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Description of The Legend of Korra episodes that were first released on Nickelodeon April 14, 2012 – June 23, 2012; ganre – action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, animation.

1 (1) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“Welcome to Republic City”
Seventy years after the end of the original series, the Order of the White Lotus discovers the new Avatar, Korra, in the Southern Water Tribe. By the age of 17, Korra has mastered all the elements except air. Master Tenzin, Katara’s and Aang’s son, and the only airbending master, wants to postpone Korra’s airbending training in order to take care of matters in Republic City, but Korra convinces him to train her. After a clash with local triads, she is arrested by Lin Beifong, head of Republic City’s metalbending police force and the daughter of Toph. Meanwhile, antagonist ‘Amon’ is identified as the leader of the anti-bender “Equalist” movement.

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“A Leaf in the Wind”
Frustrated by her inability to bend air, Korra visits Republic City’s pro-bending arena against Tenzin’s wishes. There, she befriends Bolin and Mako, two brothers on the “Fire Ferrets” pro-bending team. Korra initially suffers due to her inexperience, but wins the match using airbending principles. Tenzin, impressed, allows Korra to stay on the team.

3 (3) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“The Revelation”
Trying to collect money for their pro-bending fees, Bolin is recruited by the Triple Threat Triads, but they are all abducted by the Equalists. At an Equalist rally, Amon demonstrates his ability to permanently remove the bending powers of the captive gangsters, but Mako and Korra rescue Bolin before Amon can do the same to him.

4 (4) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“The Voice in the Night”
Republic City Councilman Tarrlok creates a task force to capture Amon, and eventually recruits the reluctant Korra. Mako gains a paramour in Asami Sato, the daughter of industrialist Hiroshi Sato, who sponsors the Fire Ferrets in the competition. After some success on the task force, Korra challenges Amon to a duel. She is ambushed and captured by Equalists, but Amon does not hurt her because he fears making her a martyr. Later, Tenzin finds her as she regains consciousness and she admits to him that she is scared.

5 (5) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“The Spirit of Competition”
Mako courts Hiroshi’s daughter, Asami, much to the annoyance of Korra, who spends an evening with Bolin instead. Later, she kisses Mako, upsetting Bolin and the Fire Ferrets’ chances in the championship. By the end of the episode, the Fire Ferrets forgive each other and advance to the championship match against the three-time defending champions, called the Wolfbats.

6 (6) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“And the Winner Is…”
Amon threatens to attack the pro-bending arena if the Council does not cancel the championship, but Chief Lin Beifong promises to protect the stadium. The Wolfbats win the match by bribing the referees to ignore foul play. After the match is over, the Equalists neutralize Chief Beifong’s metalbenders using electric gloves, and Amon strips the Wolfbats of their bending abilities. Korra and Beifong escape and fight the Equalists, but the stadium is ruined.

7 (7) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“The Aftermath”
Tarrlok calls for Lin Beifong’s resignation as chief of police, while Mako and Bolin move into the Sato mansion. While visiting them, Korra overhears implications that Hiroshi Sato is colluding with the Equalists and informs Chief Beifong and Tenzin, who find no evidence. A mysterious source reveals that Sato has a secret factory under his mansion, used to manufacture weapons for the Equalists. When Korra, Tenzin, and Beifong discover the secret factory, they are attacked by Equalists using large combat machines built by Sato. Beifong’s metalbending officers are captured and taken to Amon, but Mako, Bolin, and Asami rescue Korra, Tenzin, and Beifong. Beifong decides to resign her post and rescue her officers, while Korra offers Mako, Bolin, and Asami sanctuary on Tenzin’s Air Temple Island.

