Prison Break description of episodes (season 4)

Description of Prison Break episodes that were first released on Fox September 1, 2008 – May 15, 2009; ganre – drama, action, crime,  thriller.
Prison Break overview of episodes (season 3)

1 (58) episode Prison Break description

After three weeks of searching, Michael finds Gretchen and Whistler in Los Angeles to avenge Sara’s death but learns that she escaped and is still alive. He finds her through Bruce Bennett and the two reunite. In Panama, Sucre, Bellick and T-Bag escape from Sona after a riot. T-Bag hitches a ride to the US, though the driver steals his money and leaves him for dead in the Mexican desert. Lincoln is arrested after killing a Company agent. Sucre and Bellick are also caught and Mahone is arrested after he finds out that a Company agent, Wyatt, has murdered his son. The arrested are soon brought together by Homeland Security agent Don Self in an operation to bring down the Company once and for all.

2 (59) episode Prison Break description

“Breaking & Entering”
Michael and his team are brought in to retrieve Scylla, a blackbook for the Company. The only way to do this is to break into the home of a Scylla cardholder and download the card’s information to a device made by Roland, a computer geek. They get the information by planting the device on a maid, who returns the device to the cardholder’s house, forcing Michael and the team to create a diversion In order to retrieve it. T-Bag manages to return to the US and, following the clues in Whistler’s bird book, finds something concerning Whistler’s double life. Wyatt has Gretchen imprisoned. Roland retrieves the information from the device and discovers that the Scylla card information is split into six parts, and the team needs the other five.

3 (60) episode Prison Break description

“Shut Down”
In response to the news that five more cards are required than initially anticipated, Homeland Security shuts down the operation and try to send the group behind bars again. Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sara escape and manage a last minute uncovering of clues about where the other cardholders are. Michael records a meeting of all six cardholders, and with this new development, Self decides to continue the operation. T-Bag uses Whistler’s second identity to make a new life for himself. Wyatt captures Bruce Bennett and injects him with truth serum to uncover Sara’s whereabouts, before killing him. Lincoln has a change of heart about Mahone after he learns that Mahone’s young son, Cameron, was murdered, and agrees to help find the killer.

4 (61) episode Prison Break description

“Eagles & Angels”
The team find the second cardholder and attend a police benefit by disguising as police officers to obtain the next card. T-Bag starts working at GATE Corporation and also begins reading the information in Whistler’s bird book. Meanwhile, Sara hears of Bennett’s death, supposedly suicide, and is stricken with grief and guilt. She goes to a bar, where one man steals her credit card, alerting Wyatt to her location, and follows her to find the team.

5 (62) episode Prison Break description

“Safe & Sound”
The search for the next card holder brings Michael and Lincoln to the Treasury Department, where they successfully manage to download the third card. The General orders all his cardholders to keep their cards with them at all times. Lincoln becomes concerned for Michael after noticing his nosebleed. Sara manages to evade Wyatt and keep him from following her to the team’s location. Sucre and Bellick search for T-Bag to get to Whistler’s book. Gretchen manages to escape from the Company. After seeing Pam, and having her ID their son’s killer, Mahone begins to seek vengeance.

6 (63) episode Prison Break description

“Blow Out”
Michael and the team track the next cardholder to a racetrack and get the information from the card. In the process Mahone is arrested with the device. Self arranges a deal to retrieve the device, though Mahone is still behind bars. However, Michael and the team manage pull off a sophisticated escape during Mahone’s trial, and he narrowly escapes being killed by Wyatt, the man who murdered his son. The Company targets Self after he digs up information on General Krantz. T-Bag’s alias, Cole Pfeiffer, is being investigated for fraud by one of GATE’s salespeople. In a panic, T-Bag runs home to pack up and finds Gretchen there, demanding to know who he is.

7 (64) episode Prison Break description

“Five the Hard Way”
Lincoln takes members of the team to Las Vegas to track down the fifth card. They learn that the cardholder is in search of an attractive young male. Sucre agrees to take part to get close to the card and learns that the cardholder wants someone to be a one-time bedmate for his wife. Sucre is able to get the fifth card, however Roland’s device is confiscated when he is caught gambling. Sara learns that Michael has a brain tumor, like his mother. Meanwhile, T-Bag works with Gretchen as she kills the man investigating him and kidnaps both Michael and Bellick to get Michael to find Scylla by using the bird book. They make it to GATE finding a room that could lead them to it. Mahone is able to rescue Michael and Bellick and capture T-Bag, and Michael gets a phonecall from Gretchen.

