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Description of Justified episodes that were first released on FX January 8, 2013 – April 2, 2013; ganre – crime, drama, western.
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“Hole in the Wall”
The season opens on January 21, 1983, when a man wearing a defective parachute slams into a residential street. His body is surrounded by bags full of cocaine and an ID for a “Drew Thompson”. Shifting to the present, Raylan Givens receives a phone call from a former acquaintance/romantic partner, Sharon Edmonds, who is now a bail bondswoman in Knoxville, TN. She enlists Raylan’s help in finding a fugitive named Jody Adair, who is hiding out in Lexington and wanted by the Knoxville PD. Raylan finds Jody, and takes him into custody after a standoff in which Raylan subdues Jody by shooting the airbag in his Jeep, making it blow up in Jody’s face. In Harlan, two teenage burglars invade Arlo Givens’ old house and start breaking into a wall. They see the bag with an ID for a “Waldo Truth” in the wall, and are about to take it when they see a car with police lights approaching. They run out of the house without the bag. In the car is Constable Bob Sweeney, a local lawman who is tasked with keeping an eye on the old Givens house. Bob alerts Raylan, who shows up at the house with Jody in the trunk of his car. He and Bob find the bag, and Raylan stashes it in his trunk along with Jody. Raylan goes to a hardware store to inquire about Arlo’s work on the house, and while there his car is stolen by the teenagers. Raylan, with Bob’s help, tracks them to a scrapyard, where they were headed to dispose of the car. Bob provokes a scrapyard worker who gets the upper hand on him while Raylan is gone to check on the whereabouts of Jody and the teens. When both situations come to a head, and Jody puts a gun to one of the teens’ head, Bob stabs the hostage in the foot and Raylan is able to get his gun and the bag back. After delivering Jody, Raylan visits his father Arlo in prison to ask Arlo about the bag in the wall. Raylan realizes the bag is a big deal after Arlo kills an inmate who saw the bag and heard Raylan asking about it.

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“Where’s Waldo?”
Raylan tells his colleagues at the US Marshals’ office about the bag’s link to the killing in the prison. Waldo Truth has been collecting social security checks for 30 years, but the Marshals think he’s dead. This means someone has been cashing federal checks unlawfully, which makes finding Waldo Truth the purview of the US Marshals. Together with his colleagues, Raylan tracks down Waldo Truth’s family who tell him the last time they saw Waldo Truth was when he left with an airplane pilot named Drew Thompson. Raylan’s boss, Art, later discloses that he remembers the case about the dead parachutist, who authorities originally identified as Drew Thompson. After the visit to the Truth’s house, Art realizes the dead parachutist was not Thompson, but in fact Waldo Truth.

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“Truth and Consequences”
Raylan starts to look for Drew Thompson, who he now believes is alive after his visit to the Truth family. Also, Raylan’s boss Art found out that at the time of Drew Thompson’s apparent death 30 years ago he was wanted in a sealed federal witness warrant, putting the search for Thompson under the purview of the Marshals. Raylan’s first stop in the Thompson search is visiting Thompson’s former wife. Eventually the US Marshals find out that the head honcho of a Detroit criminal organization (Theo Tonin) also wants to find Drew Thompson. According to Thompson’s ex-wife, Thompson saw Tonin kill a federal witness. Preacher Billy is killed while handling a rattlesnake.

