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Description of “Suits” episodes that were first released on USA Network July 13, 2016 – … ; ganre – drama.

Suits overview of episodes (season 5)

1 (77) episode Suits description

“To Trouble”

Mike enters the Federal Correctional Institution to face his jail sentence of two years for posing as a lawyer. Meanwhile, Rachel finds Harvey outside her apartment awaiting her return. They share a drink together and bond over their loss. Louis, Jessica, and Donna are still at the office as they try to figure out ways to save the firm, as everyone has left. After a distressing voicemail from Louis, Harvey and Rachel return to the office to face the problem of saving the firm. Not long after, the firm is sued in a $100 million class-action lawsuit for every case Mike touched. Harvey and Louis have a falling out after they start blaming each other for everything that’s happened and both storm off. Donna confronts Harvey and tells him that he needs to stay because Mike sacrificed himself for the firm. After Harvey apologizes to Jessica, the firm partners smoke a joint together in order to reconnect. Benjamin informs everyone that the firm was hacked and that, before he could stop it, all their client files were stolen. They decide to put all of their earnings towards the firm and it is implied that Louis has the most money. Meanwhile, in jail, Mike becomes friends with his cell mate, Frank (Paul Schulze). Frank gives a phone to Mike so that he can text Rachel. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Frank pretended to befriend Mike to gain access to Harvey, as he has vendetta against him. Frank also discloses that he now has Rachel’s number and will use her against him, if needed; Frank walks off with a corrupt guard to his actual cell.

2 (78) episode Suits description

“Accounts Payable”
Mike meets his actual cell mate, Kevin Miller (Erik Palladino). However, he is reluctant to befriend him, as he feels betrayed by Frank’s actions. Donna informs Rachel that she got her name onto the visitation list for Mike. In the cafeteria of the prison, Frank and Mike have a fight over Rachel, which leads to Mike’s visitation rights being revoked for two weeks. Shortly after, Rachel visits the prison and the desk clerk tells her that Mike was involved in a fight. Louis goes to the courthouse to sanction the settlement for the class-action lawsuit, but then A. Elliott Stemple (Patrick Fischler) appears and objects to the settlement by saying that his company was left off the client list. Harvey goes to see Mike in prison as his lawyer and is informed about Frank. Harvey then confesses that he put Frank behind bars for racketeering for 15 years when the usual sentence for his charges would have been 5 years. Rachel finds out about Frank from Harvey when she keeps receiving text messages from him posing as Mike. Harvey then visits Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) in an effort to get Frank moved to another prison. Jack Soloff meets with Jessica and tells her that he needs his buy-in back because he cannot afford the buy-in for Robert Zane’s firm, but Jessica declines. Stemple takes Harvey’s duck painting as payment to drop the claim (Harvey’s most prized item, later revealed to be painted by his mother for him). Jack informs Robert that he cannot afford the buy-in, but Jessica then appears and loans it to Robert who, in turn, loans it to Jack. Meanwhile, in prison, Mike starts to warm up to Kevin after he saves him from another altercation with Frank.

3 (79) episode Suits description

“Back on the Map”

Mike tries to stay safe to please Julius, his psychologist (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), but Kevin gets stabbed by Frank’s friends while Mike is at work. Sean Cahill informs Harvey that Frank cannot be moved as he is an informant. Harvey tells Mike, who then informs Frank that he’ll be eligible for parole in six weeks. Jessica forces Harvey to meet with William Sutter (Alan Rosenberg), a possible new client. Harvey goes against Jessica’s orders and rejects him, as he doesn’t want to get involved in more shady business. Jessica tells Harvey that he must book another large client or they will end up taking Sutter. Harvey tries to sign Nathan Burns as a client instead, but Sutter buys shares from Burns’ company to threaten him with being kicked off the board. Louis searches for an office tenant and books an investment company. Louis clashes with Stu Buzzini (Ian Reed Kesler), the boss, as they both have strong personalities. However, to get information about Sutter buying Burns’ shares, Harvey makes a deal with Buzzini. Buzzini buys shares from Burns’ company for Harvey and, in exchange, he’ll lengthen and alter Buzzini’s lease to anger Louis. With Harvey’s shares, Burns regains control of his company and Pearson Specter Litt becomes legal counsel for his company. In college, Rachel faces off against a fellow student in a debate and wins by finding dirt on her and blackmailing her to forfeit. At the end of the episode, Cahill reveals to Jessica and Harvey that Mike can get his sentence cut short if he gets Kevin to turn on his family and provide information about them in the court.