8 (65) episode Prison Break description

“The Price”
Michael is forced to form an alliance with Gretchen and, with the device gone, the team targets the General to get the final card, though Wyatt is tipped off and stops it. The General organizes Scylla to be moved as Michael works out a route from GATE to the Company building where Scylla is being held. Michael suspects that Roland is the traitor, and realizing he has been found out, Roland arranges to meet with Wyatt to exchange the team’s whereabouts for money. However, Wyatt tortures Roland instead, and once he learns the location of the team, shoots Roland fatally in the abdomen. Just then, the team successfully tracks them and captures Wyatt. Michael stays with Roland until he dies.

9 (66) episode Prison Break description

“Greatness Achieved”
The team secretly records Wyatt while Sara engages him in a lengthy conversation. The team edits the recording into a short message of Wyatt saying “they are all dead.” They call the General and play their tape, convincing him that the team is dead. With Wyatt’s usefulness over, the team permits Mahone to enact his revenge, which Mahone does by painstakingly torturing Wyatt until he agrees to apologize via telephone to Pam. Finally, Mahone pushes a cement block weighted-Wyatt off a pier. Gretchen entices the General as part of her plan to get the final card. In order to get to Company headquarters, the team shuts down a water pipe, planning to make a hole and break in. However, in the process, Michael suffers a seizure from his condition. They manage to put a pipe through to safely go through the water main. It slips and Bellick sacrifices his life to move it back up. Just as they succeed, the water returns, and Bellick drowns.

10 (67) episode Prison Break description

“The Legend”
While the team, including T-Bag, mourn the loss of Bellick, they continue their break in to get Scylla. Mahone visits the architect who built Scylla’s security vault, and is nearby when the architect is captured by Company agents. It is revealed that GATE secretary, Trishanne, works with Self. Michael and Sara visit a hospital when his condition deteriorates. They learn that Michael needs surgery the next day. Michael refuses as the General is moving Scylla and their window of opportunity is closing quickly.

11 (68) episode Prison Break description

“Quiet Riot”
Gretchen tries to get the last card by luring the General to her, but he finds out her intentions and threatens to kill her if he sees her again. Self and Trishanne find a lead on Feng Huan, the intended buyer for Scylla should T-Bag and Gretchen get there, but the two are captured by Huan and his men. The rest of the team break into the vault, which has sensitive noise, pressure and temperature alarms. The team successfully manages to get to Scylla. However, the General sees this through CCTV and is sending his men to stop them.

12 (69) episode Prison Break description

Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sucre anticipate that the General is coming and manages to subdue his guards, as well as get the General’s card to get Scylla. Although they are stuck in the Company headquarters, their freedom is secured after Sara holds Lisa Tabak, the General’s daughter, hostage. They are able to leave the headquarters alive and with Scylla. Self and Trishanne manage to escape from Huan and kills him and his men. While T-Bag and Gretchen wait for Scofield, the boss of GATE notices their machine guns and the two are forced to hold everyone hostage, though Trishanne is eventually able to apprehend T-Bag. With Scylla, Self takes it and organizes the team’s releases. However, the celebration is cut short when Self has sent the team empty pieces of paper rather than their release, and he kills Trishanne to sell Scylla himself.

13 (70) episode Prison Break description

“Deal or No Deal”
Self tricks Homeland Security into believing that Michael and Burrows have killed him. He gets Gretchen and T-Bag to find a buyer for Scylla, by holding Gretchen’s sister and daughter hostage. Michael and the team are again on the run, from both Homeland and the Company. However, Homeland is convinced of Self’s double-cross and intends on killing Michael and Lincoln to prevent any fallout, though the brothers are saved by a Company agent, only to get killed by Lincoln. Gretchen finds a conduit, the man who can arrange a buyer. However, Self notices a piece of Scylla is missing, and Michael has it, when Self calls Michael concerning this, Michael tells him to “come and get it”.