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“This Bird Has Flown”
Raylan and Rachel are surveying Raylan’s tossed apartment. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Randall go to visit sleazy fight promoter Joe Hoppus, who after a tense exchange agrees to set Randall up as a manager of fighters. Raylan and Rachel show up at Hoppus’s house the next morning, finding a wrecked backyard full of hungover party goers and Hoppus in a three-way with a couple of prostitutes. Hoppus imparts that Randall was looking to get into the business of fighting chickens, and gives Raylan the name of the farmer that he was headed to see. Randall and Lindsey stop for gas, and Randall steals a bottle of beer while Lindsey distracts the cashier. Randall gets angry because he thinks the cashier was flirting with Lindsay, and goes back to beat him up. Lindsay, disgusted, calls Raylan from a pay phone. Raylan later questions the badly beaten cashier. Raylan learns where Lindsay and Randall are headed and finds them on a horse farm farther north. He shoots Randall with a non-lethal beanbag gun and questions Lindsay, forgetting about Randall, who regains his wits and attacks. Raylan and Randall fight until Lindsay gets the beanbag gun; she shoots Raylan, then Randall, and knocks Randall out with the butt of the gun. Raylan comes to his senses to find Lindsay gone. Raylan detains Randall, but learns that he and Lindsay had already spent Raylan’s money on a van full of fighting chickens. Meanwhile, Boyd and Ava grapple over what to do with Ellen May when she returns to the bar after Preacher Billy’s death. Knowing that Ellen May holds secrets that can burn them down, Ava presses Boyd to have her killed. Boyd proposes an alternate solution: send her down to Alabama, where his cousin Lonnie runs a motel and bar. Ellen May can work for Lonnie and have a shot at a decent life. However, when Ellen May inadvertently mentions Ava’s murder of Delroy in a crowded hallway, with several people nearby, Boyd orders Colt to kill her. Colt, acting as though he is taking Ellen May to the bus station, stops at a gas station to check his .45 and snort some heroin in the restroom. When he goes back outside, he discovers Ellen May has disappeared.

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With scrutiny of a 30-year-old case involving a dead parachutist increasing, prisoner Arlo Givens, Raylan’s father, decides to disclose the location of Drew Thompson for a full pardon. Raylan doesn’t want this to happen, so he intensifies his search for Drew Thompson so that his father’s information is no longer valuable, thereby removing his father’s play to get out of jail. Detroit mobsters also want to find Drew Thompson for assorted reasons. First, Drew Thompson’s former wife said Thompson witnessed head gangster Tonin kill a federal witness. Second, a Tonin henchman says Thompson previously shot Tonin in the eye. Last, the drugs displayed in the first scene of the current season apparently disappeared. The Detroit criminals enlist Wynn Duffy, a member of a southern criminal organization, to help find Thompson. Duffy gets the help of Harlan County criminal boss Boyd Crowder to find Thompson. Raylan finds the girl that broke into Arlo’s house earlier to find out who put her up to the job. She points Raylan in the direction of her stepfather, Josiah Cairn (Gerald McRaney). Cairn tells Raylan that Drew Thompson is with the hill people. Raylan goes to the hills, but is set up to get killed by the hill people because Cairn called them and told them to kill Raylan. After Raylan manages to escape, he returns to Cairn’s house at night. Instead of finding Cairn, Raylan finds Cairn’s severed foot.

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“Foot Chase”
Raylan is in Cairn’s yard and it’s daytime, marking the end of Raylan’s 24-hour opportunity to find Drew Thompson and ruin Raylan’s dad’s plan to get out of prison. Raylan’s boss, Art, tells Raylan that the deal for Arlo is on hold for some reason. This gives Raylan more time to track down Drew Thompson and remove his dad’s leverage. There’s also a severed foot to deal with. Raylan finds a bloody footprint in the yard that is unmistakably from Cairn’s stepdaughter’s cast boot (earlier in the season Raylan saw the stepdaughter get stabbed in the foot by a constable). Raylan doesn’t know where she may have run off to, so he starts with her boyfriend’s trailer. Raylan finds the boyfriend target shooting at a picture of a Native American. Sheriff Shelby turns up, and deduces from the picture where the stepdaughter is. After they find her, she tells them some guys in a beat-up van took her stepdad and called him “Drew Thompson.” Raylan and Shelby don’t have anything to go on, so the sheriff brings in Boyd for questioning. Boyd’s lawyer shows up to get Boyd, and deflects Raylan’s questions about why she’s stalling Arlo’s pardon. Raylan and the sheriff follow the lawyer to a house with a beat-up van and find Cairn. Cairn says the former Harlan county sheriff Hunter somehow knows where Drew Thompson is.