8 (8) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“When Extremes Meet”
At his inauguration as Beifong’s replacement, Police Chief Saikhan vows to support Tarrlok’s task force, leading Tenzin and Korra to quarrel with Tarrlok. Korra expresses frustration with her inability to airbend, and Tenzin tells her to obtain help from her past lives. Asami, Mako, Bolin, and Korra form “Team Avatar”, patrolling the city and capturing Equalists, to Tarrlok’s disapproval. Tarrlok places all non-benders under a curfew, and orders the arrest of a mob who refuses to obey. Korra tries to free the unarmed civilians, and Tarrlok arrests her friends to stop her. Korra refuses to comply with his demands in exchange for her friends’ release but is defeated by his blood-bending powers.

9 (9) episode guide The Legend of Korra

“Out of the Past”
Tarrlok locks Korra in a platinum box in the mountains, publicly claiming that Equalists abducted her. In response, Lin Beifong frees Korra’s friends from prison and, with Tenzin’s help, infiltrates the Equalist hideout. Confronting Tarrlok in City Hall, a witness exposes Tarrlok’s bloodbending powers, which Tarrlok uses to disable the group and escape. Meanwhile, Korra learns from Aang’s past that 42 years prior, the mobster Yakone escaped trial by bloodbending the court, whereupon Aang removed his bending powers. Tarrlok confirms that he is Yakone’s son, attempting to rule Republic City from a political seat rather than through crime. His escape is thwarted by the Equalists as his bloodbending proves ineffective against Amon. Tarrlok’s bending is taken by Amon, but Korra escapes. Naga returns her to her friends.

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“Turning the Tides”
After recovering from her abduction, Korra tells her story, and Tenzin asks Lin to protect his family while he attends the morning’s council meeting. Tenzin is attacked at City Hall, but learns that the other council members have been captured by Equalists and the city is under attack. Amon’s zeppelins bomb Republic City as Tenzin reaches police headquarters, where he wires the United Forces for help. Forced to evacuate headquarters, Equalist ‘mecha-tanks’ capture Chief Saikhan and many officers. Korra and her friends rescue Tenzin. Pema gives birth to Rohan as Equalist airships arrive at Air Temple Island. Lin Beifong, with the help of Tenzin’s airbender children, defeats the invaders. Korra goes into hiding and Tenzin flees with his family to preserve the last airbenders. Lin destroys an airship pursuing them, but is captured and refuses to reveal Korra’s whereabouts. Korra’s team enters the city sewers and General Iroh, commanding a fleet of United Forces warships, answers Republic City’s plea.

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“Skeletons in the Closet”
Korra and her friends hide in hobo camp underground until Iroh’s fleet arrives; but the fleet is promptly disabled by Equalist mines, aircraft, and torpedoes. Korra saves Iroh from drowning, and they regroup with the others. Korra and Mako go in search of Amon, while Iroh, Bolin and Asami sabotage the Equalist airbase to prevent the sinking of a relief fleet under Commander Bumi, Tenzin’s older brother. Korra and Mako discover Tarrlok captive in Air Temple Island, and he reveals that Amon is his brother, Noatak – both sons to Yakone, who fled to the North Pole after his escape from Republic City. Meanwhile, the assault on the Equalists’ mountain airbase goes poorly when the attackers fall prey to an electric fence.

12 (12) episode guide The Legend of Korra

Bolin, Asami, and Iroh are captured by Hiroshi Sato and the Equalists, but rescued by Naga. While Asami and Bolin fight Hiroshi and his mecha-tanks, Iroh destroys the Equalist bombers. Korra and Mako confront Amon at an Equalist rally, and expose him as a bender. Amon denies it and reveals that he has captured Tenzin and his young family. Korra and Mako free them, but Amon overpowers Mako and Korra, and removes Korra’s bending abilities except for her airbending, which she later uses against him. Expelled by her, Amon falls into the sea, and his escape unmasks him publicly as a waterbender. He flees Republic City, along with Tarrlok, who later explodes their boat and themselves. At the South Pole, Katara is unable to heal Korra’s severance from water, earth, and fire. As Korra sits weeping at a cliff’s edge, Aang’s spirit fully restores her spiritual connection and bending abilities and Korra enters the Avatar State to restore Beifong’s bending abilities. Everyone watches in awe and amazement with Tenzin addressing her as Avatar Korra.
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