14 (71) episode Prison Break description

“Just Business”
Self’s search for the missing piece gets him captured by the group. While T-Bag holds Gretchen’s family hostage, a Company agent disguised as a bible salesman arrives. T-Bag lets the family go before he is captured by the agent. Mahone meets with Lang and Wheeler to arrange a meeting with the Attorney General, but realizes this is a ruse and is taken away. Michael is able to get Scylla from Self but as he escapes, he collapses from his condition and is taken away by the Company, though Self escapes with Scylla again. Lincoln decides to join the Company when they promise to take care of Michael in exchange for the safe return of Scylla.

15 (72) episode Prison Break description

“Going Under”
While Lincoln works with Sucre to get Scylla back, Self kills the conduit and arranges the meet with the buyer, who plans on killing Self and Gretchen, though Sucre and Lincoln find them both and takes them into Company custody, but Scylla is gone. Meanwhile, Michael gets his surgery, where he has visions of Charles Westmoreland and uncovers what Scylla actually is. After the surgery is a success, Michael tells Sara that he thinks Scylla is a formula for a means of harnessing the full potential of solar energy. Mahone manages to escape from Lang and Wheeler. In the end, Michael learns that not only does Lincoln now work for the Company, but his mother did also.

16 (73) episode Prison Break description

“The Sunshine State”
Lincoln, Gretchen, Self and T-Bag travel to Miami, Florida to look for Scylla. Mahone soon joins in. Gretchen is suspicious that the buyer is from the Company and decides to betray the team to get to Scylla, but double crosses them and gets shot. The rest of the team abandon her to the cops but Scylla is gone. Meanwhile, Tabak tells Sara where the Company is holding Michael, since they attempt to brainwash him to work for them. He learns that his mother may still be alive. With Sara’s help, Michael manages to escape. In the end, Lincoln gets a phone call from the person who has bought Scylla, where he tells the buyer that he is coming after him, not knowing that the buyer is actually his mother, alive and well.

17 (74) episode Prison Break description

“The Mother Lode”
Christina Scofield attempts to assassinate the General with a car bomb but he survives. In Miami, Lincoln eventually learns that his mother is alive, and makes contact with her. She urges him to stand down so she can stop the Company herself. Meanwhile, Michael and Sara travel to Miami, where they are chased by what they believe are Company agents. They end up hiding in the back of a big rig truck and are stuck there. Before evading the Company agents for good, Michael learns that the General didn’t try to kidnap them. In fact, it was his mother. This becomes apparent when she orders the hit on Lincoln when he continues investigating.

18 (75) episode Prison Break description

Michael and Lincoln square-off with each other over Scylla as Christina orders a kill shot on Lincoln and sets her secret plan in motion. Sara receives some unexpected news, T-Bag causes a scene at the Indian Embassy and Pad Man’s paranoia leads to a death.

19 (76) episode Prison Break description

Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina, who drops a bombshell regarding the fact that Lincoln is not his biological brother. While Lincoln runs into Christina’s deadly trap, which involves him getting set up for assassinating the Indian Prime Minister’s son. Meanwhile, T-Bag sets out to prove he can become a Company man.

20 (77) episode Prison Break description

“Cowboys & Indians”
Pandemonium erupts at the hotel following the assassination at the global energy conference, and after finally obtaining the Scylla device, Michael is soon forced to choose between saving either Sara, who is being held by the General or Lincoln, who is being held by their mother.

21 (78) episode Prison Break description

“Rate of Exchange”
Michael must choose once and for all between saving Sara’s life or saving Lincoln’s. Sucre helps C-Note and Kellerman locate Michael so that they can finally be free. Lincoln learns that he and Michael are not really brothers and Michael learns that Sara is pregnant.

22 (79) episode Prison Break description

“Killing Your Number”
Christina is killed, the General and Bagwell are each arrested and Michael and the others hand Scylla over to the UN, allowing them all to be exonerated and live normal lives. Michael, however, becomes ill again. Four years later, the exonerated characters gather to pay their respects to Michael.

23 (80) episode Prison Break description

“The Old Ball and Chain”
Michael and Sara wed but happiness is short lived when Sara is arrested for the murder of Christina Scofield.

24 (81) episode Prison Break description

Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Alex reunite to break out Sara, who is ordered by the General to be killed. Michael sacrifices himself to help Sara escape. In the last scene of the series, Lincoln and Sara watch the DVD Michael left them explaining why he did what he did.

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