South Park description of episodes (season 8)

Description of South Park episodes that were first released on Comedy Central March 17, 2004 – December 15, 2004; ganre – sitcom.
South Park overview of episodes (season 7)

1 (112) episode South Park description

“Good Times with Weapons”
The boys buy Japanese weapons at a fair and imagine themselves as anime characters, but when Kenny hits Butters in his Professor Chaos guise with a throwing star, they must rush to get Butters medical attention without getting caught.

2 (113) episode South Park description

“Up the Down Steroid”
Jimmy uses steroids to cheat in the Special Olympics and Cartman disguises himself as a child with a developmental disability in order to enter.

3 (114) episode South Park description

“The Passion of the Jew”
Kyle finally sees Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and decides Cartman’s anti-Semitic claims are true. Stan and Kenny also see the movie and hate it, prompting them to head to Malibu to retrieve their ticket money from Mel Gibson himself.

4 (115) episode South Park description

“You Got F’d in the A” “You Got…””You Got Served”

In this spoof of You Got Served, Stan recruits a Raisins girl, a Goth, and a Dance Dance Revolution master to compete against a group of breakdancers from Orange County. Butters is discovered to be a good dancer, but he has flashbacks of causing death and mayhem at a tap dancing contest.

5 (116) episode South Park description


Butters befriends a robot (actually Cartman in disguise) he receives in the mail and takes him to Hollywood, where movie execs want him for film ideas, over 800 of which star Adam Sandler, and the government wants him for national security.

6 (117) episode South Park description

“The Jeffersons”

A mysterious and very eccentric new neighbor named Michael Jefferson moves into town with his sheltered son, sparking fears that he is an unfit parent, and the police scheme to frame him for crimes he didn’t commit.

7 (118) episode South Park description


The townsfolk becomes angry when immigrants from the year 3045 arrive and take the residents’ jobs for lower wages.

8 (119) episode South Park description

“Douche and Turd”

Stan is forced to vote in an election for the school’s new mascot after the old one is protested against by PETA.

9 (120) episode South Park description

“Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes”

When a Wall-Mart store comes to South Park, the townsfolk are torn between their love of the store’s low prices, and their anti-corporate hatred of the retail giant which has turned the center of South Park into an abandoned ghost town.

10 (121) episode South Park description


A bully from the boys’ past is paroled from juvenile hall, which sends them into hiding.

11 (122) episode South Park description

“Quest for Ratings”

The boys’ school news show is in competition against a rival television program created by Craig.

12 (123) episode South Park description

“Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset”

Wendy feels left out when all the fourth grade girls start emulating the slutty antics of Paris Hilton, who tries to buy Butters from his parents.

13 (124) episode South Park description

“Cartman’s Incredible Gift”

Cartman thinks that he has gained paranormal powers after getting in an accident, and abuses them to become a psychic detective for hire.

14 (125) episode South Park description

“Woodland Critter Christmas”

In the series’s final Christmas episode, Stan helps seemingly innocent woodland creatures prepare for the birth of their Lord and Savior, the Anti-Christ.

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