Prison Break description of episodes (season 3)

Description of Prison Break episodes that were first released on Fox September 17, 2007 – February 18, 2008; ganre – drama, action, crime,  thriller.
Prison Break overview of episodes (season 2)

1 (45) episode Prison Break description

Michael, T-Bag, Bellick and Mahone are incarcerated at Sona penitentiary in Panama. Michael is forced to perform in a fight to the death with another inmate. He beats him, but refuses to kill him. Mahone rescues Michael by killing the inmate after the inmate breaks the rules by brandishing a shank. Bellick has become the lowest type of prisoner, and befriends another low prisoner, who is later killed after attempting to escape. Meanwhile, outside prison, the Company wishes Michael to break out another inmate, James Whistler (Chris Vance). At first he refuses, until he learns through Lincoln that they have kidnapped L.J and Sara to get him to cooperate.

2 (46) episode Prison Break description

Michael cannot find Whistler, as he is hiding from the prisoners because he has a bounty on his head, and Bellick knows where he is. Meanwhile, a scuffle leads to the loss of Sona’s water supply, where other prisoners start a revolt, and T-Bag slithers his way into Lechero’s graces. Sucre buys a gun and forces Bellick to tell him where Maricruz is, who actually returned to the US. He later finds out the hard way that he cannot see her again. Lincoln offers him a job to assist Michael to break Whistler out, but declines. Mahone is able to find Whistler in order to get out of Sona. However, Michael manages to return Sona’s water supply. The bounty on Whistler’s head is dropped.

3 (47) episode Prison Break description

“Call Waiting”
After Michael admits he has no idea how to break Whistler out, he asks Lincoln to find Sara and L.J. Michael blackmails T-Bag to get Lechero’s phone, where the Company allows Sara to call Michael. She gives him vital clues on her location, and Lincoln is able to find them. However, the Company escapes from the hideout before he could rescue them. Whistler tells Michael that the Company wants him out of prison, so they could force him to find someone. Bellick manages to get up the ladder again, and is no longer a low inmate. Anthony contacts Lincoln, and tells him to pick up a box, in order to persuade him not to attempt to rescue Sara and L.J again.

4 (48) episode Prison Break description

“Good Fences”
Lincoln finds Sara’s head in the box, and hides it from Michael. Mahone is haunted by hallucinations of Haywire, who tells him that Michael will double cross him. T-Bag becomes a member of Lechero’s crew after murdering Nieves. Michael shuts down the prison’s power, and persuades Lechero to let him fix it on No Man’s Land. In the process, he reactivates the Electric fence. Bellick’s attempt to expose Michael’s escape plan backfires. Lincoln and Sofia, Whistler’s girlfriend plan to pay Sona’s gravedigger to work for him, but is killed by Susan after he could not be trusted. Sucre manages to replace him, and uses a chemical to melt the electric fence as part of Michael’s escape plan.

5 (49) episode Prison Break description

With only a day until their deadline, Michael plans to break out during the day, since escape at night would be impossible. Lincoln doesn’t say this to Susan, so the escape team could plan on rescuing L.J. Meanwhile, a new inmate enters Sona, unnerving Whistler and raising Michael’s suspicions. Lincoln and Sofia join forces. Michael works on distracting the tower guards to ensure the escape, but is backfired when guards find him looking at them, and locks down his cell, which contains some tools vital to the escape plan. Lechero’s cousin, Augusto pays Sucre to get goods into Sona.

6 (50) episode Prison Break description

“Photo Finish”
Mahone is approached by Sullins and Lang, and offers him a way out of Sona, which he eventually takes. An inmate is found murdered in Sona, and Whistler is a suspect. However, in the end Lechero kills one of his own men instead. As Lincoln plans on spiking a guard’s coffee cup, he mistakenly tells Susan that they will escape by day. Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees proof that Sara is still alive, but is devastated when Lincoln is forced to admit Sara is dead, and as revenge drops the chicken foot on Whistler.

