Wayne Knight) to avoid deportation. Victoria loses all her money when her financial advisor is imprisoned. Melanie and Pete (David Starzyk) profess their love for each other.
Note: After being nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Betty White submitted this episode to judges for Emmy consideration.[12]

2 (12) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Bad Bromance”
Melanie begins to question if her relationship is right for her when she meets Pete’s family, gets off on the wrong foot with his mother (Bonnie Franklin), and comes face to face with Pete’s older brother… Hank (John Schneider), who hit on her in Season 1. Meanwhile, Joy attempts a scam so she can get a green card, but Rick wants to romance their immigration lawyer. Victoria starts dating an older billionaire, who looks like he’s already met his maker.

3 (13) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Hot for the Lawyer”
The girls compete for the affection of Elka’s handsome lawyer (Mark Deklin). Elka must convince a judge (Sherri Shepherd) she is senile to avoid trial all while dealing with Max (Carl Reiner) announcing he’s getting married to his new girlfriend, Agnes (Millicent Martin).

4 (14) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX”
A pair of black Spandex pants are tied in to Victoria getting into a fight with Melanie Griffith during a movie audition, Melanie attempting to date a doctor, and a younger guy, who Joy was hoping to date, asking Joy to babysit his son instead.

5 (15) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“I Love Lucci, Part 1”
The girls head back to Los Angeles when Victoria books a part on All My Children, so Melanie uses the opportunity to sell her old house. But the visit has Melanie reliving the past, Joy trying to jog Michael E. Knight’s memory of their past encounter, Victoria scheming to get even with Susan Lucci after she makes changes to her scripts and Elka seeking out Robert Redford. Jimmy Kimmel and Leeves’ former Frasier co-star Peri Gilpin guest star. To be continued…
Note: The title fonts read Hot in Cleveland In L.A. for this episode and serves as a crossover with All My Children, which will feature Malick in the February 24, 2011 airing.

6 (16) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“I Love Lucci, Part 2”
While the girls are in Los Angeles, Elka runs off to find the movie star of her dreams, Robert Redford. Meanwhile, Susan Lucci resorts to Erica Kane-type tactics by screwing with Victoria’s scenes, Michael E. Knight toys with Joy’s feelings, and Melanie is still trying to let go of her feelings for her old home.
Note: The second episode to feature the Hot in Cleveland In L.A. title fonts.

7 (17) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy’s Fix”
Victoria tries to talk Melanie into making a sex tape with her to jump-start her career. Meanwhile, while waiting for her therapy appointment, Joy meets a man named Gordon (John Ducey) with whom she is “screwed up in complementary ways”, but risks losing him when she steals his files from their therapist’s office. Elka rescues a dog from the shelter, called “Dummy” by the shelter workers, and she becomes exasperated when he can’t learn any tricks.

8 (18) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“LeBron is Le Gone”
Joy meets a singing homeless man (Jon Lovitz) who agrees to marry her so she can stay in the country. Elka gives Melanie tips on basketball when she begins dating the shooting coach (Isaiah Mustafa) for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Victoria gets a job as a local news reporter.

9 (19) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Elka’s Snowbird”
Max, Elka’s on-again-off-again beau, tries to convince her to move with him to Florida. Meanwhile, Victoria falls hard for a new man (Gregory Harrison) that she meets during an “Oh Hi, Ohio” interview, but she must contend with his two young children. Melanie and Joy agree to do volunteer work at a retirement home.

10 (20) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Law & Elka”
When the trial begins, Elka is guilty and runs off out West. Meanwhile, Joy is rumored to be a hooker for the governor of Ohio, and Victoria tries to convince Joy to go on “Oh, Hi, Ohio” and lie to the viewers, telling them that she really is a hooker.

11 (21) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Where’s Elka?”
The girls go to an Amish town to find Elka. Meanwhile, Victoria finds herself acclimating well with the other women in the town.

12 (22) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“How I Met My Mother”
Joy finally meets her biological son, Owen (Michael McMillian) after accidentally shooting him with an old pellet gun. The girls fear for their lives when an ex-convict (Mark Derwin), that Victoria has kept in contact with has recently been released from prison. Elka tries to teach her untalented dog tricks for her church’s “Bible Stories As Told By Animals” sermon.
Note: After being introduced in the seventh episode this season, “Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy’s Fix,” Elka’s dog, “Dummy,” is renamed to “Chance.”

