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Description of Sleepy Hollow episodes that were first released on Fox September 22, 2014 – February 24, 2015; ganre – drama, horror, action, procedural.
Sleepy Hollow overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (14) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“This Is War”
Ichabod and Abbie “live” an illusionary life created by Henry in order to gain information about a key that can bypass the bounds of Purgatory. When Henry breaks the illusion, Abbie is left trapped in Purgatory and Ichabod in his son’s coffin; as they part he vows to return for her. Henry meanwhile uses his sin eater ability on Jenny and learns about a clue in Benjamin Franklin’s (Timothy Busfield) sketchbook and leaves to recover it. In Purgatory, Andy tells Abbie of Moloch’s plans, and of a mirror in Moloch’s lair which she later uses to warn Ichabod. Ichabod escapes from the coffin and is contacted by Jenny, who has escaped from Henry’s men, and helps her leave the area. Concerned about Abbie, Ichabod updates Jenny on the current situation and together they decode the clue in Franklin’s sketchbook and recover the key. They both travel to the forest, where Ichabod uses the key and enters Purgatory; there he reunites with Abbie and is faced with a demon impersonating him. The fake overpowers him and attempts to impersonate him to Abbie, but she decapitates him and the real Ichabod rejoins her. Together they use the key to escape Purgatory but are followed by Moloch, who is stopped when the door closes on him. Now back in the real world, Ichabod sees the key disintegrate in his hand. That night, Henry is contacted by Moloch and admits his failure to recover the key. Moloch, however, gifts him a suit of armor that he can manipulate, as it is bonded to his soul as the Horseman of War.

2 (15) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“The Kindred”
Ichabod and Abbie learn of a creature with the power of a horseman called a “Kindred” created by Benjamin Franklin with body parts of his strongest soldiers, but he was unable to bring it to life as it required a horseman body part. Ichabod wants to use it to battle the horseman while he sneaks into the house where Katrina is being held, Abbie is against the idea but is convinced by Ichabod to go along with the plan. As they require the horseman’s head, Abbie decides to visit Frank Irving in jail and learns that it’s being held in a deposit box in the bank. Before she leaves, she urges him to tell the truth about what happened with his daughter so he’s moved to the psych ward as he will be more accessible there. Now outside of Abraham’s house, Ichabod places the horseman’s head on the Kindred’s body and recites the incantation to bring it to life and watches on as it battles the two horsemen. With the horseman distracted, Ichabod sneaks into Abraham’s home and reunites with Katrina, but is concerned when she tells him she wants to stay and learn more about Moloch’s plans. Ichabod is at first against the idea, but agrees as she convinces him she will be a useful spy. He then escapes with Abbie. The next day Ichabod and Abbie discuss Katrina and wonder what happened to the Kindred after the battle. Jenny is in custody for possession of weapons, and Abbie warns her it will take time to work it out, given the new police chief. Meanwhile, Henry decides to visit Frank Irving to offer him a contract to enlist his services as a lawyer. Upon signing it, Irving unwillingly cuts his finger, signing the contract in blood.

3 (16) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Root of All Evil”
Ichabod and Abbie go to the asylum where Irving is being held, only to find out that his lawyer Henry Parish has barred them from seeing him. Meanwhile, Jenny has gotten out of prison thanks to Abbie, who bargained with the new sheriff so Jenny could spend the rest of her sentence doing community service. Much to Abbie’s surprise, Jenny is not happy to see Abbie, in fact, she is rageful that Abbie did not tell her about her mother being killed in the asylum. After an argument between the sisters, Ichabod and Abbie learn that Henry has brought a cursed coin, one of the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas for betraying Jesus, that makes the dark side of people be revealed (which is what caused Benedict Arnold to turn against the colonists) back to the present day. After the man who has the coin is imprisoned for killing his father, the coin is taken into police custody, where Henry switches the coin with a quarter. Henry gives the coin to an unsuspecting Jenny, who now wants to kill the new sheriff because Jenny believes that she is the reason for her mother’s death. Abbie and Ichabod, with the help of new ally Nick Hawley, are able to talk Jenny down, and imprison the coin in sanctified glass (where it can’t affect anyone). At the end of the episode, Henry burns the bed where Katrina gave birth to him in rage.

