The Boondocks description of episodes (season 3)

Description of The Boondocks episodes that were first released on Adult Swim May 2, 2010 – August 15, 2010; ganre – animation, sitcom, action, satire, black comedy.
The Boondocks overview of episodes (season 2)

1 (31) episode guide The Boondocks

“It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman”
A German documentary filmmaker follows the Freeman family and other Woodcrest residents from the election to the inauguration of America’s first black president, as flashbacks resembles the coverage of the documentary, including their expressions and personal reactions: Huey is indifferent; Robert and Riley are supportive of Obama; Tom worries about Sarah’s sexual reaction to Obama; Thugnificent joins the celebrity bandwagon after realizing he was oblivious to the political campaign; and Uncle Ruckus contributes his critical racist antics.
Werner Herzog and Bill Maher guest star

2 (32) episode guide The Boondocks

“Bitches to Rags”
When Thugnificent’s new album flops, he starts a rap beef that gets him dropped from his record label, which leads to legal trouble from the IRS. So he looks for a new job.
Notes: This is the only episode where Huey has no lines, although he appears near the episode’s end.

3 (33) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Red Ball”
When the Chinese call in some old debts, Ed Wuncler is forced to gamble all of Woodcrest’s economic fortunes on a kickball game with its sister city, Wushung, China; Huey, a former pro at the sport, comes out of self-imposed exile to play kickball with some of the in-need residents.
Note: Throughout the episode there are many references to Shaolin Soccer and an episode of Samurai Champloo called Baseball Blues.
Edward Asner guest stars.

4 (34) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Story of Jimmy Rebel”

Uncle Ruckus’s favorite racist music artist, Jimmy Rebel, visits when he becomes highly interested in his submitted racial music recording.

Note: Jimmy Rebel is a parody of real racist Cajun singer Johnny Rebel.

5 (35) episode guide The Boondocks

“Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy”
Colonel H. Stinkmeaner’s old crew, “The Hateocracy”, arrive in town to exact payback on the Freeman family who, outmatched by Stinkmeaner’s crew, hire Bushido Brown to protect them. Unfortunately, they discover how arrogant he is.
Michael Jai White and Aries Spears guest star.
Note: The episode references 28 Weeks Later, Master of the Flying Guillotine, and Sanford & Son.
Rated: TV-MA V

6 (36) episode guide The Boondocks

“Smokin’ with Cigarettes”
Riley has the time of his life when he befriends juvenile felon Lamilton Taeshawn, but Lamilton wants to cause more than trouble.

Note: This episode, based on news stories about a child who takes his grandmother’s car for a joyride and on another occasion orders chicken against his grandmother’s wishes, heavily references the Hip-Hop film Juice and the Horror film Halloween.

7 (37) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Fundraiser”
Riley organizes a fundraiser with Jazmine Dubois, Cindy McPhearson, and other Woodcrest kids, but they get too competitive and the money doesn’t go to the needy.
Note: This episode heavily references the film Scarface.

8 (38) episode guide The Boondocks

Megasuperstar of stage and screen Winston Jerome casts Granddad in a leading role, but the theater group turns out to be a homoerotic evangelistic cult and Huey and Riley try to sabotage the play.

Note: This episode references to the rock musical film The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tyler Perry plays.
Note 2: Winston Jerome is a parody of Tyler Perry.

9 (39) episode guide The Boondocks

“A Date with the Booty Warrior”
Having conquered his fear of prison rape, Tom volunteers to lead Huey, Riley, and some classmates on a trip to jail as part of a “Scared Stiff” program, but when a riot breaks out, Tom is pursued by an imprisoned rapist while trying to get the kids out safely; during the riot, Huey and Riley help black prisoners organize a riot committee that makes outrageous demands.

Note: The Booty Warrior is based on Fleece Johnson, an inmate profiled on the MSNBC show “Lockup”.
John Landis and Clifton Powell guest star.

10 (40) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Story of Lando Freeman”
A new handyman in Woodcrest claims to be Granddad’s long-lost son, Lando, so Granddad seeks a talk-show paternity test.

Note: The talk show is a parody of The Steve Wilkos Show.
Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Dee Williams, and John DiMaggio guest star.

11 (41) episode guide The Boondocks

“Lovely Ebony Brown”
Granddad meets a young black woman named Ebony who meets all of his high standards and they have a date.

Gina Torres guest stars.

12 (42) episode guide The Boondocks

“Mr. Medicinal”
After a checkup, a doctor warns Granddad that he could die any day if he doesn’t get his stress levels down. Not wanting to become dependent on pills, he takes Thugnificent’s suggestion and turns to marijuana, leading to an extreme obsession and legal issues.

Mark Hamill guest stars.

13 (43) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Fried Chicken Flu”
When a virus erupts during a KFC special, the Freemans and Jazmine have to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, but Granddad and Riley invite friends over.
Note: This episode references to the KFC Swine Flu scare that happened throughout the United States as well as the film Mad Max 2.

Marion Ross guest-stars.

14 (44) episode guide The Boondocks

“The Color Ruckus”
Uncle Ruckus’s family comes to town when his grandmother comes to die and he must settle some old business with his father.
Note: The episode heavily references The Color Purple and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Luenell, Don ‘D.C.’ Curry, and Star Jones guest star.

15 (45) episode guide The Boondocks

“It’s Goin’ Down”
Retired domestic terrorist Huey is the main suspect in a terror attack near Woodcrest, so he goes on the run, pursued by a high-ranking secret agent.
Note: The episode references FOX’s 24.
Charlie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, Edward Asner, John C. McGinley, and Louis Lombardi (who played Edgar Stiles on 24) guest star.
Rated TV-MA V

The Boondocks overview of episodes (season 4)

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