4 (80) episode Suits description


Mike initially rejects Cahilll’s offer, but Harvey and Cahill manage to covertly get him out of prison for a few hours. Cahill believes this is to allow him to convince Mike when Harvey could not, but Harvey instead sends Mike to Rachel. Mike tells her about the deal and then agrees to accept it. Rachel hears the story of a death row inmate who claims that he is innocent, and impresses her professor with her fast work assembling evidence. The traders annoy Louis by borrowing his prized cups for urine tests and annoy Jessica by profiting from what they learned about Burns. After Jessica punishes them financially and threatens worse, Buzzini apologizes to her and asks PSL to represent them. Louis consults architect Tara Messer (Carly Pope) about remodeling the office to separate him from the traders, and instantly falls in love with her though Jessica forbids him from pursuing the project.

5 (81) episode Suits description


Louis and Donna work together to buy a house in the Hamptons after Louis lies and tells Messer that he has a house up there that needs remodelling. Louis is doing all this just to spend time with her, and Donna finds out that Louis won’t ask her out on a date because he is afraid of rejection. Rachel’s professor informs her that they cannot take on the innocence project case the she suggested due to the fact that it doesn’t meet their requirements. Rachel doesn’t take the news and even tries to get Jessica on board and eventually Jessica gives in for the reason that it will bring good publicity for PSL. Mike lets the prison warden in on Harvey’s plan to get him out of prison earlier and he is warned about the dangers of going undercover. Mike also confronts Kevin to get him to reveal why he’s in prison. Kevin was involved in an argument with his wife proceeded by a drunk-driving accident, however Kevin doesn’t expand on why he was arguing with his wife.

6 (82) episode Suits description


The episode starts with Harvey informing Mike that Rachel died in a car crash and that Kevin was responsible. Mike then wakes up and is relieved that it was a nightmare. However, Mike is wary around Kevin because he keeps thinking about his parents’ death. Mike continues to see counselor Julius Rowe (Malcom-Jamal Warner), asking how he can fake being happy around Kevin. Rowe is not happy with the fact that Mike is trying to get out early. Louis and Donna prepare the house for a meeting with Messer but, in the middle of her tour, the actual owners arrive and tell Louis they are not selling. Messer gets upset and leaves, thinking that Louis is trying to scam her out of free design work. Louis then reveals that he did all of this for her; Messer is impressed and agrees to a date. Cahill and Harvey battle it out in the courtroom over their case and Harvey tries to prolong Sutter’s case so that Mike has more time to get Kevin’s secret. Sutter is under investigation for insider trading, but says he is using a trading program to receive profits. Harvey then organizes a “fake deposition” with Mike, Sutter, and Kevin to prepare them for the real deposition. In the meeting, it is revealed that Sutter and Kevin do not get on well at all and, after an argument, Kevin storms off. Mike follows and pressures Kevin to tell him the real reason why he didn’t take the plea bargain. Kevin discloses that he didn’t sell out his father-in-law because Sutter was not the only one involved. Sutter asked Kevin to create an algorithm for the trading program, but Sutter never used it. It was a cover for his dodgy dealings and Kevin’s wife was in on it – that’s why Kevin was drinking that night. Mike then says that he can still provide information against Sutter to get out of prison early, but Kevin doesn’t want to implicate his wife. Rachel continues to work on the death-row case and the inmate, Leonard Bailey, starts to trust her. However, at the end of the episode, Rachel goes to Jessica and asks for advice on how to tell Bailey that his execution date has been set.

7 (83) episode Suits description

“Shake the Trees”

Rachel and Jessica ask for the execution to be postponed so that they can locate Bailey’s missing alibi witness. They are given a week to do so and Rachel asks for her father’s help, but it turns out the witness is dead. At their dinner date, Tara tells Louis she is in a long-distance relationship that allows her to see other people. Harvey fails to find the guilty party among Sutter’s employees, but Louis (after Donna gets Buzzini to give him access to his financial database) locates the banker who is the common factor in Sutter’s apparent insider trades. This backfires when the banker cuts a separate deal with the SEC. Cahill initially promises to honor the deal with Mike, who asks for Kevin’s wife to be included, but Cahill’s superiors back out of the plea deal to free Mike.