4 (17) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Go Where I Send Thee…”
When 10 year old Sarah Lancaster is abducted by a demonic Pied Piper, Ichabod and Abbie discover a bone flute in the woods while searching for the girl, when Ichabod plays the flute it sends Abbie into a trance. Believing this is how the Pied Piper abducted the girl, they decide to use a recording of the flute and venture back out into the woods where they come across Nick Hawley and enlist his help in locating the girl in exchange for the flute. Now at the Pied Pipers lair Abbie and Ichabod locate the girl and unchain her while Nick deals with the Piper, they then plant some charges to slow it down while they escape. Nick however demands the flute, telling them that the job is done and that they should live up to their promise. She gives it to him, but breaks it telling him they can’t give him that kind of power. Meanwhile Irving meets with Henry to terminate his services and learns a horrifying truth, that when he signed the contract he signed away his soul. With Sarah reunited with her parents, Ichabod and Abbie are faced with a horrifying truth when the curse strikes Sarah’s brothers which forces her mother to take Sarah into the woods to use as bait against the Piper. When Abbie talks her down, they however are interrupted when the Piper attacks, as Ichabod engages it in a sword fight, Abbie finishes it off. With the curse now broken, Nick sells the broken flute unknowingly to Henry who then grinds it up into dust.

5 (18) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“The Weeping Lady”
Katrina draws Abraham’s suspicions when she reaches out to Ichabod with a letter carried by a bird. Meanwhile Ichabod befriends a woman called Caroline and is distraught when she turns up dead in a river moments after he had last seen her. When Ichabod and Abbie investigate her death, they learn of a creature called the “The Weeping Lady”, a local legend of a spirit of a woman who had drowned. However, when the Weeping lady attacks Abbie in the library almost drowning her, she is rescued by Ichabod and is able to grab a clue that Ichabod recognizes. He believes the creature to be a woman from his past called Mary Wells, who he had been promised to as a child. He tells Abbie that he had broken off the engagement to Mary because of her jealously and believed that she had returned to England after he had received a letter from her. Abbie believes that Mary is targeting people connected to him through jealousy and that she believes Katrina may be next. That night, Katrina is attacked by Mary and is able to escape with the help of her magic, and reunites with Ichabod and Abbie. Together, Abbie and Katrina are able to release Mary’s soul. With Mary now freed, Katrina confesses to Ichabod that she knew the details behind Mary’s accidental death, but he is angered by her deception. Meanwhile, Moloch punishes Henry, and tells him that he wants Katrina alive as she is a “Hellfire Shard” a chosen vessel.

6 (19) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“And the Abyss Gazes Back”
Abbie learns that Joe Corbin has returned to town from Afghanistan after being honorably discharged from the army. When she attempts to reach out to him, he doesn’t want to know as he resents her and blames her for his father’s death. However, when Abbie along with Ichabod are called out to a noise complaint, they are attacked by a creature and discover dead bodies everywhere, and that Joe is the only survivor. Meanwhile, Henry tells Irving that he will need to kill the man who crippled Macey to reclaim his soul, but he refuses. Ichabod and Abbie learn that the creature responsible for the deaths is a Wendigo, a monster who feeds on human organs when it smells blood. Believing Joe to be the Wendigo, they manage to track him down in the woods, but when he transforms into the Wendigo they capture him and feed him organs to return him to normal. They learn that Joe was cursed by Henry when he was sent a letter, and that he wants a powerful poison in exchange for the cure. Joe listens on as Abbie reminisces about his father, but they are interrupted by Henry who demands the poison. Joe hands it to him, and is later tricked when Henry cuts his arm and he transforms again. Ichabod then recites a Shawnee incantation to return Joe to human form forever. Meanwhile Irving makes a dangerous choice, and Henry unleashes a deadly spider on Katrina that enters her mouth.

