Scrubs description of episodes (season 5)

Description of Scrubs episodes that were first released on NBC January 3, 2006 – May 16, 2006; ganre – sitcom, comedy.
Scrubs overview of episodes (season 4)

1 (94) episode Scrubs description

“My Intern’s Eyes”
Now an attending physician, J.D. has to deal with his own interns as Dr. Cox tests whether he’s still willing to bend the rules despite more responsibility. Turk hesitates at the thought of Carla getting pregnant. Meanwhile, Elliot starts her fellowship at County Hospital and tries not to appear foolish.

2 (95) episode Scrubs description

“My Rite of Passage”
Despite trying to do the opposite, J.D. finds himself treating his interns poorly after discovering they laugh at his jokes out of fear. The hospital staff attempt to avoid Jordan to drive her away, and Elliot’s fellowship abruptly ends. The episode guest stars Alexander Chaplin as Sam Thompson.

3 (96) episode Scrubs description

“My Day at the Races”
Trying to complete a list of goals before his 30th birthday, J.D. signs up for a triathlon. Meanwhile, Turk takes on a patient who wishes to be hypnotized instead of put under anesthesia during surgery, and Elliot finds she and Jake (Josh Randall) know little about each other. J.D. and Elliot move in together.

4 (97) episode Scrubs description

“My Jiggly Ball”
J.D. struggles to find something positive to talk about when assigned to introduce Dr. Kelso at an awards dinner, especially after Kelso chooses a wealthier patient for a drug trial after promising the opportunity to another. Carla and Turk attempt to help Elliot, stuck working in a free clinic, get her job at Sacred Heart back. Everyone except for J.D. seems to know of a game called “Jiggly Ball”.

5 (98) episode Scrubs description

“My New God”
Dr. Cox’s born-again Christian sister, Paige Cox (Cheryl Hines), visits the hospital and wants him to participate in his son’s baptism: Dr. Cox wants nothing to do with it, and her for that matter. Elliot tries to convince Turk why Carla finds babymaking to be romantic. The Janitor and J.D. begin a friendship, which is sabotaged by one of Janitor’s more elaborate pranks. The song playing during the Janitor’s ‘Evil Stare’ is “Koyaanisqatsi” by Philip Glass.

6 (99) episode Scrubs description

“My Missed Perception”
J.D. has to deal with the consequences when he mistakes a patient’s reaction to her approaching death as a wish to end treatment. Carla desperately tries to gather the hospital staff for a group photo, while Turk and Elliot try to discover the cause of a patient’s mysterious and unexplainable pain. The episode features a cameo appearance by Gary Busey.

7 (100) episode Scrubs description

“My Way Home”
J.D. gets called in to work on his day off, but the only thing he wants to do is get home. Meanwhile Elliot tries to convince everyone she is an expert on endocrinology following her brief fellowship, Carla has doubts over being a parent, and Turk has to wrestle over an issue that will either help his career or break his conscience.

8 (101) episode Scrubs description

“My Big Bird”
J.D., Elliot, Turk and Carla are all formally interrogated following the death of a patient, where it is learned that J.D. and Turk were unnecessarily visiting a patient’s home, Carla was gathering the staff to purchase lottery tickets in a group effort, and Elliot was dealing with the wife of a married man she kissed. The episode guest stars Jason Bateman as Mr. Sutton and Peter Jacobson as Mr. Foster.

9 (102) episode Scrubs description

“My Half-Acre”
J.D. is set up on a blind date with a patient’s niece and tries to take Elliot’s advice to avoid scaring her off. Meanwhile, Turk joins the hospital air-band, but when he steps on Dr. Kelso’s toes he has to learn to swallow his pride. Dr. Cox worries about being an unsatisfactory father. The episode guest stars Mandy Moore as Julie Quinn.

10 (103) episode Scrubs description

“Her Story II”
Narrated from Carla’s viewpoint: J.D. lets the little things bother him with Julie, but just as he gets over them, the big things make themselves plain. Meanwhile, Carla gets a fertility test when a new nurse makes her feel even older. The episode features a cameo appearance by Billy Dee Williams.

11 (104) episode Scrubs description

“My Buddy’s Booty”
J.D. and Elliot, worried about their favorite patient Mrs. Wilk undergoing a risky procedure—and J.D. still having trouble getting over Julie—both agree to find a booty call, but his suggestion backfires when Elliot chooses J.D.’s nemesis/intern, Keith. Carla encourages Turk to fight for a female-friendly hospital gym, and Dr. Cox and the Janitor strike a lop-sided friendship over drinks.

12 (105) episode Scrubs description

“My Cabbage” (Part 1)
J.D. tries relentlessly to get rid of Keith while sticking up for his favorite intern “Cabbage”, while the staff says goodbye to Mrs. Wilk. The Janitor keeps a magpie in the hospital which proves very adept at stealing things, much to Dr. Kelso’s displeasure. The episode features a cameo appearance by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

13 (106) episode Scrubs description

“My Five Stages” (Part 2)
When the hospital’s favorite patient Mrs. Wilk is told she will die after getting an infection, Dr. Cox and J.D. seem to go through the five stages of grief as well. Meanwhile, Elliot realizes that her booty call Keith has become more than a booty call, and the Janitor and Ted team up to give Dr. Kelso a taste of his own medicine. The episode guest stars Dave Foley as Dr. Hedrick.

