Justified description of episodes (season 2)

Description of Justified episodes that were first released on FX February 9, 2011 – May 4, 2011; ganre – crime, drama, western.
Justified overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (14) episode guide Justified

“The Moonshine War”
Picking up where the finale left off, Raylan tracks Boyd down, and seemingly puts his Miami problems to rest. However, the void left by the Crowder clan in Harlan is looking to be filled by the ruthless Bennett clan, headed by Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale), who has a contentious history with Raylan’s family.

2 (15) episode guide Justified

“The Life Inside”
Raylan and Tim go to transfer a pregnant fugitive to give birth, but end up in the middle of a small-time human trafficking operation. Elsewhere, Boyd tries to adjust to civilian life with a familiar profession, and the Bennetts get a new addition to their clan.

3 (16) episode guide Justified

“The I of the Storm”
Dewey Crowe returns to Harlan to take advantage of a big score, but a more dangerous element has their eyes on that same prize. After the dust settles, both Raylan and Boyd try to help Dewey in their own way.

4 (17) episode guide Justified

“For Blood or Money”
Rachel’s recently paroled brother-in-law is on the run, and Raylan has to make sure Rachel’s emotional involvement doesn’t affect the case. Meanwhile, Boyd is approached with a nefarious opportunity, and the Bennett family begin to grow paranoid of Raylan’s detective work.

5 (18) episode guide Justified

Raylan gets a tip from Dewey that the Bennetts are into something big, and further agitates the clan by looking into fraudulent check cashing. Boyd manages to turn the tables on his treacherous accomplices, and asks Ava for further help.

6 (19) episode guide Justified

“Blaze of Glory”
A bank robbery further complicates the relationship between Winona and Raylan, as well as placing her in potential legal trouble. Art has the chance to track down a fugitive from his early career.

7 (20) episode guide Justified

“Save My Love”
Winona’s involvement with the money in the evidence locker goes deeper than assumed, putting Raylan in a tense race through the courthouse to replace it. Boyd is hired by coal executive Carol Johnson (Rebecca Creskoff) to assist in a wrongful death suit against the company, as well as a growing conflict with the Bennett clan.

8 (21) episode guide Justified

“The Spoil”
Raylan is assigned to protect Johnson while she attempts to convince Harlan County residents to sell their land rights over to Black Pike, with Boyd running interference to halt Mags from purchasing the same land. A shootout occurs at Arlo’s house when a family attempts revenge on Johnson for a wrongful death.

9 (22) episode guide Justified

“Brother’s Keeper”
Harlan residents all convene at Mags’ home for a celebration. Mags and Carol both reveal their cards over their plans for the Harlan County land, with Boyd playing a deciding role in negotiations. Loretta learns the truth about what happened to her father, leading to a deadly confrontation between Raylan and Mags’ son Coover (Brad William Henke).

10 (23) episode guide Justified

“Debts and Accounts”
Harlan’s criminal community begins to shift in the wake of Mags’ deal with Black Pike, as Boyd begins rebuilding his criminal empire and Dickie (Jeremy Davies) goes behind his mother’s back to set up his own operation. As relationships between Raylan, Art and Winona continue to strain, Raylan contemplates a transfer.

11 (24) episode guide Justified

“Full Commitment”
Raylan defies his fellow marshals in order to look into an attempt on his and Winona’s lives, a move that brings him back into contact with her ex-husband Gary and Dixie Mafia lieutenant Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns). Raylan discovers that Gary has ordered the hit and figures out that Gary will be killed by Duffy once the hit is carried out. Raylan then saves Gary and tells him to leave Harlan and never return. Boyd enlists Arlo in a move against Dickie’s drug dealing business and hijacks a deal (Boyd did not wear a mask, while his three accomplices, including Arlo, did). Dickie identifies Arlo as one of the masked accomplices based on Arlo’s limp. When Dickie goes to Arlo’s house at 2am to find Arlo, he ends up killing Helen.

12 (25) episode guide Justified

A deadly home invasion hits Raylan personally, placing him in a race with Boyd and Arlo to find the killer. Arlo initially passes the blame for Helen’s death onto Raylan, saying that the Bennetts killed Helen because Raylan killed Coover, when Arlo knows that Helen is dead because Dickie identified Arlo at the Boyd-led pot robbery. Arlo tells Raylan that the last 15 years Arlo spent with Helen were the best years of Arlo’s life, no disrespecting Raylan’s mother, Helen’s sister. Arlo refuses to give up his $150,000 he got for the Black Pike mining deal in order to get Mags to give up her son Dickie. Raylan beats Arlo in a holding cell until Arlo agrees to help Raylan get Mags to turn on her son. Mags is forced to make decisions about her involvement in the Bennett family’s criminal activities and the fate of Dickie, who concocts a deadly plan with his brother Doyle to absolve himself of responsibility.

13 (26) episode guide Justified

“Bloody Harlan”
The Crowder and the Bennett clans go to war over control of Harlan. Winona tells Raylan that she’s pregnant. Loretta goes missing and Raylan goes after her, suspecting that she’s trying to avenge her father. Boyd and Mags call a meeting to settle the tension but Mags sets up an ambush on Johnny Crowder’s home and Ava Crowder’s home. Johnny blows up his house, killing the two assassins. Boyd, aware of the ambush, has all the Bennett hired guns killed except Dickie, who shoots Ava in the chest before escaping. Raylan’s caught by Dickie and hung from a tree as Dickie hits him with a bat in revenge for the limp Raylan gave him. Boyd shows up as he knew where Dickie was as Boyd had previously enlisted one of Dickie’s brother’s workers as an inside informant of the Bennett clan. Boyd is about to kill Dickie, but Dickie persuades Raylan and Boyd that they need him alive to save Loretta, who is on her way to Mags. Raylan and Dickie drive to the Bennett home, where Loretta confronts Mags about the death of her father. When Loretta shoots Mags in the leg, the Bennett forces shoot Raylan in the stomach. Just as Doyle’s about to shoot Raylan, Doyle is shot in the head by Marshals, whom Art had brought to save Raylan. Dickie is taken into police custody. Raylan confronts Loretta, who gets Mags to confess to murdering her father. Raylan and Mags share a drink of her spiced moonshine, with Mags poisoning herself the same way she killed Loretta’s father. The feud’s settled with a handshake as she dies.
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