No Ordinary Family description of episodes (season 1)

Description of No Ordinary Family episodes that were first released on ABC September 28, 2010 – April 5, 2011; ganre – comedy, drama, science fiction, crime.

1 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“Pilot”/ “No Ordinary Pilot”
The Powells are an average ordinary family that is falling apart due to Jim’s inability to bond with his wife, Stephanie whose career as a research professional is flourishing as well as his kids, Daphne and J.J. as they succumb to their teenage problems. However, superpower changes occur after a plane crash during a family trip in Brazil which grants Jim super strength and invulnerability which he uses to stop crime in the city with the help of his friend and defense attorney, George. Stephanie is able to move extremely fast and shares this secret with her assistant, Katie while the two work on a newly approved research on a mysterious plant. Daphne has problems dealing with her telepathy when she is distracted by everyone’s thoughts. J.J, who is initially perceived as unaffected develops a super-brain which allows him to deduce and learn things instantly.

2 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Marriage”
JJ is accused of cheating, but won’t tell his family about his power. Stephanie finds a sample of the Amazon water and discovers it is just regular water, wondering how she and the family got the superpowers. Jim stops a bank robbery, but Det. Yvonne Cho sees him running from the scene and later confronts him, and Jim tells her about his powers. Yvonne tells him that if he shows up at another crime scene he will be arrested. Daphne learns to control her powers by focusing on her thoughts only. Finally, a criminal with superpowers arrives in Yvonne’s apartment, shooting her with her own gun via telekinesis.

3 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Ring”
After the family witnesses a robbery at a friend’s wedding, Jim and George crash numerous weddings to find the culprits who stole Stephanie’s engagement ring. Stephanie is worried about giving a sample of her blood to the company lab as a part of mandatory work physical. JJ asks Daphne to read the mind of girl he likes to see if she has mutual feelings. Daphne is desperate to tell a childhood friend about her abilities.

4 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Vigilante”
A man whose son was murdered years ago, is out to deliver his own justice by shooting purse snatchers at a city park. Jim is then seen at the crime scene and is mistaken for the vigilante. Dr. Francis Chiles (Reggie Lee) becomes suspicious of Stephanie and Katie’s behavior at the lab. JJ’s mathematical abilities begin to increase and he uses them to join the football team. Daphne uses her abilities to find out where a party is being held.

5 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Quake”
A number of earthquakes are happening at pharmacies with the conclusion that they are man-made. Jim and George learn that they are created by a woman (Rachel Miner) who has the ability to create shockwaves with her hands and that she is robbing the pharmacies for medication to get rid of her condition. Stephanie is fully convinced that JJ is hiding his abilities from her and Jim, so she tries to have him tested. Daphne reads the minds of a teacher and a student, believing that they are having an affair.

6 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Visitors”
A series of home invasions breaks out at the same time as Stephanie’s parents (Cybill Shepherd and Bruce McGill) unexpectedly visit. Stephanie declares no powers during their visit, but the overbearing in-laws quickly test Jim and JJ’s self-restraint. Meanwhile, Trent (Jackson Rathbone) a boy who witnesses his house being robbed, refuses to tell the truth to the police. Daphne assists Jim in the investigation and discovers that she can see people’s memories by touching them, which she does by touching Trent. In the end grandpa loses his car to JJ which is loaned to Daphne for two years just till JJ gets his license.

7 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Mobster”
Jim goes after a recently acquitted mobster who was behind the shooting of George’s assistant district attorney (Amy Acker). In the process, the mobster pulls off Jim’s mask seeing his face with Jim now fearing his life is at jeopardy. Stephanie is confronted by Dr. King and has asked her to stop prying in a late doctor’s old research. Daphne asks JJ to use his abilities to help her impress a boy, Brett Martin (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) who is interested in modern art. Stephanie asks Katie to tutor JJ, he then learns that Katie isn’t very good with meeting men, instead chatting with them online. So he creates a false persona to chat with her.

8 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Accident”
Jim’s enemy, a group of carjackers, crash into Mr. Litchfield, JJ’s math teacher, and pierces Litchfield’s aorta, prompting Stephanie and JJ to operate on him. Meanwhile, Jim starts to lose his powers, and Daphne tries to impress Brett by lying about her speaking Japanese.

9 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Anniversary”
Jim and Stephanie plan a romantic evening for their anniversary, but a serial arsonist has them distracted. Daphne and JJ join forces to win some big money in a poker game with some fellow students.