7 (51) episode Prison Break description

Michael uses the chicken foot as a diversion for their escape, but it is backfired after cloud coverage blocks the sunlight, exposing the blind spot. Michael and Whistler are forced to fight, and make a tough decision on who is going to die. However, before one could be killed, the guards raid Sona again after they find the ladder, and kills the cell’s owner, believing him to plan the escape. Lechero finds out that Michael is planning a break out, and wants in, believing the prisoners are starting to lose faith in him. Lincoln attempts to rescue L.J again, but fails. Mahone realises that his trial is postponed. In the end, it is revealed that Whistler actually works for Gretchen, and she allows him more time to escape.

8 (52) episode Prison Break description

“Bang & Burn”
Mahone is to testify against the Company, but due to his drug addiction, he is unable to testify, and is denied entry back into the US. Lechero shows Michael that Sona has a collapsed tunnel, which is instrumental in the new escape plan. Meanwhile, the Company takes the escape into their own hands, and targets Lincoln and Sucre. Fortunately, Lincoln manages to take out the assassins. Sofia finds proof that Whistler isn’t who he says he is. The Company sends two attack helicopters to break Whistler out. However, Michael is able to prevent him from doing so, and the helicopters retreat after taking fire. However, General Zavala steps in, and takes Michael away to solitary confinement.

9 (53) episode Prison Break description

“Boxed In”
Michael is taken to harsh solitary confinement in order to make him confess to the escape attempt. He breaks and tells Zavala everything. He finds Susan, who is revealed to be Gretchen Morgan. Zavala tortures her in order to reveal L.J’s location. However, she sends Zavala into a decoy and kills him. Bellick is forced to fight an inmate, and manages to kill him by using some acetone. Mahone returns to Sona, and decides to face his withdrawal. Sucre gets his hands on more money by making the Company believe that he will work against Lincoln. Sammy, Lechero’s right hand man is given a gift from Augusto in order for him to take out Lechero, a gun.

10 (54) episode Prison Break description

“Dirt Nap”
T-Bag and Bellick are now part of the escape plan, and since Sammy is now in charge, T-Bag wants Bellick to use the same tactic to kill Sammy, but he is out of acetone. Lincoln buys a bomb to take out Gretchen. Sammy puts a bounty on Michael’s head, but soon finds him planning to escape. Fortunately, Michael manages to sabotage the tunnel’s support, and Sammy dies from the tunnel’s cave-in. Lechero is now back in power again, although Lincoln tells Michael about what Sofia found concerning Whistler.

11 (55) episode Prison Break description

“Under and Out”
Gretchen kidnaps Sofia in order to have Whistler give the Company what they want. Heavy rains force Michael to move up the escape timetable and break out of Sona that evening. McGrady joins in on the escape, and T-Bag and Lechero form an alliance as Bellick hopes to form one with Mahone. Lincoln and Sucre help bring the lights down on Sona. However, Sucre runs into some unexpected trouble with his alias. With only 30 seconds of lag time until the generators kick in after the power cut, Lechero, Bellick and T-Bag force Michael to let them escape first, or Whistler dies.

12 (56) episode Prison Break description

“Hell or High Water”
Lechero, Bellick and T-Bag attempt their escape, but the generators kick in sooner, and they are caught, and Lechero is shot. This turns out to be a diversion for Michael, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady to escape. However, Whistler loses his bird book. The team is able to elude authorities by water and make it back on land, where they are tracked by the Company. They elude them, and Lincoln contacts Gretchen on a new exchange plan. However, from panic, Whistler flees.

13 (57) episode Prison Break description

“The Art of the Deal”
Michael and Lincoln quickly catch Whistler, where he is to be exchanged for L.J and Sofia’s lives. Michael plans on making the exchange in a museum. Anticipating they’ll get gunned down as soon as they exit, Michael is able to create a diversion to get out alive. However, a scuffle between them and the Company results in Sofia getting shot. McGrady reunites with his family in Colombia. After Sona guards learn of Sucre’s identity and fail to get information from him regarding Michael, he is tossed into Sona, where T-Bag manages to take control of the prison after killing Lechero. Mahone decides to rejoin the Company. While Sofia recovers from her injury, Michael leaves his brother to find Gretchen, to get revenge for Sara’s death.
Prison Break overview of episodes (season 4)

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