14 (107) episode Scrubs description

“My Own Personal Hell”
Dr. Cox is named the best doctor in the area in a leading publication. Dr. Cox struggles to treat an unnervingly rude and haughty patient who is a friend of Dr. Kelso’s. After struggling to conceive, Carla, who has already taken a fertility test, questions Turk’s fertility. Elliot finds out J.D. doesn’t like Keith.

15 (108) episode Scrubs description

“My Extra Mile”
J.D. encourages his colleagues to go the extra mile with their patients. This causes a dilemma as J.D. is torn between sticking to his principles and losing a very attractive girlfriend who is only interested in him because of his hair. Turk and Carla are having trouble making a baby, and a doctor attributes it to the stress they are under. Turk is worried about getting a permanent position when he finds out he is the fourth most skilled surgeon.

16 (109) episode Scrubs description

“My Bright Idea”
J.D. and Turk find out that Carla is pregnant before she does and J.D. convinces Turk to tell the entire hospital staff in order to surprise Carla. Carla, however, reveals that upon hearing the news of pregnancy, her biggest joy will be to tell her friends one by one. J.D. gets the Janitor to swallow a GPS tracker.

17 (110) episode Scrubs description

“My Chopped Liver”
Carla is forced to do Kelso’s job, saying “no” to people’s requests. J.D.’s patient who needs a liver transplant recovers but his brother who donated gets worse. Dr. Cox is forced to attend a couples’ dinner with Elliot and Keith, with the result that the other interns try to befriend him as well (much to J.D.’s dismay). J.D. himself gets in the way of “Turk Time”, causing resentment from his best friend.

The episode’s storyline regarding a liver transplant led to a nomination at The Sentinel for Health Awards in 2006 in the primetime comedy section.

18 (111) episode Scrubs description

“My New Suit”

J.D. finds himself constantly lying in order not to hurt the feelings of his visiting brother Dan (Tom Cavanagh). Carla and Turk can’t decide on baby names. Dr. Cox is forced to work with Ted after a conversation with Kelso goes wrong.

19 (112) episode Scrubs description

“His Story III”

Narrated by The Janitor: J.D. begins a video postcard for his mother, but gets locked in a water tower for the day by the Janitor. Finding himself with free time, the Janitor bonds with a severely quadriplegic patient who can’t communicate. Elliot and Carla argue over an intern’s mistake. Turk is embarrassed by his impending fatherhood when Dr. Cox accuses him of having a stereotypically white personality.

20 (113) episode Scrubs description

“My Lunch”

After repeatedly running into annoying recurring patient Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan), J.D. feels guilty when she dies of an apparent drug overdose and he didn’t act on warning signs. Carla and Elliot convince Todd to admit to being gay, but contrary to what they had hoped, this does not change his personality for the better. Dr. Cox consoles J.D. by telling him he shouldn’t take patients’ deaths personally. After three patients, one of whom is a friend of Dr. Cox, receive transplant organs from Jill Tracy, which turn out to be infected by rabies, causing all three patients to die. This causes Dr. Cox to break down, failing to follow his own advice. The plot is based on the May and June 2004 deaths of four Texas patients who received donor organs from a patient whose cause of death was originally determined to be a cocaine overdose, but later turned out to be rabies.

21 (114) episode Scrubs description

“My Fallen Idol”

Feeling guilty over the deaths of three patients, Dr. Cox comes to work drunk and is forced to take a leave of absence. The staff organize shifts to visit Cox at home and console him in the hope of his return, but initially, J.D. refuses to take part. Meanwhile, Turk begins a new orthopedic rotation, but struggles to connect with his new, overly-sensitive attending. The episode guest stars Paul Adelstein as Dr. Stone.

22 (115) episode Scrubs description

“My D?j? Vu, My D?j? Vu”

After five years working at Sacred Heart, J.D. gets the impression that the same events keep unfolding at Sacred Heart. Dr Cox, returning to work, seems to have lost his self-confidence and Elliot takes it upon herself to help him regain it. Turk annoys Carla by doing the things she cannot while pregnant.)

23 (116) episode Scrubs description

“My Urologist”

J.D. begins to fall for Dr. Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks), a urologist who has supposedly always been present, but was invisible to J.D. because she wore a wedding ring. She shares a patient with J.D., but when Dr. Cox reveals that she’s refusing to do a risky surgery to keep her statistics up, he begins to have mixed feelings. Elliot considers breaking up with Keith after he refuses to stand up for himself, but Carla, amid her pregnancy hormones, tries to save the relationship. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso decides to trust the Janitor to fetch cash from a deposit at home, which he regrets. During the opening title sequence Dr. Kim Briggs steps into the credits and switches the X-ray around, saying, “That’s backwards, it’s been bugging me for years.”

24 (117) episode Scrubs description

“My Transition” (Part 1)

J.D. and Kim’s romance escalates when they go on their first date, but Elliot won’t give them much time alone, as she is becoming good friends with Kim too. Dr. Cox and Jordan celebrate as Jack moves out of diapers by giving his baby things away at Carla’s baby shower, but learn that Jordan’s pregnant again. Later when J.D. goes to talk to Kim, she reveals that she is pregnant.

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