Modern Family description of episodes (season 4)

Description of Modern Family episodes that were first released on ABC September 26, 2012 – May 22, 2013; ganre – sitcom, mockumentary.
Modern Family overview of episodes (season 3)

1 (73) episode Modern Family description

“Bringing Up Baby”
Jay turns sixty-five years old, and is kidnapped by Phil in an unconventional birthday celebration. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch struggle after their attempts to adopt a baby, while Gloria struggles over how to reveal her pregnancy.

2 (74) episode Modern Family description

Claire and Phil embarrass Haley when they drop her off at college. Manny makes Gloria and Jay take a class on how to care for a baby. Meanwhile, Lily gets into a tussle on her first day of kindergarten, and when Mitch and Cameron get into an argument with her assailant’s lesbian parents, the principal orders them to have a play-date.

3 (75) episode Modern Family description

Phil plans to get a vasectomy; Gloria is having difficulties coming to terms with the new weight she’s gaining because of her pregnancy; Mitchell tries to steer Cameron toward getting a part-time job.

4 (76) episode Modern Family description

“The Butler’s Escape”
Phil can’t accept that Luke wants to quit magic; Gloria’s snoring keeps Jay, Manny, and Stella awake; Mitch and Cam struggle to deal with their reversed roles as Cam takes on his new job as a music teacher. In the absence of Haley, Alex takes on a high-handed role as the new big sister in the house.

5 (77) episode Modern Family description

“Open House of Horrors”
Claire must rein in her enthusiasm for Halloween and keep her celebration kid-friendly; Phil decides to hold an open house on Halloween; Mitch and Cam have a costume party; Gloria’s hormones make her more quick-tempered than usual. Manny questions his judgement when given the opportunity to hang with the ‘cool’ crowd in recognition of something he did not mean to do on purpose.

6 (78) episode Modern Family description

“Yard Sale”
Jay and Gloria hold a yard sale to help Manny and Luke with their school’s charity fundraiser; in the process, Luke and Manny unearth an old trunk of Gloria’s that she wishes to remain a secret. Mitch and Cam help Claire assess Alex’s new ‘boy friend’; Phil feels pressured to both sell and buy something; Mitchell struggles on how to tell a slimmer Cam that he is not fully confident he can keep his dietary practices going.

7 (79) episode Modern Family description

Haley has been arrested for under-aged drinking, so Phil and Claire must go fix the problem and take family lawyer, Mitchell, with them; Cameron stays back to watch over Alex and Luke, but they get into some crazy mishaps under his care; Jay gets out of baby shopping with Gloria, only to have to deal with a surprise visit from DeDe.

8 (80) episode Modern Family description

“Mistery Date”
When Claire takes Manny and Luke along to Alex’s academic decathlon for the weekend, Phil attempts to throw together a boys’ night at the house, inviting a fellow Bulldogs alum (Matthew Broderick) he met at Cameron’s gym. Meanwhile, the pressure is on for Alex at the decathlon; Manny meets a girl in the hotel lobby and decides to bar mitzvah hop with Luke throughout the hotel trying to find her; Cam and Mitch arrange for quite the surprise baby gift for Jay and Gloria.

9 (81) episode Modern Family description

“When a Tree Falls”
Mitchell is dragged into Cameron’s quest to save an old tree, Jay and Phil have to compete at a kid’s party, and Gloria and Claire go on the shopping trip from hell.

10 (82) episode Modern Family description

“Diamond in the Rough”
Manny and Luke’s little league team unexpectedly makes it into a playoff game, so Claire and Cameron scramble to find a location and decide to do a makeover on a rundown field. Inspired, Claire and Cam want to try their hand at flipping a house while they’re at it, and Phil and Mitchell fight over who will be the bad guy to tell them no. Meanwhile, Gloria tries a bonding technique by using a microphone to sing to the baby in utero, which definitely incites a reaction from Jay. Manny enlists Luke’s help to prepare for the game after unexpectedly being thrust onto the field after a season on the bench.

11 (83) episode Modern Family description

“New Year’s Eve”
Jay’s plan to have the family plan to celebrate New Year’s together at a hotel in Palm Springs doesn’t meet expectations; Alex and Haley are faced with challenges as they try to watch the kids back at home.

12 (84) episode Modern Family description

“Party Crasher”
Gloria and Jay try to make Manny’s 14th birthday extra special by planning a surprise party; Cam feels he has neglected Lily lately with his commitment to work which Mitchell interprets as his job not going well. Haley starts hanging out with a much older guy and Gloria gives birth.

13 (85) episode Modern Family description

When Gloria’s mother and sister visit, they bring traditions, baby names and family baggage; Phil helps the kids with their problems; Mitchell and Cameron try to correct Lily’s bad habits.

14 (86) episode Modern Family description

“A Slight at the Opera”
Cameron is putting on the school production of “Phantom of the Opera,” but when their star falls ill, Manny pulls all the stops to land the lead — even if that means going against Luke. Meanwhile, Jay teaches Phil to golf and they wind up in a golf-off with Pepper (Nathan Lane) and Mitch; Gloria takes Alex along on errands, which include a visit to a psychic. Claire’s adventures in babysitting Joe and Lily become a comedy of errors.

15 (87) episode Modern Family description

“Heart Broken”
A fun Valentine’s Day romp between Phil and Claire’s alter egos, Clive Bixby and Juliana, takes an unexpected turn that lands Claire in the hospital with a diagnosis she doesn’t take lying down. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay’s attempts to be romantic keep getting interrupted by the kids, which drives Gloria crazy; Cam and Mitch host a wild Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Party that leaves them hung over the next morning, trying to piece together what happened and, more importantly, why Dylan is now living with them.