10 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Sidekick”
George mistakenly receives credit for stopping a robbery that Jim actually stopped; Katie’s new boyfriend Will isn’t who he says he is. Jim and Stephanie lose their sidekicks after a fight with Katie and George about how they don’t get enough credit for their “Team.” Meanwhile, JJ discovers that a girl he likes (Katelyn Tarver) is shorting out his powers. Daphne meets Will and uncovers his identity forcing him to erase her memory of the last three months. Dr. Chiles is killed by Will after telling Stephanie about Dr. King’s mutant serum.

11 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Friends”
The family deals with Daphne’s sudden memory loss but are able to retrieve it using her powers to see other people’s minds through touch. The family befriends the Cottens after Jim saves Dave Cotten (Rick Schroder) from an accident but soon realises that not all is as it seems with the Cotten family when the trail of mysterious art thefts lead back to them. J.J. has troubles dealing with Troy Cotten — Dave’s son who starts flirting with Natalie. Daphne stands for school president against the arrogant bully — Bailey Browning (Katrina Begin) with the help of Dave’s daughter – Michelle and her telepathic powers. Katie confesses to Joshua about her virginity driving him to confront the reality of their relationship and resign as Dr. King’s super-powered pet.

12 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Brother”
Jim’s brother, Mike (Jason Wiles) shows up much to Stephanie’s dismay to start up a new business until Jim realises the only business he has come to stir up in Pacific Bay is trouble when he finds out that he owes a huge debt to a prominent loan shark. Stephanie deals with Katie leaving for Miami after she gets a promotion. Joshua decides to leave with Katie forcing Dr. King to employ a shapeshifter, Victoria Morrow (Rebecca Mader) to stop him from leaving at all costs. Daphne investigates a student, Chris after she accidentally gives him detention for an offence he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Mike asks for J.J’s help to pay back his debts.

13 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Detention”
Jim handles a complicated hostage situation at the precinct the Die Hard way when he finds out it involves a suspicious Internal Affairs agent, 4 hardened criminals and a captured George. Sparks fly along with secrets when Daphne and J.J. play truth and dare with their detention mates – Bailey, Chris and Natalie, Bailey dares Daphne to kiss Chris Minor and she does, she sees why Chris was arrested by using her powers. Daphne kisses Chris and they go out. Katie asks Stephanie to medically examine Joshua after he goes through a withdrawal phase of the serum but circumstances become dangerous when Victoria decides to crash the party looking like Katie, confusing Stephanie and Joshua.

14 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Double Standard”
Jim and Stephanie race each other to see who is able to solve the attack on Stephanie’s friend, Lina Perkins first along with their respective partners, George and Katie but are shocked when they find the answers involve human experiments conducted on criminals by Dr. King. J.J. goes out on a date with Bailey but backs off as soon as she learns he is still in love with Natalie. Daphne sneaks out for a date with Chris and learns a whole new side of her powers when she is confronted by a robber. Dr. King tells Katie the truth about Joshua driving her to confront him.

15 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Powell”
Dr. King uses Victoria to infiltrate the Powell family and find out the reasons behind the permanence of their abilities but her plans are soon thwarted by Jim when he discovers her real identity and purpose. Stephanie finds out that Dr. King is the one who assigned Victoria to kill her husband and decides to do some infiltration of her by playing a larger role in his human experiments. J.J. and Daphne find trouble when they use their abilities together to solve the long forgotten murder of Natalie’s mother.

16 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Proposal”
Jim feels guilty when he unintentionally causes harm to a civilian during one of his crime fighting operations and to further complicate matters, starts suspecting Daphne’s boyfriend Chris when a vial of super-serum vanishes from the house. Stephanie develops an antidote for Joshua but soon discovers the truth about him from none other than Dr. King. Katie is thrilled when Joshua proposes to her but his dark past rises again to destroy their relationship. J.J. is blackmailed by Mr. Litchfield to join the academic decathlon team in exchange for the provision of a merit scholarship to Natalie, unaware of the fact that Litchfield is secretly working for Dr. King.

17 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Love”
Katie tries to distract herself to take her mind off Joshua. Jim and Stephanie’s marriage is threatened when George’s new lady friend, Sophie (Tricia Helfer) uses both Jim and George to destroy Global Tech using the power to make them fall in love with her. Dr. King manipulates Stephanie into conducting a serum operation on a cold blooded killer called Lucas Winnick who is later employed by the CEO of Global Tech, a villainous and mysterious woman who is set out to eliminate Dr. King’s mistakes. Daphne inserts thoughts in Chris’s mind to stop him from finding out the truth about her family but fails so she tells him.

