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Description of Regular Show episodes that were first released on Cartoon Network October 9, 2014 – June 25, 2015; ganre – comedy,  adventure, fantasy, animation.
Regular Show overview of episodes (season 5)

1 (161) episode guide Regular Show

“Maxin’ and Relaxin'”

Mordecai fears of being embarrassed by his mother when C.J. wants to come over for a family dinner.

Guest voice actors: Katey Sagal and Ed Begley, Jr. as Mordecai’s parents

2 (162) episode guide Regular Show

“New Bro on Campus”

After breaking off his friendship with Hi-Five Ghost over an embarrassing video, Muscle Man tells Mordecai and Rigby the story of how he and Hi-Five Ghost met back in high school when he was the big man on campus — until new kid Hi-Five Ghost comes in and usurps his title.

3 (163) episode guide Regular Show

“Daddy Issues”

C.J. competes in a mini-golf tournament to win a card that permits people to cut in line at their favorite restaurant, but things hit a snag when C.J. must compete against her overly-competitive father.

Guest voice actor: Christopher McDonald as Carl Putter

4/5 (164/165) episode guide Regular Show

“Terror Tales of the Park IV”

The park workers tell scary stories to keep Muscle Man awake while driving to visit his mother on Halloween.
• “The Hole” – Pops must be sacrificed to a sacred hole but tries to get the group to think of another way.
• “Unfinished Business” – After Mordecai and Rigby die, Benson must fire the two in order to get them to stop haunting the house.
• “Scary Movie Night” – Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen and C.J. get stuck in a horror film and must survive it until the end of the movie.

6 (166) episode guide Regular Show

“The End of Muscle Man”

Muscle Man gives the group a list of things that he wants to do before “the end.” When everyone realizes he is serious, they decide to make Muscle Man’s final wishes come true.

7 (167) episode guide Regular Show

“Lift with Your Back”

Feeling unappreciated, Rigby quits his job at the park and gets a job with a moving company.

8 (168) episode guide Regular Show

“Eileen Flat Screen”

Rigby plans to surprise Eileen by setting up her new flat screen TV for her, but things take a turn when Eileen’s roommate interferes.

9/10 (169/170) episode guide Regular Show

“The Real Thomas”

Rigby discovers that Thomas is in connection with a plot by Russian spies to invade America.

11 (171) episode guide Regular Show

“The White Elephant Gift Exchange”

The group plans revenge on Muscle Man for giving them prank gifts every year during their White Elephant Gift Exchange.

12 (172) episode guide Regular Show

“Merry Christmas Mordecai”

Margaret returns to town for Eileen’s Christmas party, which complicates things for Mordecai now that he is with C.J.

13 (173) episode guide Regular Show

“Sad Sax”

After making a serious mistake at Eileen’s Christmas party, Mordecai tries to make things right with C.J. with the help of a shirtless street saxophonist, but each of his solutions makes things worse.

Guest voice actors: Katey Sagal as Mordecai’s mom and Jason Mantzoukas as Sad Sax Guy.

14 (174) episode guide Regular Show

“Park Managers’ Lunch”

Benson is invited to a park managers’ luncheon by Gene, but his employees worry that it might be a trap.

15 (175) episode guide Regular Show

“Mordecai and Rigby Down Under”

Mordecai and Rigby sleep in a crate that gets shipped to Australia and must traverse the Outback to get to the airport.

16 (176) episode guide Regular Show

“Married and Broke”

Muscle Man and Starla compete on a game show where couples compete to win an all-expenses-paid wedding.

17 (177) episode guide Regular Show

“I See Turtles”

Mordecai, Rigby, C.J., and Eileen head to the beach to watch the sea turtles hatch and head into the ocean, but they stumble upon a beachside resort where the wealthy are using turtles in their spas as a fountain of youth.

18 (178) episode guide Regular Show

“Format Wars II”

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, and Benson set out to stop an impending war coming from a new format, DVD.

19 (179) episode guide Regular Show

“Happy Birthday Song Contest”

Mordecai and Rigby are determined to win a happy birthday song contest so they can get a year’s supply of cake.

20 (180) episode guide Regular Show

“Benson’s Suit”

Benson finds a suit in the park and begins wearing it to command respect — only to learn that the suit was made by the government and corrupt leaders and businessmen will stop at nothing to get it.

21 (181) episode guide Regular Show

“Gamers Never Say Die”

Mordecai and Rigby set out to find a rare video game patch.

22 (182) episode guide Regular Show

“1000th Chopper Flight Party”

Mordecai tries to avoid further relationship problems when he attends Margaret’s 1000th chopper flight party for her father.

23 (183) episode guide Regular Show

“Party Horse”

An alien pod crashes onto Earth and an alien horse known as Party Horse turns to Mordecai and Rigby to help him pass a U.S. History test.

24 (184) episode guide Regular Show

“Men in Uniform”

The group tries to find different ways to keep the park open when Mr. Maellard announces his plans to shut down the park due to lack of attendance.

25 (185) episode guide Regular Show

“Garage Door”

After Pops crashes his car into Mordecai and Rigby’s trompe-l’œil painting of the garage interior on the garage door, the trio heads off to a hardware superstore, where their search for a replacement garage door turns into an epic quest.

26/27 (186/187) episode guide Regular Show

“Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special”

In an homage to all things mecha anime, Benson orders Mordecai and Rigby to get rid of a cassowary in the park, which turns into an epic battle over merchandising rights when the baby ducks and full-grown geese return to enlist the help of the park workers to defeat a pair of lawyers and their iron-clad contracts.

28 (188) episode guide Regular Show

“Not Great Double Date”

After the events of “1000th Chopper Flight Party,” C.J. comes over to forgive Margaret for what happened then (and what happened on “Merry Christmas, Mordecai”) and invites her on a double date with her and Mordecai. Trouble is, Margaret lied about having a boyfriend so she could calm C.J. down from her rage — and must keep up the masquerade with the help of Eileen and Rigby’s outlandish story of how they met.

29 (189) episode guide Regular Show

“Death Kwon Do-Livery”

Mordecai and Rigby fight with the power of death kwon-do to help Sensei obtain a new stomach for his much need stomach transplant.

30 (190) episode guide Regular Show

“Lunch Break”

Benson treats his workers to lunch at a prestigious sandwich shop, and Mordecai and Rigby find themselves in over their head when they order the number 46 (a very long party sub) and are forced to eat it or else be fired. While the duo eat it, they think back to other eating challenges they’ve done.

31 (191) episode guide Regular Show

“Dumped at the Altar”

The group helps Muscle Man and Starla on their wedding day, but it’s Mordecai whose relationship is in danger when Margaret gets invited and an awkward speech leads to yet another falling-out between Mordecai and CJ.

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