16 (88) episode Modern Family description

“Bad Hair Day”
Claire flies solo to her college reunion and runs into a professor she once dated, but when Phil shows up things get really awkward. Back at home, Jay is obsessed with winning his big bowling tournament, and Gloria is running ragged with the baby but won’t admit it. Mitchell offers to take baby Joe for a while, and Cameron seizes the opportunity to use him in one of his elaborate photo shoots. However, a wig malfunction leads to unfortunate results and no one wants to be the one to face Gloria.

17 (89) episode Modern Family description

“Best Men”
Mitch and Cam’s friend Sal announces she’s getting married the next day and wants them to be best men, but they can’t help but question whether this party girl can really settle down, and consider an intervention. Gloria has trust issues with the new nanny Dalia. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay have to deal with Manny’s art love for nude females, Claire has a rare bonding moment with Haley, and Phil helps Luke fix a date with a girl named Simone through Facebook.

18 (90) episode Modern Family description

“The Wow Factor”
Mitchell seeks to help Lily deal with a playground bully but goes too far in the process; Jay finds himself in trouble with Gloria when she finds him at a movie theatre during his bonding time with Joe; Cam and Claire are at odds over their home renovation and seek to influence Cam’s lesbian friend Pam to side with their visions for a backyard idea; Phil’s plans to show Alex and Haley the joys of home improvement hit a roadblock.

19 (91) episode Modern Family description

“The Future Dunphys”
While at the hospital for a checkup, Claire and Phil see the older version of their family. To educate Lily and reconnect with her Vietnamese heritage, Cam, Mitchell, and Gloria take her out to a Vietnamese restaurant. During a prospective students tour of a high-end private school for Manny, Jay reinvigorates youthful desires to belong with the upper class crowd and unknowingly pressures Manny into a disastrously entertaining interview with the Dean.

20 (92) episode Modern Family description

“Flip Flop”
Gloria’s ex-husband, Javi?r (Benjamin Bratt) introduces his new girlfriend, Trish (Paget Brewster) to the family. Trish and Manny form a close bond and Gloria is worried about being replaced. However, when Javi?r proposes to Trish, she runs upstairs. When Gloria asks her about Javi?r’s proposal she says she cannot live up to Gloria as a mother and a wife, at which point Gloria welcomes Trish to the family, now secure and no longer worried about the competition for Manny’s affection. Claire and Cam are struggling to sell their flipped house after turning down an offer from Gil (Rob Riggle). Haley uses social network profiles to research a friend of Luke’s, Zach (Anders Holm), in order to stage the house to his likes. At the house inspection Cam mentions Zach’s dog name, Otis, and Zach freaks out at how personal the house has been staged and leaves. Gil comes to gloat, but Cam and Mitchell pretend to be interested in the property and Gil is willing to renegotiate for his buyer.

21 (93) episode Modern Family description

“Career Day”
Gloria challenges Jay to write the thriller novel he says he put aside because of life and work commitments; Manny ends up writing for Jay instead. Phil is upstaged at Luke’s Career Day by real estate rival, Gil Thorpe (Rob Riggle). Cam and Mitchell accidentally give Lily $100 for her tooth and try to get her to give the money back. Lily refuses, and says she will buy a bike with the money. They ask Haley to help, dressed up as the tooth fairy, to try to convince Lily but fails and gets caught, but Haley tells Lily she will be put on Santa’s “naughty list” for the rest of her life, which convinces her to give the money back.

22 (94) episode Modern Family description

“My Hero”
Mitch’s ex-boyfriend, Teddy (Larry Sullivan), invites the Pritchett clan to a fund-raiser at the local roller rink. Cam is upset at how friendly and inclusive the rest of the family is with Teddy. Jay offers Claire a job, but Claire tries to avoid talking to him about it due to the bad time she had while previously working for him. Phil gives Gloria skating lessons. Haley gives Alex tips on how to flirt with boys. Manny and Luke have to complete a “My Hero” essay assignment on a family member for school.

23 (95) episode Modern Family description

“Games People Play”
Phil gets a new RV after selling a house and plans to take the family for a summer road trip to Yellowstone National Park. To get a taste of the experience, he takes the family on a drive to the coast; little does he know, Claire plans to evoke the broiling turmoil between the kids while travelling together in the vehicle to cancel any plans for the trip. Jay and Gloria search for Manny’s misplaced backpack but end up snooping through Cam & Mitchell’s and Phil & Claire’s houses. Jay & Gloria find out they were not invited to a games night hosted by Cam & Mitch and argue over the reason; unbeknownst to them, Manny forgot to hand them their invitation. Lily excels at a gymnastics competition, but Cam and Mitchell’s competitive spirits has the rest of the parents turning on them.

24 (96) episode Modern Family description

“Goodnight Gracie”
Everyone flies down to Florida for Phil’s mother’s funeral. Her last wish, to have Phil set her widowed husband Frank (Fred Willard) up with another woman, puts Claire and Phil at ends. Cam spends time with a few residents of the retirement community and thrives on the gossip-fuelled nature of their relationships. Phil’s mother leaves Alex a lighter that led to her meeting Phil’s father and Alex comes to understand what she meant to her grandmother. Jay runs into the woman he lost his virginity to before shipping off to Vietnam, but she has trouble remembering him from her other conquests. Gloria faces court over an arrest warrant for running a brothel, and brings Mitchell to represent her. A successful day in the courtroom as a posturing lawyer for Gloria and many desperate citizens prompts Mitchell to want to return to working in the courts.
Modern Family overview of episodes (season 5)

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