The Killing description of episodes (season 3)

Description of The Killing episodes that were first released on AMC June 2, 2013 – August 4, 2013; ganre – drama, crime, mystery.
The Killing overview of episodes (season 2)

1 (27) episode The Killing description

“The Jungle”
Detective Holder and new partner Carl Reddick investigate a teenage girl’s death, whose murder has similarities to a previous case of Sarah Linden’s; Linden is now a Transit Authority employee. Meanwhile, Ray Seward, who had been convicted in that case, is sent to death row. In the city, teenage runaways must find ways to survive, while a killer cruises the streets.

2 (28) episode The Killing description

“That You Fear the Most”
Holder and Reddick continue the investigation and enter the world of the runaways, one of whom is now missing. Meanwhile, death row inmate Seward continues to impose his will on the prison and the detectives who arrested him, James Skinner and Linden.

3 (29) episode The Killing description

Skinner creates a task force after Linden, led to a site by a drawing, discovers 17 dead bodies in a pond. Bullet points Holder and Reddick to a new suspect. Linden speaks with Adrian (Rowan Longworth), the drawing’s creator. Seward is slipped a hidden razor blade in prison.

4 (30) episode The Killing description

“Head Shots”
The 7 Stars Motel and its proprietor are investigated as the site for the DVD production. Holder attempts to mediate between Linden and Reddick. Bullet helps Twitch when he gets into trouble. Seward rejects his medicine, and the guards must persuade him to take it.

5 (31) episode The Killing description

“Scared and Running”
Holder and Linden learn a potential victim has escaped the killer. Bullet assists them to retrace the victim’s steps, while also hoping to find Kallie, her missing friend. Kallie’s mother, Danette, grows worried and discovers something about her boyfriend Joe. Seward gets a visit from his son’s adoptive mother.

6 (32) episode The Killing description

“Eminent Domain”
Holder and Linden revisit the Seward case in hopes of finding a connection with the current one. Bullet takes Danette to Kallie’s favorite hangouts. Seward asks to speak to his imprisoned father.

7 (33) episode The Killing description

“Hope Kills”
Pastor Mike is revealed to not be who he claims to be. Bullet and Lyric get closer. Seward becomes more disturbed, while the gallows is being prepared for his execution.

8 (34) episode The Killing description

Pastor Mike kidnaps Linden. Holder and the police must listen to Linden/Pastor Mike’s conversation via her two-way radio, which she has activated unbeknownst to Pastor Mike. Seward panics as his execution is just two days away. Bullet roams the streets, looking for Lyric, and learns about Angie Gower.

9 (35) episode The Killing description

Linden and Holder seek out Joe Mills after he attacks Danette. Their pursuit proves costly to everyone. With Seward’s execution scheduled the next day, he desperately accepts Dale Shannon’s suggestion to pray, only to learn his cellblock mate’s true nature. Twitch foregoes his future modeling plans to settle down with Lyric.

10 (36) episode The Killing description

“Six Minutes”
Linden spends Seward’s remaining twelve hours with him. He allows his son Adrian to visit, but Becker denies entry. Seward admits to Linden that he arrived home after his wife’s death, but quickly left. His execution occurs, despite Linden’s belief that he is innocent of his wife’s murder and her efforts to obtain a stay.

11 (37) episode The Killing description

“From Up Here”
Holder and Linden are called to another case, which has similarities to the recently solved one. Holder suspects a cop has committed all the murders. They find clues which cause Linden to deduce that Adrian Seward was the target in 2009 and not his mother. Adrian is followed home by a car whose driver he recognizes.

12 (38) episode The Killing description

“The Road to Hamelin”
Frantic to find Adrian, Holder and Linden voice their suspicions about Reddick to Skinner. Linden later sees a ring from the missing Kallie on Skinner’s daughter’s finger. She knows Skinner is the killer and must ride with him to find Adrian. Holder must race to save Linden when Adrian is found safe.
The Killing overview of episodes (season 4)

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