That ’70s Show description of episodes (season 5)

Description of That ’70s Show episodes that were first released on Fox September 17, 2002 – May 14, 2003; ganre – sitcom.
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1 (104) episode That ’70s Show description

“Going to California”
Desperately wanting to reveal his love for Donna, Eric disobeys his parents and heads to California to find her and Kelso. Kelso has an affair with Annette (Jessica Simpson), a blonde California girl. Meanwhile Jackie and Hyde become closer than ever before.

2 (105) episode That ’70s Show description

“I Can’t Quit You, Baby”
As punishment for running away, Bob sends Donna to attend the Catholic school Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow and Red takes away Eric’s keys to the Vista Cruiser. To their surprise and disgust, Eric and Donna find out about the secret fling between Jackie and Hyde.

3 (106) episode That ’70s Show description

“What is and What Should Never Be”
Red isn’t too happy when Kitty announces she’s pregnant, while Eric and Donna try to get Hyde to tell Kelso about his relationship with Jackie. Friendships may break after Kelso finds out about the relationship.

Absent: Don Stark

4 (107) episode That ’70s Show description


Kitty’s parents, Burt (Tom Poston) and Bea (Betty White), come for a visit to hear about her pregnancy, but Kitty has some news regarding it. Kelso must come to terms with Hyde and Jackie’s new relationship.

Absent: Don Stark

5 (108) episode That ’70s Show description

“Ramble On”

Donna gives Eric a promise ring of her own, much to Eric’s dislike for the ring’s appearance. Fez applies for a job at the DMV, Hyde is bothered with Jackie’s gossiping and Red must deal with Kitty’s temper over the discovery of her menopause.

6 (109) episode That ’70s Show description

“Over the Hills and Far Away”

Red and Kitty go with the guys on a weekend visit to UW–Madison, but Bob won’t let Donna go with Eric. Jackie is afraid Hyde will cheat on her while he is at Madison.

Absent: Don Stark

7 (110) episode That ’70s Show description

“Hot Dog”

Eric buys Donna the most unexpected present and decides to ask her a question that could change their lives, but the rest of the gang disowns him for even thinking of doing such a thing. Red buys a new dog, Schatzi, to keep Kitty company.

8 (111) episode That ’70s Show description

“Thank You”

It’s Thanksgiving, and to keep Red from finding out about his failing math grade, Eric forges his signature on a failing notice, and he and Donna decide to reveal their engagement during dinner. Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly) returns home after a long absence.

9 (112) episode That ’70s Show description

“Black Dog”

Jackie’s father gets arrested for bribery, but Hyde doesn’t know how to respond to her. Kelso accidentally shoots Hyde with a BB gun in the eye and Fez tries to gain some affection from his new boss, Nina. Meanwhile, Eric, Donna, Red and Kitty have a disagreement over comforting loved ones.
Absent: Don Stark

10 (113) episode That ’70s Show description

“The Crunge”
Eric gets an unsatisfactory score on his SATs and wants to retake the tests, to prove he’s worthy of marrying Donna. Jackie thinks Hyde’s SAT score will bring the two of them fortune, while Kelso flaunts his score around.

11 (114) episode That ’70s Show description

“The Girl I Love”
Fez introduces Nina to the gang, and Kitty invites them to a dinner party, but the guys and Red want to spend time doing other things.

Absent: Don Stark

12(115) episode That ’70s Show description

“Misty Mountain Hop”

Jackie asks the Formans to help clean out her family’s ski cabin, after the bank forecloses it, while Hyde convinces Kelso and Fez to go party all weekend at a particular place. Eric wants to do new romantic things with Donna, but it doesn’t go as planned for both of them. Absent: Don Stark

13 (116) episode That ’70s Show description

“Your Time Is Gonna Come”

Kelso’s girlfriend from California, Annette (Jessica Simpson), comes to visit, stirring Jackie’s jealously, which could lead to problems between her and Hyde. Kitty’s parents also arrive, bearing bad news, and tragedy strikes, as a member of the Forman family ends up in the hospital, or worse. Character Death: Burt Sigurdson

14 (117) episode That ’70s Show description

“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”

Jackie tries to explain her actions to Hyde, in order to make up with him, but he believes otherwise. It’s Valentine’s Day and Annette forces Kelso to get rid of Jackie, or else she’ll break up with him. Meanwhile, Kitty’s mother, Bea, is giving her and Donna a tough time.

Absent: Don Stark

15 (118) episode That ’70s Show description

“When the Levee Breaks”

Eric and Donna use her house to practice being a married couple while Bob is out of town, but it doesn’t go so well. Meanwhile, their friends are angry at them for not letting them throw a party at Donna’s and Kitty buys Hyde an embarrassing jacket.

16 (119) episode That ’70s Show description

“Whole Lotta Love”

After Eric reveals his engagement to Red, he gives Eric the silent treatment and undermines his future, in order to call it off. Kelso gives Jackie a birthday gift, with ulterior motives, and Fez finally loses his virginity to Nina.

17 (120) episode That ’70s Show description

“The Battle of Evermore”

Kitty signs Red and Eric up for a jamboree to help patch up their relationship, while Hyde, Fez, Jackie and Kelso search for an absent Leo.

18 (121) episode That ’70s Show description

“Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?”

The gang goes to a job fair, as Eric needs money to pay for his college tuition. Hyde is reluctant to get a job, until an old acquaintance of his offers him a position. Kelso chooses a future job no one else from the gang likes.
Absent: Don Stark

19 (122) episode That ’70s Show description

“Bring It on Home”
The Formans discover Jackie has been sleeping in their basement with Hyde, and Bob volunteers to have Jackie over at his place, much to Donna’s dismay. Fez realizes Nina is reluctant to introduce him to her family.

20 (123) episode That ’70s Show description

“No Quarter”
Jackie moves in with Bob and Donna, but the things she does in the Pinciotti house don’t go down well with Donna. Eric has to pay for Donna’s engagement ring with Red taking all his money from him on purpose, and Fez meets someone he knows and hates.

21 (124) episode That ’70s Show description

“Trampled Under Foot”
Nina breaks up with Fez because he is “too needy”. After realizing they have nothing to talk about anymore, the gang decide to add another member to their group, but don’t know whom to invite. Kitty uses their situation to her advantage, only to discover how bad her candidate for a new member is.

Absent: Don Stark

22(125) episode That ’70s Show description

“You Shook Me”

Fez has an erotic dream about a certain member of the gang, which greatly disturbs him. Kelso questions his own sexuality after hearing about Fez’s dream, leading him to seek comfort in Jackie. Joanne offers Eric a job at a local dog food factory.

23 (126) episode That ’70s Show description

“Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

Hyde is caught with another woman, as revenge for seeing Jackie with Kelso. Red hastens Eric and Donna’s wedding day, until Laurie, who has returned home, offers an alternative for the couple to get out of the situation.

24 (127) episode That ’70s Show description

“Immigrant Song”

Red takes a day off to think of Eric and Donna’s plan to move away to Madison, Hyde and Kelso continue to bicker about one another over Jackie, and a certain prank could result in Fez’s deportation. Kelso falls off the water tower (again).

Absent: Don Stark

25 (128) episode That ’70s Show description

“Celebration Day”

The gang goes camping the night before their high school graduation. Jackie decides to let Hyde and Kelso fight it out over her, to see who she’ll choose in the end, and as Eric and Donna get ready to leave Point Place, some shocking news will be too much for a certain person to handle, both emotionally and physically.

Note: This is Lisa Robin Kelly’s last appearance as Laurie Forman.

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