7 (20) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

Katrina believes that she may have been poisoned by Henry when she contracts a mysterious illness. Abraham tells her that he knew nothing of it, or of Moloch’s plans for her. Henry and his men interrupt them both and attempt to take her away. Enraged by this, Abraham attacks them and buys Katrina the time to escape. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie cast their vote and are then interrupted by an officer who informs them they had found a Jane Doe who is found to be Katrina and had brought her to the hospital. Worried for her well being, Ichabod and Abbie take her away, Abbie follows Henry’s men who had arrived and Ichabod and Katrina research her illness. They learn of the Hellfire club, and Katrina tells Ichabod of how she had spoken with Abraham, which disturbs him. They learn that Katrina is pregnant, to her horror. Ichabod suspects it was Abraham, but Katrina angrily denies and tells him it could be from no man. They however are forced to escape the archives when Henry’s men arrive, and are able to flee to a nearby church. While there Katrina tells Ichabod and Abbie that Henry can help her, and of her faith in him because Henry is her son. At the Psych hospital, Ichabod learns from Henry that the baby inside Katrina is Moloch, and angrily attempts to reach out to Henry’s human side. Abbie meanwhile reassures a distraught Katrina that they will find a way to help her. When they learn the Aurora Borealis can stop Moloch’s birth, they recover a prism from the Hellfire club and Ichabod uses it to save Katrina and stop Moloch’s birth.

8 (21) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

Henry summons a Succubus to gather life energy to raise Moloch. When bodies start appearing around Sleepy Hollow, they learn that the creature is a succubus and that it is preying on the desires of its victims. With Katrina’s help Ichabod and Abbie are able to track the creature to the docks and are able to rescue Hawley before he is killed, but the creature escapes. Katrina meanwhile continues to experience visions of a baby, and of Henry. Ichabod believes this to be a side effect of her most recent experience but she believes there’s more to it. By refining her visions, Katrina is able to see inside of the manor and learns that Henry is using the Succubus to gather life force to raise Moloch. When they investigate further they learn that the creature is called the Incordata, a heartless creature that feels no desires of its own. Meanwhile Katrina and Abbie are able to locate and destroy the heart, which weakens the creature enough for Ichabod and Hawley to kill it. With the Incordata now dead, Katrina and Abbie reconcile their differences, and Katrina tells Abbie of her plan to kill Moloch by returning to Abraham, which Ichabod later accepts. Now at the manor, Henry reveals to Katrina that Moloch is now a baby.

9 (22) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Jenny investigate a series of unexplained suicides at Tarrytown Psych, which brings up painful memories of their mother Lori (Aunjanue Ellis) for them both. While there they reach out to Irving for insight into the victims, but are unable to form a connection between them. When they review the security footage, they are shocked to discover the spirit of their mother in the room with each of the suicide patients prior to their death. That night, Abbie and Jenny along with Hawley return to Tarrytown and are forced to intervene to prevent a patient from committing suicide, however Abbie is transported to another part of the hospital by her mother, and Jenny while searching for her is left a message on a door which reads ‘TPRJLMIL’. They learn that the message was a code for a video session, and together they watch their mother speak of her torment and of a nurse they had previously encountered called Lambert (Cynthia Stevenson). Believing Lambert to be behind the deaths, they return to Tarrytown and rescue Irving before he can commit suicide. They then learn of a journal with a hex that can banish Lambert, but Abbie is captured. With the journal now recovered, Jenny recites the hex that banishes Lambert. Abbie and Jenny then summon their mother, and learn that she has watched over them, and of a weapon that can stop Moloch. They say goodbye and watch as her spirit passes on. Irving rejoins the group after escaping Tarrytown Psych.

10 (23) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Magnum Opus”
Researching Grace Dixon’s journal for any clues about a weapon able to kill Moloch, Abbie and Ichabod discover a hidden message that connects to Hebrew lore; it tells of the “Sword of Methuselah”, which is the best chance they have of killing Moloch. Realizing the connection between the first cartoon “Join or Die” and Sleepy Hollow rivers, they attempt to track down the weapon. However, Henry had been spying on them and sends Abraham to collect the weapon to ensure the Apocalypse’s arrival is not prevented. Though Abraham gains the upper hand in their fight, sunrise forces him to retreat. Ichabod and Abbie discover a hidden underground lair, which is filled with statues; Abbie recognizes one as the woman from her visions, while Ichabod comes to the horrible conclusion that a gorgon resides there. They escape to the surface, deciding to use Abraham’s headless state to their advantage; without eyes, he cannot be turned to stone by meeting the gorgon’s gaze. The plan is successful, but Henry blows a magic horn to sound the beginning of the end, calling Abraham back. Ichabod and Abbie discover the sword was hidden in oil, which they ignite to free the blade. Elsewhere, Henry and Abraham attend the arrival of Moloch.