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“Money Trap”
Raylan is on his way to visit a couple of prisoners, including his dad, when he finds out that a person he delivered to bail bondsmen escaped and killed Raylan’s female acquaintance and her partner. Raylan eventually finds this escapee at the bar below where Raylan lives, and shoots him in a standoff. Raylan visits his dad in prison. Raylan tells him he will get him transferred to a country club prison if Arlo tells him where Drew is and that’s the best deal Raylan is willing to offer. Arlo dismisses the offer. Raylan tells his dad he does not really care if he is killed in prison by associates of the Detroit mob that are also looking for Thompson. Raylan leaves his dad after telling his dad that he is on his way to see the ex-sheriff Hunter Mosley. Hunter was a dirty cop that worked for the Miami mob; Raylan took him down in Season 1, Episode 7 (“Blind Spot”). He helped the Miami mob try to kill Raylan in season one. In a separate plotline, Boyd is no closer to finding Drew Thompson at a house party with wealthy people from Harlan. Some of the party goers ask Boyd to kill someone for him or they will shut down Boyd’s brothel.

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Raylan visits former Harlan County Sheriff Hunter Mosley to ask about Drew Thompson. Raylan offers Mosley the same deal he gave Arlo, a transfer to a more comfortable prison. Instead of helping Raylan, Mosley decides to kill Arlo so that Mosley has more time to leverage his own information or protect Drew Thompson, not clear which. He does the deed in the prison barbershop, and after a struggle, Hunter stabs Arlo in the chest with a pair of scissors. Duffy visits Boyd and tells him that Theo Tonin is growing impatient about finding Drew Thompson. Boyd gives Duffy two names as possible “Drew Thompsons”, Frank Browning and Sam Keener. A hit man employed by Tonin kills both men. Johnny uses his knowledge of Colt’s failure to kill Ellen May as leverage by texting Colt and posing as her, wanting $20,000 in exchange for silence. Johnny later informs Duffy that neither of the men that were killed were Drew. Duffy says that Johnny will get his wish about Boyd’s death, but he now has to help them locate Drew in Boyd’s place. The hitman who killed Browning and Keener, dressed as a Harlan County sheriff’s deputy, comes to kill Boyd; Raylan arrives just in time to figure out what the “deputy” is up to and shoots him dead, after commenting on Ava’s engagement ring. Boyd uses his association with the Tonins to strip the Clover Hillers’ of their law contacts and power, in exchange for $100,000 from each Clover Hiller and a Dairy Queen franchise. Later, Raylan learns Arlo has died from his injuries, and he leaves the Marshal’s office to claim his father’s body.

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“The Hatchet Tour”
On the way to another prison with former Harlan County Sheriff Hunter Mosley, Raylan takes a side trip to Dixie Mafia man Wynn Duffy’s trailer. There, Raylan tells Wynn Duffy that Mosley knows who Drew Thompson is, ensuring that Duffy’s criminal group will come after Mosley in jail. Raylan leaves with Mosley to go see two Clover Hillers that could be Drew Thompson. On the way there, Mosley jumps out of Raylan’s car and tries to kill himself by standing in front of a tractor trailer. Raylan saves him. After that, current Harlan County Sheriff Shelby Parlow pulls over Raylan and tells Raylan that Art is looking for him. After finding out where Raylan is going, Shelby joins Raylan and Mosley in their car. Raylan defuses a situation with Bob Sweeney and the two Clover Hillers, who are shacked up with guns after a couple of their friends were killed by the Detroit mob. Raylan finds out that Shelby took the blame for Mosley taking down a Crowder. Now alone, Shelby reveals that he is Drew Thompson when he thanks Mosley for protecting his identity for so long. Shelby/Drew Thompson steals a car and leaves, while instead of running Mosley stays behind in Raylan’s car. Mosley is no longer any use to the Mafia because the Marshals now know who Drew Thompson is, setting up a chase between lawmen and criminals to find Shelby first. Boyd goes to Shelby’s house to find out how much Shelby knows about Ellen May, only to find the Marshals there. Boyd, disgusted, realizes Shelby is Drew Thompson.

