Power Rangers Dino Super Charge description of episodes (season 23)

Description of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge episodes that were first released on Nickelodeon January 30, 2016 – … ; ganre – action.
Power Rangers Dino Charge overview of episodes (season 22)

1 (810) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“When Evil Stirs”

Snide awakens in the remains of Sledge’s ship, although it is hinted that Sledge might still be alive as everyone else on the ship (Poisondra, Wrench, Curio and Fury, as well as the countless prisoners, spikeballs and Vivix) did. Snide is then revealed to be Heckyl, from Wishing for a Hero, and sends a revived Iceage to bring him the energems. Meanwhile, Koda misses the rangers and tries to contact them after getting postcards, but none of them pick up. Kendall gets a message from Tyler, and the two, along with Ivan try to find, only to be ambushed by Iceage, who reveals to have frozen all of the rangers. Koda returns to the base where he finds Tyler, who escaped and Keeper. Koda also reveals his fear of ice, but manages to unfreeze everyone with Tyler thanks to a confidence boost. The rangers deal with Iceage and defeat him with the Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Rex formation. In the end the rangers celebrate, as Prince Philip appears.

2 (811) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Forgive and Forget”

Heckyl launches a new plan to find the Rangers’ base and take the Energems using Stingrage’s venom, which has been modified to cause amnesia. At the same time, an old school rival of Riley’s shows up in town, and Riley becomes determined to best him in an athletic contest. Snide interferes with Heckyl’s plans, but Heckyl takes advantage of it and manages to infiltrate the Rangers’ lab before employing a revived Stingrage to contaminate the city’s water supply with his venom. Riley takes part in a marathon against his rival as the plan unfolds, and after helping him regain his memory Riley learns that the bully’s teasing was derived from his own envy of Riley’s academic abilities. The Rangers defeat and destroy Stingrage, whose venom then wipes the short-term memories of the villains, leaving them once again unaware of where the Rangers’ base is hidden.

3 (812) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Nightmare in Amber Beach”

Shelby is under pressure from her father to study business so that she can one day take over his company, Watkins Ice Cream. Seeing how she is pushing herself, Heckyl schemes to defeat the Rangers by employing Nightmare, a monster whose powers cause the Rangers to fall asleep and then move about in the grip of a dream. Forced to remain awake, the Rangers have a number of close calls, but eventually catch Heckyl in the act of trying to steal their Energems. They then confront Nightmare and destroy him, while Shelby’s father realizes that he has been denying Shelby the chance to follow her own dreams.

4 (813) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“A Date with Danger”

A dangerous new enemy named Singe appears on Earth and joins Snide’s forces much to Fury’s dismay while Tyler meets with the last man to have seen his father before his disappearance ten years previously. Meanwhile, Chase tries impressing his new girlfriend Kaylee, but things don’t go well when she falls for his alter-ego, the Black Ranger, and breaks up with Chase. Chase briefly dates her by donning his Ranger form and meeting with her, and in the process gets to know her better than he did previously. However, after getting some advice from Keeper, he breaks up with her as the Black Ranger, only to end up coming to her rescue in civilian form when Singe kidnaps her in an effort to lure the Rangers out into the open. Singe battles the Rangers and proves a formidable foe even for their Megazord, but retreats after Fury sabotages the Magna Beam.

5 (814) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Roar of the Red Ranger”

Tyler takes his friends to a campsite that he and his father visited for years and expresses his continued hopes that his father might still be alive, though the others-particularly Shelby-fear that his father may be gone. Singe then employs the monster Ninja to infect the Rangers’ systems with a computer virus, which infects Tyler during the test of his new T-Rex Super Charger, causing him to behave as though he were a T-Rex. While searching for him the Rangers engage Ninja and another monsters, Hunter, while Chase attempts to bring Tyler back to his senses. Fortunately, the Aqua Ranger-who previously appeared to defend Tyler from Ninja-arrives and reveals himself to be none other than Tyler’s father, who discovered the Aqua Energem ten years ago. Working together, the Rangers destroy Ninja in both normal and giant forms, while Hunter returns to the ship and is recruited for a new plan of Singe’s while Tyler’s father James officially joins the Rangers.

6 (815) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Forged Under Fire”

Singe implements a new plan to defeat the Rangers by using power-disabling rings against their Energems. This effort leaves all of the Rangers but Kendall, Prince Philip, and James powerless, and Tyler’s Energem is damaged and in danger of being irreparably damaged. It soon becomes clear that the only way to repair it is using hot magma, which requires Tyler to burrow deep into the Earth using his failing powers. The remaining three Rangers engaged Singe, Hunter, and their forces, and are soon joined by Tyler and the others, who manage to regain their powers. After Hunter is destroyed, Heckyl locks Fury and Singe into the same cell in an effort to force them to learn to cooperate. Meanwhile, James and Keeper decide that the Aqua Ranger’s talents would be best served continuing the search for the Silver Energem by himself.

7 (816) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Home Run Koda”

Kendall creates a new Dino Charger that requires the five core Energems to run it. This gets complicated when Riley becomes Koda’s coach on the Amber Beach Earthquakes baseball team making it hard to pull away from the game at the time when Gameface is used by Heckyl to train the Vivix into getting into better Ranger-fighting shape.

8 (817) episode guide Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

“Riches and Rags”

Ivan finds himself in debt after mistaking a 1,000 year old suit of armor as a training dummy. Meanwhile, Heckyl creates a Spellbinder/Gold Digger hybrid named Spell Digger. This hybrid monster is then sent to spread greed to anyone who touches his coins.

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