South Park description of episodes (season 1)

Description of South Park episodes that were first released on Comedy Central August 13, 1997 – February 25, 1998; ganre – sitcom.

1 (1) episode South Park description

“Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”
Cartman tells his friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny he dreamt about being abducted by aliens. The boys realize that this did actually happen when Kyle’s baby brother Ike is abducted also. They manage to rescue Ike while the aliens conclude that cows are the most intelligent species on the planet.

2 (2) episode South Park description

“Weight Gain 4000”
The town prepares for an event involving Kathie Lee Gifford presenting an award to Cartman. He tries to lose weight but instead, becomes even more obese from a body gaining supplement called Weight Gain 4000. Meanwhile the boy’s teacher, Mr. Garrison, attempts to assassinate Gifford.

3 (3) episode South Park description

Stan’s uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned take the four boys on a hunting trip in the mountains. Stan’s father, a geologist, discovers that the mountain is a volcano about to erupt and convinces the townspeople to dig a trench for diverting the lava.

4 (4) episode South Park description

“Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride”
Stan’s new, gay dog runs away and finds the town’s most flamboyant, gayest man, Big Gay Al. South Park Cows lose a football game against a rival team as Jimbo and Ned fail to sabotage the game.

5 (5) episode South Park description

“An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig”
The boys try to breed a pig with an elephant and look for Dr. Alphonse Mephesto’s help. Instead, Dr. Mephisto creates a clone of Stan that terrorizes the town.

6 (6) episode South Park description

Stan’s grandfather attempts suicide and tries to enlist the boy’s help. Kyle’s mother organizes a boycott against the boys’ favorite television series Terrence and Phillip in protest of its toilet humor.

7 (7) episode South Park description

Kenny is killed by the Mir space station and becomes a zombie. This goes unnoticed as he is thought to have dressed up for Halloween. The citizens who get bitten become zombies but instead are diagnosed with pinkeye.

8 (8) episode South Park description

“Starvin’ Marvin”
A starving Ethiopian child is accidentally sent to South Park. Cartman is sent back to Ethiopia instead, while mutant turkeys assault the town.

9 (9) episode South Park description

“Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo”
As a Jew, Kyle feels excluded from the rest of the town during Christmas and is comforted by Mr. Hankey, a talking, singing feces. Kyle’s mom protests the school’s Christmas play leading to the removal of all religious aspects of Christmas from the entire town.

10 (10) episode South Park description

A new student arranges a boxing match between Satan and Jesus. The South Park residents bet on Satan due to his enormous size and muscular physique, but Satan throws the fight and wins everybody’s money after having bet on Jesus.

11 (11) episode South Park description

“Tom’s Rhinoplasty”
Mr. Garrison gets a rhinoplasty and quits teaching to become a model. Stan develops a crush on the substitute teacher, but she is discovered to be an Iraqi fugitive and is kidnapped by insurgents.

12 (12) episode South Park description

Mr. Garrison takes his class on an archaeological dig where Cartman finds a mysterious triangle. Barbra Streisand steals this triangle and becomes Mecha-Streisand, a giant robot that wreaks havoc upon the town.

13 (13) episode South Park description

“Cartman’s Mom Is a Dirty Slut”
Cartman attempts to find his real father only to find that his mother slept with just about every man in town. Aided by Stan and Kyle, he manages to raise the money for a paternity DNA test after sending a video to America’s Stupidest Home Videos.
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