11 (24) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“The Akeda”
Ichabod and Abbie travel to Fredericks Manor in an effort to face Moloch and stop the apocalypse, but are faced with Abraham who is about to perform a binding ritual on Katrina. Ichabod engages him in battle with the sword and is able to overpower him, but hesitates in killing him when he learns that the Sword of Methuselah consumes the soul of the wielder when used to kill. Believing that Irving may be the only person capable of wielding the blade as Henry owns his soul, with Jenny’s help they are able to track him down and enlist his help. The group learns that with each of the four trees Moloch burns, the closer he becomes to merging Purgatory with the real world to bring hell on earth. Faced with an army of demons summoned by Moloch, Abbie is injured during the battle and is carried away by Jenny. Irving meanwhile engages the Horseman of War and destroys his armor, but is fatally wounded during the battle and dies. At the church, Abbie is distraught by Irving’s death and vows to kill Moloch with the sword at any cost, and tells the group that if she should fall they will take up the task. Moloch decides to send Henry to recover the sword, but he is concerned that he may die as his armor was destroyed. The group trick Henry when he arrives, but he overpowers them and takes the sword and brings them before Moloch, Henry uses the sword to kill Moloch after he is told to kill Katrina.

12 (25) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Paradise Lost”
It’s two months after Henry destroyed Morloch, and Ichabod and Abbie begin to wonder if their role has been completed. While investigating blighted crops, they encounter an angel named Orion (Max Brown) who they learn had spent 200 years in Purgatory after being captured in battle with the Horseman of Death. Believing him to be the answer to their problems, Abbie decides to take him to where Abraham is being held. However, Katrina reveals to the group that she wishes to separate him from the Horseman and make him human again. Believing Abraham’s life to be in danger, Katrina tells Abraham of her plan and frees him. With the help of Hawley, Abbie and Orion locate Abraham and Abbie learns that he had been around during times of catastrophe in human history, and of his plan to take the Horseman of Deaths power. During the battle, Orion incapacitates Abraham and attempts to steal his power, Ichabod uses the horseman’s axe to break his weapon and hands back the axe to Abraham. Believing that Ichabod and Abbie have sided with Abraham, Orion escapes. After the battle, Abraham is stopped by Katrina from attacking Ichabod and agrees to her decision to try and make him human again.

13 (26) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Pittura Infamante”
Ichabod and Katrina attempt to reconcile their marriage at the historical society, but are faced with a murder investigation when the body of an art restorer is found in the hanged man position. Katrina remembers her friend Abigail Adams (Michelle Trachtenberg) speaking of the murders in 1770, and of how they remain unresolved despite her best efforts. They learn that the murderer is a man called James Colby, a man who is able to leave the painting at will to kill his victims and drain their blood so he can complete the inverted cross and his resurrection. They learn from the runes on the frame that Abigail had discovered Colby was the murderer, and had allowed herself to be captured so she could trap him inside the painting. Ichabod and Katrina enter the painting and are able to rescue Miller and escape. But when Colby completes his resurrection and leaves the painting, Abbie shoots him and then the painting to kill him. Meanwhile, Abbie struggles to come to terms with Irving’s resurrection and has her doubts about his intentions, and then breaks the news to his wife.

14 (27) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Kali Yuga”
Nick Hawley gets help from Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny as he confronts his past in the form of Carmilla Pines (Jaime Murray), a ruthless treasure hunter, who raised Hawley as a child. Hawley had cut ties with her, after seeing her kill a man, leaving her alone; unfortunately, a Hindu cult captured her and used a ritual to turn her into a Vetala, a monster from Hindu lore. Carmilla convinces Hawley to help her commit one last heist and retrieve a statue of Kali, from Henry Knox’s former home. The statue supposedly having the power to restore a Vetala’s humanity; however, it turns out to be a trick as instead of a cure, the statue can be used to create more Vetala. Camilla attempts to turn Hawley through the use of the statue, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod. After a fierce confrontation, Carmilla flees and Hawley decides to leave Sleepy Hollow to track her down. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving is cleared of all charges at appeal. He and his wife adjust to him being back from the dead and what this could possibly mean for the future.