8 (84) episode Suits description

“Borrowed Time”

Jessica has an idea to delay the execution by having Bailey’s infirm aunt, who raised him as a teenager, say she is now unable to travel to attend it. Rachel gets the aunt to sign the affidavit, but she thinks Bailey is guilty and refuses to actually attend, devastating him. Jessica has a chance meeting with Jeff Malone and is interested in reviving the relationship, but Jeff is moving to Chicago and knows that Jessica cannot give up the firm to follow him. Louis has another date with Tara where he tells her that he cannot share her with another man; they go to her house and have sex, but she then says that her boyfriend is coming to visit and she doesn’t know what she will do. Harvey deposes the banker and establishes that he dealt only with Kevin’s wife, Jill, and cannot implicate Sutter directly. Cahill indicts Jill and Harvey records a conversation wherein he urges Sutter to make a deal to keep Jill out of jail, but he refuses. When this is played for Kevin and Jill, she turns on Sutter and Mike drafts an agreement giving her immunity and confirming his own release. Harvey explains to Sutter that, as he was representing both him and Kevin, he was ethically free to weigh their competing interests and has subsequently negotiated him the best possible deal. Rachel gets the good news just as she discovers what might be a way to re-open Bailey’s case.

9 (85) episode Suits description

“The Hand That Feeds You”

Mike learns that Cahill is seizing Jill’s and Kevin’s assets beyond the proceeds of the insider trading. He confronts Cahill, threatening an abuse of power lawsuit to get him to free Kevin as well, and winds up jeopardizing his own deal. Harvey attempts to win parole for Gallo as promised, but Cameron Dennis intervenes in the hearing. He calls Mike, who testifies to Gallo’s extortion and threats in prison, and Dennis gets Kevin released as recompense. First, though, Mike has a risky and secret plan to neutralize Gallo: he delays his own release by a day and then films Gallo threatening and attacking him in his cell that night. Gallo is then threatened with being returned to maximum security prison, where he will be known as an informant, and he subsequently agrees not to harm Mike or Harvey. Meanwhile, Donna helps Louis cope until Tara comes to see him, saying that her boyfriend proposed marriage, but she refused in order to continue dating Louis. Rachel’s idea is to have Bailey’s public defender testify that she heard about his alibi, arguing that this is not hearsay because the witness is dead. The judge agrees to reopen the case on the grounds of inadequate representation and the DA offers Bailey a deal wherein he would be released after about seven more years in prison. Jessica advises him to accept, but he opts to fight for full exoneration. Both Harvey and Rachel meet Mike as he is released.

10 (86) episode Suits description


Harvey and Mike meet to celebrate Mike’s release and Harvey offers to bring Mike back to the firm as a consultant, with the same salary he was making as a junior partner. In a flashback, Jessica sees her parents arguing and learns that her parents are separating because her mother feels that her father spends too much time with his work. Robert Zane comes to warn Jessica and Harvey that Jim Reynolds has been looking for other firms to represent his company. Jessica asks Harvey to deal with Reynolds because she is due in court for Leonard Bailey’s death-row appeal. Jessica and Rachel subpoena Bailey’s public defender to testify. Harvey approaches Reynolds and learns that his board is trying to remove him because of rumors that Harvey sold out William Sutter to get Mike released. Tara tells Louis she is pregnant by her previous boyfriend. Rachel is allowed to question Leonard Bailey as he testifies in court. Sutter agrees to recant his statements after Harvey threatens him. Stu Buzzini gives notice to Louis that his company is relocating. Rachel and Mike find a way to exonerate Bailey, but it requires Jessica to make a risky move in court. In another flashback, Jessica’s father gets angry when she tells him that she is planning to go to Harvard Law rather than become a doctor. After Bailey’s trial finishes, with the murder charges fully dropped, Robert Zane approaches Jessica with an offer to merge their firms. Harvey and Louis figure out a way to keep Reynolds’ business even though Jessica is unable to attend the company’s board meeting. They return to the office to celebrate with Jessica, but she informs them that she is leaving. In the aftermath, Louis proposes to Tara and she accepts, while Jessica asks Jeff Malone if she can follow him to Chicago. At the end, Donna asks Harvey if he wants to be alone, Harvey declines, and they both stay holding hands, watching the city through the windows.

11 (87) episode Suits description

“She’s Gone”

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