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“Get Drew”
Raylan searches Shelby’s house for any clues while Boyd sits on the floor in handcuffs. Boyd tells Raylan that Raylan made a wrong decision becoming a Marshal and should have followed Arlo’s lead into Harlan County criminal enterprises. Boyd at this point does not know that Arlo, Raylan’s father, is dead. Raylan, interestingly, is in no hurry to tell him. Drew Thompson decides to flee to Mexico, and eventually decides to take Ellen May with him. They drive to a local airport. Ellen May’s casual mention of a light being on in the hangar tips Shelby/Drew off that someone is there and they drive by the airport. Raylan is waiting inside the airport, and gets mad at the airport attendant for not telling them that Shelby/Drew Thompson has a plane there and for keeping a light on outside. Raylan deduces that the only remaining way for Drew Thompson out of Harlan County is via a mountain pass. Drew and Ellen May see Raylan’s road block from the woods. With no more options, Ellen May takes Drew to Limehouse, as Ellen May heard from her dead friend Trixie that Limehouse protects women in trouble. Limehouse says that’s true when he can get information from women in trouble that helps him and his “Holler”, like he did with Trixie. Drew offers Limehouse $15,000 to take in Ellen May. Limehouse says he won’t protect Drew for that money, but says Drew is valuable to other people, so he’ll keep him for the highest bidder. Ava is also holed up under Limehouse’s protection as Boyd made Ava leave until they could find Ellen May as she witnessed Ava’s murder of Delroy. Boyd finds out Drew and Ellen May are at Limehouse’s compound, and Ava tells Boyd that Limehouse wants $150,000 for each. Boyd decides to mortgage his future by using his money to get both Drew and Ellen May, and then get $500,000 from the Detroit gangsters and rights to the Harlan country drug trade upon successful delivery of Drew to the Detroit gangsters. Limehouse double crosses Boyd and says the $300,000 is enough only for one person. Ava tells Boyd to take Drew instead of Ellen May. Ellen May spits in Ava’s face, making Ava doubt her decision about making Boyd take Drew. Once Boyd has Drew, Drew tells Boyd that he never would have stayed in Harlan if it wasn’t for breaking both of his legs on his parachute jump. As he had money and cocaine with him, he connected with Bo Crowder and Arlo Givens to protect him in exchange for a cut of the money and drug proceeds. This arrangement got the Crowder and Givens families out of trailers, according to Drew. The Marshals find Johnny at the whorehouse when they go to talk to another one of Ellen May’s friends. Johnny gives up Boyd to the Marshals. The Marshals arrive just in time as the Detroit toughs fly in with a helicopter to pick up Drew. Shelby tells Raylan to get Ellen May from Limehouse, while Raylan tells Art they will have trouble getting Shelby out of Harlan County alive.

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Nick Augustine visits Boyd at Johnny’s bar, angered at Boyd’s failure to round up Drew Thompson. Boyd reassures Nick that Nick needs Boyd alive so that Boyd can help Nick capture Drew Thompson. All the Marshals are back at Arlo’s old house, cooped up guarding Drew Thompson while they wait for a helicopter from Lexington. They decide to divide their resources: Art and Tim to create a decoy of cars leaving Harlan (without Drew Thompson) while Raylan and Rachel will stay with Drew. On the road, Art and Tim see three abandoned cars on the highway, which Tim quickly suspects is a set-up for an ambush based on bomb-rigged cars and snipers. Tim proves to be right as Colt and Mort (one of Augustine’s henchman) spy from afar. Meanwhile, Raylan, Rachel, and Drew head to Raylan’s old high school for safety to lay up and wait for the chopper. At Arlo’s house, Bob Sweeney is held hostage by Yolo (Bobby Campo), who brutally beats him to find out where Drew Thompson is. Bob turns the tables on Yolo by playing possum and stabbing Yolo in the leg, cutting his femoral artery, when he gets close enough. After a struggle, Bob manages to get his hands on one of Yolo’s guns and shoots him dead just as Raylan arrives. Back at the bar, Nick insults Ava and outs Johnny’s betrayal. Ava manages to get Nick’s gun after distracting Nick with brandy and a lighter to the face. Johnny has a gun on Ava and tells Ava he loves her. Ava leaves the bar and Johnny doesn’t shoot her. Back at the ambush at the road, Tim gets out of the situation by blowing up one of the booby-trapped cars with a Molotov cocktail, allowing the law enforcement to escape and rush to Raylan’s aid. Boyd and Picker (John Kapelos) show up at the high school where Raylan refuses to hand Drew over before telling them to come back with more men. This buys enough time for Drew to escape Harlan safely by means of a coal train.