18 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Animal”
Lucas Winnick (Eric Balfour) starts eliminating the supers using his “claws” and strikes a major blow against the Powells by injuring Stephanie forcing Jim to confront him. Mr. Litchfield forces J.J. to complete strange equations for Dr. King which are revealed to be related to power permanence. Chris manipulates Daphne into using her brainwashing powers to attend a Sara Bareilles concert, but their plans are halted when Lucas finds them. Katie realises that Lucas attacked her because she is pregnant with Joshua’s baby, temporarily giving her telekinetic powers. Dr. King treats Stephanie but the treatment results in unpredictable side effects when Stephanie vanishes into a space time portal. American video blogger Shay Carl makes a guest appearance as a security guard.

19 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Future”
After witnessing the downfall of her family upon running into space/time slit that took her into the future, Stephanie must do everything she can to alter a chain of events in the present that will expose the Powell’s superpowers to the world. Meanwhile, with George’s help, Jim tracks down those responsible for the death of a fellow cop; and Helen Burton/Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) tasks Victoria (after resurrecting her) to keep tabs on Katie and her superhuman unborn baby and asks her to eliminate Katie once the baby is delivered. Daphne stops a corrupt cop from shooting George, using her mind control, and this is witnessed by Jim. Due to this, both of Daphne’s parents find out about her power of telepathic suggestion, and they make her erase Chris’s memories of their powers. However, when she does this, she inadvertently causes him to forget about the entirety of their relationship together, Daphne is very upset and J.J comforts her. J.J., thanks to Daphne’s mind reading finds out that Mr. Litchfield is using him to deliver the mysterious biochemical equations to someone.

20 episode guide No Ordinary Family

“No Ordinary Beginning”
The Powells must join together to save JJ, who’s been kidnapped by Mrs. X and forced to solve an enigma that could lead to the permanence of the trillsettum’s effects. Eventually, the other Powells are captured as well while trying to save him from a secret GlobalTech facility. While they are in an elevator, Mrs. X gases them, and Steph and Daphne wake up together. JJ and Mrs. X walk in. Mrs. X points a gun at Daphne, forcing JJ to tell her how to get the serum to last permanently. Once JJ figures it out under duress and reveals the secret, she orders the guards to shoot them all. Meanwhile, Joshua reconnects with Katie and discovers that he’s about to become a father. Katie sends out George to get her prenatal vitamins from her doctor, and he discovers that the Joshua with Katie is actually Victoria disguised. George calls Katie and warns her. Katie confronts Victoria/Joshua, just as the real Joshua bursts through the door. The stress gets to Katie and her water breaks. George follows Victoria as she leaves. Back with the Powells, Dr. King comes in and kills the guards, who were about to shoot them. He then tells Steph that he’ll get Jim, and they’ll all get out of there, but instead of saving Jim, whose powers were taken away, he shoots Jim 3 times. He then tells Steph that Jim is dead. However, Jim arrives angrily because his powers had returned. Jim tries to kill Dr. King, but discovers that Dr. King can’t die. Meanwhile, George follows Victoria to a plane where Mrs. X and 80 criminals are being loaded into the plane. A guard catches George, and loads him on the plane. During the flight, the plane is deliberately set to crash, and in the ensuing events the 80 criminals survive the crash and become super villains. Dr. King injects himself with more trillsettum, giving him super speed, mind control and strength. Steph gets the antidote that she used on Joshua from the lab, and tries to trick Dr. King in order to get close enough to use it. Unfortunately, he sees through this and stops her from injecting him, and begins to choke her. As she is gasping for breath, JJ picks up the fallen needle and uses his powers to calculate the trajectory which would enable it to penetrate Dr. King’s face, just below his eye. The antidote reverses the trillsetum’s effects and without its healing powers, Dr. King finally dies. In the meantime, Joshua helps Katie give birth, but the baby doesn’t make it. After the two embrace and Joshua tells her that he is never leaving her, he notices a green light coming from the baby’s covered face. He lifts the blanket and notices the baby alive, with green eyes. The baby’s eyes return to their normal blue color, and Joshua tells Katie to look. Katie and Joshua rejoice over their healthy baby boy. Later, once the Powells are safely back at home, they get a surprise visit from a NSA agent who tells them about the plane crash, and he says that the United States government needs help from the Powells because they are “no ordinary family.”

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