The Neighbors description of episodes (season 2)

Description of The Neighbors episodes that were first released on ABC September 20, 2013 – April 11, 2014; ganre – science fiction, sitcom, satire, metafiction.

The Neighbors overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (23) episode guide The Neighbors

“Family Conference”

As the summer winds down, the Weavers and the Bird-Kersees discover that Amber and Reggie have begun dating. Jackie calls for a family conference – in a newly revealed basement at the Bird-Kersee home – at which both families vote on whether or not the couple can stay together. Things approach fever pitch until Abby interrupts with a heartfelt speech about how Reggie is the only person to ever make Amber smile. Then, just as the families are about to embrace the relationship, an unexpected guest arrives to compete for Reggie’s affections: his Zabvronian ‘soulmate’ now named Jane. Guest star Jerry Springer.

2 (24) episode guide The Neighbors

“September Fools”

The Weavers explain to Larry what April Fool’s Day is, and he begins to meticulously plans a major prank. Reggie and Jackie try to convince Amber that Reggie isn’t into his Zabvronian ‘soulmate’ Jane who just arrived on Earth.

3 (25) episode guide The Neighbors

“The Neighbours”

Jackie attempts to impress her new boss by inviting her over for a traditional English dinner. Meanwhile, Larry recklessly shops, Debbie tries to determine a dream job and Marty overcompensates after suffering erectile dysfunction.

4 (26) episode guide The Neighbors

“The One With Interspecies F-R-I-E-N-D-S”

Debbie decides to learn more about Jackie. Meanwhile, Dick tries to help Marty get a handle on his junk-food binging and Reggie and Amber watch an Animal Planet documentary on inter-species relationships.

5 (27) episode guide The Neighbors


Larry tries to combine Halloween and Chanukah to create a new super-holiday. Meanwhile, an obnoxious couple challenges Marty and Debbie to a family Halloween costume contest.

6 (28) episode guide The Neighbors

“Any Friggin’ Sunday”

Larry decides golf is boring so he takes an interest in football. Meanwhile, Debbie and Jackie orchestrate a romantic evening for Reggie and Amber.

7 (29) episode guide The Neighbors

“We Jumped the Shark (Tank)”

When Debbie creates a unique purse, Jackie gets them booked on Shark Tank. Amber choreographs Abby’s dance for a big recital.

8 (30) episode guide The Neighbors

“Good Debbie Hunting”

Debbie wants to enroll in business school but first must pass a qualifying exam. Reggie and Amber’s relationship is tested.

9 (31) episode guide The Neighbors

“Thanksgiving is No Schmuck Bait”

The Weaver Thanksgiving doesn’t go as planned when Marty’s father (Stacy Keach) arrives, with luggage in tow, to announce that, after fifty years of marriage, he and Marty’s mother (Debra Mooney) are getting divorced and he’s moving in. Jackie’s Zabvronian parents (Reginald VelJohnson, Meredith Baxter) arrive to witness the news and learn about human relationships.

10 (32) episode guide The Neighbors

“Supreme Like Me”

Jackie’s parents help the Weavers with a burst water pipe, frustrating Jackie as to how well they get along. Larry searches for a job to prove he can support a family.

11 (33) episode guide The Neighbors

“A Christmas Story”

Debbie accidentally spoils the Christmas surprise Larry had for Dick. Reggie and Amber try to find the perfect gift for each other to show their true feelings.

12 (34) episode guide The Neighbors

“Fear and Loving in New Jersey”

Earth appears more dangerous when the Bird-Kersees are mugged. The Weavers teach them how to protect themselves, leading Larry to build a panic room in Debbie and Marty’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Jane crashes Amber and Reggie’s date.

13 (35) episode guide The Neighbors

“High School Reunion”

Marty and Debbie’s 25th high-school reunion draws near. Marty wishes to reunite his heavy-metal band for a performance at the event, and Debbie seeks out her archenemy.

14 (36) episode guide The Neighbors

“Man, Actually”

Reggie and Larry’s Zabvronian male cycles are synchronized, when both experience relationship issues. Debbie goes back to business school and must enlist Marty’s help to curtail a flirty professor.

15 (37) episode guide The Neighbors

“You’ve Lost That Larry Feeling”

Debbie invites her college study group to her house, but appears more like a mother to them than a schoolmate. Larry visits Jackie at work and experiences jealousy for the first time over her co-worker, Keith. Amber and Reggie finalize their split, but only with outside help.

16 (38) episode guide The Neighbors

“Oscar Party”

Debbie throws a fancy Oscar party for her friends from Bayonne. The Bird-Kersees invite Erik Estrada and Carrot Top, much to the Weavers’ chagrin. Meanwhile, Max tries out for hockey, and Amber has to drive him there. She overhears the hockey dads’ chauvinism and convinces Abby to also try out, only Max learns Abby plays better than he does.

17 (39) episode guide The Neighbors

“Balle Balle!”

Larry gets invited to his Indian co-worker’s traditional wedding. Larry and Jackie’s research for the perfect gift results in their doing a full-scale “Bollywood” performance. Meanwhile, Marty and Debbie plan a family picnic, but their kids think the idea is boring, and the parents find it difficult to prove them wrong.

18 (40) episode guide The Neighbors

“A Night in (Lou Ferrigno’s Hibachi) Heaven”

The Weavers admit to being in a rut to the Bird-Kersees, who have never heard of such a thing and later think it is contagious. The four of them have trouble improving their respective situations. Meanwhile, Dick has to stay at the Weavers’ house with Max and Abby. He falls in love with their middle-aged babysitter (Rachel Dratch) with a sinus infection and hygiene issues.

19 (41) episode guide The Neighbors

“Uncle Benjamin”

Debbie’s estranged wild child mother, Janet (Rhea Perlman), invites the Weavers to her San Diego timeshare to meet her recently adopted son, who is 10. Debbie agrees, but only if Larry & Jackie also make the trip. They accept, which makes for an interesting plane ride. Meanwhile, Marty tries to help Abby with her fear of the ocean.

20 (42) episode guide The Neighbors

“Close Encounters of the Bird Kind”

Jackie feels neglected and sees a therapist, when Larry spends their anniversary obsessed with proving himself to his father. Debbie and Marty’s bowling team is in the semi-finals, but Debbie’s skills are hampering the team. Marty is tasked with removing her from the team for the finals. Meanwhile, Max and Abby’s behavior causes Dick to consult Joel Stein, Lawrence O’Donnell and Bill Nye (as themselves) for advice.

21 (43) episode guide The Neighbors

“All That Jazzy Jeff”

Jackie really wants another child. However, Reggie’s continuing love story with Amber, and Larry’s brother DJ Jazzy Jeff arriving to keep tabs on him per his father’s orders, adds to the frustration of the baby talk. Coincidentally, Jeff’s plan is to bring the entire community back to Zabvron. Meanwhile, Amber confides in Debbie about her college boyfriend, news which eventually reaches Jeff.

22 (44) episode guide The Neighbors

“There Goes the Neighbors’ Hood”

The Zabvronians are leaving. Larry’s pregnant, and no Zabvronian has ever given birth in human form, nor on a crazy planet such as Earth. Debbie convinces him to stay, but the rest of the Zabvronians adore DJ Jazzy Jeff, who wants everyone to go home. Also, Reggie is still threatening to become human.

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