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“Peace of Mind”
Drew Thompson tells the Marshals he will refuse his deal for WITSEC unless he knows that Ellen May is safe. Meanwhile, Augustine tells Johnny that Theo Tonin, the Detroit mob boss, has heard from his informants that Drew won’t enter protective custody to testify against Tonin unless Ellen May is safe. The Detroit mobsters figure they can use Ellen May to deter Drew from testifying. Augustine gets Johnny to help retrieve Ellen May. Johnny calls Limehouse, but Limehouse refuses to cooperate. Augustine then offers to give Boyd $300,000 to buy back Ellen May since Johnny can’t get it done. In exchange for Ellen May, Augustine will hand over Johnny, who betrayed Boyd. Raylan, Rachel, and Tim head to Limehouse’s holler where Limehouse denies Ellen May is on the property, but dares them to search. Ava, who snuck in through a back entrance, offers the $300,000 to Limehouse, but he tells Ava he released Ellen May. Instead of taking money for Ellen May, Limehouse determines it is in his best interest to let Ellen May go (instead of taking money) to avoid extra heat from the Marshals, maintain his reputation as a protector of women in trouble, and also to avoid potential armed confrontation with Boyd and the Detroit mobsters. Ava and Colt head to the church from separate origination points, while Boyd, Augustine, and Picker head to Nicky Cush’s house to find Ellen May. Cush confesses Ellen May is at the church after Boyd shoots him in the foot and presses against the wound. At the church, Ava gets there first and overhears Ellen May confessing Delroy’s murder to Cassie, as well as her participation in the disposal of his body. Ava finds herself unable to kill Ellen May, so Boyd instead instructs Colt to do the deed. Tim arrives at the church just as Colt prepares to kill Ellen May. The two have a stand off and Tim guns Colt down in self-defense after Colt raises his gun. Raylan arrives and takes Ellen May into custody, where she is reunited with Drew at the Marshals’ office. Boyd and Ava decide their last play is to move and hide Delroy’s body to avoid incrimination now that Ellen May is in custody. Later, a delivery man sets up a rocking chair for Winona, Raylan’s wife. The last shot of the episode is of the delivery man, who turns out to be Picker, one of Augustine’s henchmen.

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Raylan visits Winona, who is being held hostage by three of Augustine’s henchmen. The men want to use Winona as leverage so that Raylan will take them to Drew Thompson. Raylan and Winona manage to kill the three men. Afterwards, Art warns Raylan he will be fired if he goes after Augustine. Meanwhile, Ava, Jimmy, and Boyd prepare to exhume Delroy’s body from the mine, only to find that law enforcement has already beaten them to it based on an anonymous tip. Boyd then decides to use his leverage with Lee Paxton, who owns the funeral home that Delroy’s body is in. Boyd earlier had the Detroit mob kill two of Lee’s acquantances and Boyd suggested Lee was next if he didn’t give him $100,000 and a Dairy Queen franchise. Boyd tells Lee to help him now, and his debt will be repaid. Lee suggests swapping the bodies before the autopsy report. Raylan then visits Augustine in his limo and offers him the deal of turning himself in and swearing not to harm his family. Augustine scoffs at the cop threat and vows to kill Raylan’s family once he returns to Harlan after killing Sammy Tonin in Detroit. Raylan, however, has already called Sammy to Harlan. Sammy’s henchman (and Picker, who has seen which horse to back) execute Augustine by shooting up his limo. Meanwhile, Ava is arrested while disposing of Delroy’s body, Lee having engineered an elaborate scheme to incarcerate Boyd. Boyd vows to have Ava free in 24 hours by buying her the best lawyer money can afford. Boyd sees Cassie, the dead preacher’s sister, in the distance observing the bust as she was the anonymous tipster. Duffy visits Boyd, telling him that he is now in charge of heroin distribution in Harlan. The last part of the episode shows Raylan plastering over the hole in the wall of Arlo’s house (the house Raylan grew up in) before going outside to sit in a chair and drink while staring at the graves of Frances, Arlo, and the headstone for his own future grave-site. Boyd breaks into the house he wanted to buy with Ava and looks around stoically. Boyd takes one last look at the path he thought would lead him away from his roots, while Raylan returns to his.

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