15 (28) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod and Abbie learn that a powerful Warlock who was responsible for the Salem witch trials had escaped from purgatory following the demise of Moloch, and is attempting to change the past with the Grand Grimoire. They learn from Katrina that the man was responsible for the death of a woman he believed loved him. She tells them that the witches coven had banded together and banished him to purgatory for his actions. With Katrina’s help, they confront the man but he escapes after overpowering her. Katrina ponders the Warlocks comments about submitting to the dark side to become more powerful and decides to leave the Warlocks capture to Ichabod and Abbie. Ichabod and Abbie enlist Irving to help fight the Warlock and Ichabod suggests that they use elements against him, realizing that Katrina’s elemental magic had an effect on him. They are able to track him down and electrocute him, Ichabod then attacks the man viciously before being pulled away by Abbie. Meanwhile, while Abbie and Ichabod look for him, Irving takes the Grimoire and snaps the neck of the Warlock who then vanishes. Irving then gives the Grimoire to Henry who responds with familiarity to him.

16 (29) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“What Lies Beneath”
Ichabod and Abbie investigate the disappearance of three workers and learn that they were abducted by Reavers, a secret unit that were assigned by Thomas Jefferson to guard the Fenestella. When they venture inside the hatch, they are forced to make a hasty retreat when confronted by a huge number of Reavers, and decide to return with more firepower. Meanwhile, Irving convinces Jenny to help him break into a police lockup, but when he takes evidence from the Hellfire club, Jenny confronts him. He tells her about what happened to him after he was resurrected, and of his desire to help his family before it’s too late. Now at the Fenestella, Ichabod and Abbie encounter a holographic Thomas Jefferson (Steven Weber) that explains the purpose of the Fenestella to them both, and of the role it can play helping them as witnesses. But when he tells them that they can’t save the men without sacrificing the Fenestella, Abbie responds that the lives of the men are more important. They both venture into the Reavers lair and rescue the men, but when the Reavers awaken they are forced to make a hasty retreat. Ichabod decides to venture back inside to destroy the Fenestella’s power source and convinces Jefferson to help him. Meanwhile, Henry appears to Katrina in a dream, but Katrina wonders if it really happened.

17 (30) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

Henry attempts to use a copy of the Liberty Bell in a ritual to try and reawaken a powerful coven of witches lying dormant in Sleepy Hollow. When his attempt proves to be not enough, he convinces Katrina to perform the ritual for him. When Abbie and Ichabod discover this it leads to a dangerous confrontation with Henry which eventually leads to the latter’s death. Enraged by Ichabod’s “betrayal,” Katrina invokes a spell to return to the past to prevent herself from saving Ichabod’s life after his encounter with the horseman. As the spell is complete, Abbie jumps into the portal after Katrina; Katrina ends up possessing her past self, likely to avoid a major time paradox. Abbie enters the village of Sleepy Hollow and soon realizes she is in 1781. Two soldiers confront her and demand that she show them her papers, but when they realize she doesn’t have any, they lock her up believing her to be a fugitive. Abbie tells the men that she has information that can change the war, and demands to speak to Captain Ichabod Crane.

18 (31) episode guide Sleepy Hollow

“Tempus Fugit”
Abbie informs Crane of her foreknowledge on the battle against the supernatural, earning his trust; shocking him further, is her accurate description of the horseman. Having been pulled from the battlefield where both he and the horseman would have been felled and sealed into deep sleeps, Ichabod is convinced to take Abbie to meet one of the available founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. At the same time, Katrina realizes Abbie followed her when Crane is not in the bed where he should be, and allies with the horseman, revealing she knows his past identity as Abraham. Abraham decapitates Franklin, misleading Crane into thinking Abbie is a spy; however, she tells him to look in her phone for proof that she came from the future. Crane finds a video of himself attempting to figure out the phone, realizing Abbie is truthful; both head to Fredrick’s manor to ask for the assistance of Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon. Grace reveals that more battles lie ahead for Abbie and Crane, despite the victories they have obtained; she reverses the time travel spell while Crane battles the Horseman to buy them time, sending Abbie and Katrina back to the moment the spell was cast and undoing the changes caused by the time-travel. Katrina attempts to kill Abbie, but Crane confronts her and accidentally stabs her. Katrina sees a vision of Henry before vaporizing. Jenny and Irving arrive, revealing he’s been freed of Henry’s magic; Abbie explains that their war isn’t over yet.

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