King of the Hill description of episodes (season 3)

Description of King of the Hill episodes that were first released on Fox Broadcasting Company October 6, 1998 – May 18, 1999; ganre – animation, sitcom, dramedy.
King of the Hill overview of episodes (season 2)

1 (36) episode guide King of the Hill

“Death of a Propane Salesman”
Conclusion. The aftermath of the propane explosion from part one leaves Hank suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder around propane, a now bald Luanne repressing her grief for Buckley (who was the only casualty in the propane explosion) by becoming a Sin?ad O’Connor-esque activist while angry, and Bobby worried about death.

2 (37) episode guide King of the Hill

“And They Call It Bobby Love”
Bobby falls in love with a 14-year-old classmate (guest-voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar), but soon learns that love hurts when the girl confesses that she only wants a platonic friend. Meanwhile, Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer become attached to a couch that was thrown out in the Hills’ yard.

3 (38) episode guide King of the Hill

“Peggy’s Headache”
Peggy gets hired to write for the Arlen Bystander, but the stress of a new career leads her to require treatment from John Redcorn—and she soon discovers that John Redcorn had an affair with Nancy and is Joseph’s biological father.

4 (39) episode guide King of the Hill

“Pregnant Paws”
While Hank is busy trying to breed Ladybird, Dale decides to add a little excitement to his life by enrolling in a four-hour bounty hunter training course.
Special guest voice: William H. Macy

5 (40) episode guide King of the Hill

“Next of Shin”
After Hank learns his sperm count is low, his mood worsens when Cotton shows up, boasting that his new wife, Didi, is pregnant.

6 (41) episode guide King of the Hill

“Peggy’s Pageant Fever”
Peggy enters the Mrs. Heimlich County Beauty pageant in hopes of winning a truck, but quickly discovers that she is not fit to compete with the other contestants.

7 (42) episode guide King of the Hill

“Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men”
While shopping at the mall on Black Friday, Hank, Dale, Bill, Kahn, and Boomhauer are invited to be part of a focus group for a new mower (with Cotton as an uninvited guest), Luanne goes ice skating to forget about Buckley, and Peggy falls asleep at a shoe repair shop after tearing her loafer. Guest stars Billy Bob Thornton.

8 (43) episode guide King of the Hill

“Good Hill Hunting”
Hank takes Bobby hunting in order to initiate him into the mysteries of manhood. However, everything goes wrong when Hank discovers that it is too late for Bobby to get a hunting license.

9 (44) episode guide King of the Hill

“Pretty, Pretty Dresses”
In this second Christmas episode, Bill becomes more depressed than usual as it’s the anniversary of his wife leaving him. Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer decide to watch Bill in case he threatens to commit suicide, but when Hank yells at him for being a burden, Bill’s depression turns into delusion when he begins dressing in drag and impersonating his estranged wife, Lenore.

10 (45) episode guide King of the Hill

“A Firefighting We Will Go”
In a Rashomon-meets-The Three Stooges-style story, Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer tell their own versions of their day as firefighters after getting arrested for burning the firehouse to the ground. Meanwhile, Bobby helps Peggy with a pulled groin muscle.
Special guest voice: Barry Corbin

11 (46) episode guide King of the Hill

“To Spank, with Love”
Peggy gains a reputation as an abusive disciplinarian when she spanks Dooley for humiliating her during class.

12 (47) episode guide King of the Hill

“Three Coaches and a Bobby”
Hank gets his hard-knocks former high-school football coach to take on guidance of Bobby’s football team, but the plan falls apart when Bobby joins the soccer team headed by a politically correct coach (voiced by Will Ferrell).

13 (48) episode guide King of the Hill

“De-Kahnstructing Henry”
Hank accidentally gets Kahn fired after revealing one of Kahn’s top-secret plans for his company.

14 (49) episode guide King of the Hill

“The Wedding of Bobby Hill”
To teach Bobby and Luanne a lesson in playing pranks, Hank orders Bobby to marry Luanne after Bobby takes her birth control pills.
Special guest voice: Matthew McConaughey

15 (50) episode guide King of the Hill

“Sleight of Hank”
Peggy is chosen to be a magician’s assistant, but angers Hank when she will not tell him the secret behind one of his tricks.

16 (51) episode guide King of the Hill

“Jon Vitti Presents: ‘Return to La Grunta'”
Luanne gets a job as a drink girl at a resort called “La Grunta”, where the golfers sexually harass her. Meanwhile, Hank goes to La Grunta to swim with the dolphins—and gets molested by one of them, and is paid off with hotel merchandise to keep from reporting the incident.
Guest star: Billy West as one of the golfers

17 (52) episode guide King of the Hill

“Escape from Party Island”
Hank reluctantly drives his mother and her friends to Port Aransas to shop for glass miniatures, but things get even worse when Hank and the rude old women have to contend with MTV’s raucous spring breakers in order to leave.
Guest voices: Phyllis Diller, Uta Hagen, Pauly Shore and Betty White

18 (53) episode guide King of the Hill

“Love Hurts…and So Does Art”
An X-ray of Hank’s colon from “Hank’s Unmentionable Problem” winds up as the main attraction in an art museum. Meanwhile, Bobby is diagnosed with gout after eating chicken livers at a recently opened “New York” style deli.

19 (54) episode guide King of the Hill

“Hank’s Cowboy Movie”
Hurt by Bobby’s negative views of his hometown, Hank tries to get the Dallas Cowboys to move their training camp from Wichita Falls to Arlen. However, his promotion video for Arlen is ruined by his wife’s and his friends’ incompetence.

20 (55) episode guide King of the Hill

“Dog Dale Afternoon”
After Dale annoys his friends by gloating over his new mower, he goes insane when they steal it as part of a prank.

21 (56) episode guide King of the Hill

“Revenge of the Lutefisk”
Bobby accidentally burns down his church after getting sick from eating lutefisk, but Cotton gets blamed for it due to his sexist attitude towards the church accepting a female pastor.
Special guest voice: Mary Tyler Moore

22 (57) episode guide King of the Hill

“Death and Texas”
Peggy visits a convict who tricks her into thinking he’s a former student who ended up in jail and uses her as a cocaine mule. Meanwhile, Dale tries to apply for a job as a prison executioner.

23 (58) episode guide King of the Hill

“Wings of the Dope”
After seeing the trampoline Kahn bought from Buckley’s estate fall into disrepair, Hank and the guys move it to Hank’s lawn to fix it. Buckley’s Angel appears on it and visits Luanne. He persuades her to do something better with her life than attend beauty school and earns his halo afterward.

24 (59) episode guide King of the Hill

“Take Me Out of the Ball Game”
Hank is picked to coach the company’s softball team, spurring friction between Peggy and Hank.

25 (60) episode guide King of the Hill

“As Old As the Hills…” (Part 1)
Part one of two. Fearing that they may be getting too old to be “cool”, Hank and Peggy spend their anniversary sky-diving, which comes to an abrupt end when Peggy’s parachute malfunctions and she crashes onto a field. Meanwhile, Bobby struggles with taking his pregnant step-grandmother Didi to the hospital when her water breaks.

King of the Hill overview of episodes (season 4)

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