13 (23) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Unseparated at Birthdates”
The women set each other up on blind dates for their “fake” birthdays. Their plans backfire when Victoria goes out with a nice guy (Richard Burgi), but finds out he has a conjoined twin brother (Patrick Fabian). Melanie goes out with a guy that resembles Jesus (Vincent Ventresca) and gets so nervous that she makes holy jokes. Joy dates a guy (Frank Caliendo) who is brutally boring, except when he does celebrity impersonations such as Robert De Niro, Sean Connery and William Shatner. Elka goes out with a rich fellow (Steve Lawrence), but discovers he only likes her because she acted stupid. The waiter (John Mahoney) tries to help with the dates, but it turns out that he was ruining them and winds up going out with Elka, revealing the truth about Melanie’s date, and breaking up Joy’s date by setting him up with somebody else. The episode ends with everybody relaxing and having fun…until the second conjoined twin who was flirting with Joy ends up in trouble with his wife.

14 (24) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Battle of the Bands”
The girls join a battle of the bands contest, but when Joy leaves to be the lead singer of Rick’s band, the girls are left having to use Auto-Tune microphones.

15 (25) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Love Thy Neighbor”
Eager to have another child, Joy begins having casual sex with Rick, while Melanie thinks that Joy is on drugs. Meanwhile, Victoria gets advice from Elka about playing an elderly woman for a stage musical adaption of Driving Miss Daisy to impress the director (Tom McGowan) who already turned her down.

16 (26) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Dancing Queens”
The girls visit a gay bar to find male gay best friends. Victoria is mistaken for a drag queen dressed as herself entering a celebrity drag queen contest. Elka reunites with an old friend (Doris Roberts) with whom she had a falling out years ago.

17 (27) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“The Emmy Show”
Victoria’s daughter Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) visits, revealing that she’s writing a tell-all book about how Victoria has been a bad mother to her. Meanwhile, Melanie and Joy compete with another woman to date a boy’s father, ? la The Bachelor.

18 (28) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Arch Enemies”
To get revenge on a coworker Colin Cooper (James Patrick Stuart), Victoria has Joy go out with him so that she can dump him later. However, her plan backfires when Joy develops genuine feelings for him. Also, Melanie reconnects with Bill (George Newbern), a blind date from season 1, who turns out to have an odd obsession with her feet.

19 (29) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Too Hot for TV”
The Hot in Cleveland cast looks back on bloopers and other funny moments from season 2.

20 (30) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Indecent Proposals”
In the style of Sex and the City, Melanie writes a piece on her Woman’s Day column about women having a casual sex relationship with men, with the girls testing the theory. Victoria’s old flame Johnny Revere (Huey Lewis) returns to town and has a heart attack right before he is about to make love to her. Elka begins a sexual relationship with her long-time poker buddy Fred (Buck Henry) which leads to a marriage proposal.

21 (31) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

When Elka begins to feel that she’s too old to get married, she and Fred meet with Reverend Boyce (Cedric the Entertainer), an R&B singer turned minister, who counsels them. After getting advice from the girls, she turns to planning an elaborate wedding in an attempt to draw the attention away from her. With Elka finding everything unsatisfactory, the girls fear she has turned into a bridezilla, and dub her “Bridezelka”. Meanwhile, Victoria models a new Ladypants product that eliminates water from the body.

22 (32) episode guide Hot in Cleveland

“Elka’s Wedding”
In this parody episode of the comedy film The Hangover, the girls wake up to find Victoria and Joy with big hair, Melanie duct-taped to the wall, and the house trashed. Joy and Victoria find out that they both got married the night before. During their search for Elka, who is looking for a sign from her dead husband that it’s okay to marry Fred, they also try to find their own husbands. Clues in the bar help Joy and Victoria remember that they went to Canada with the touring cast of Hairspray, which explains their hair at the beginning of the episode. Melanie discovers she started (and won) a wet t-shirt contest at the bar. They find Elka and get to the wedding, where Joy and Victoria now realize they married each other. At the wedding ceremony, several men that know Elka stand up and ask her to marry them. The season ends with a cliffhanger, when Max shows up and tells Elka he made a mistake leaving her, and not to marry Fred. Then a stranger (Don Rickles) rushes in and yells, “She’s not going to marry any of you losers! She’s already married to me!” Elka explains to Melanie that he is her “dead” husband.
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