The Sopranos description of episodes (season 4)

Description of The Sopranos episodes that were first released on HBO September 15, 2002 – December 8, 2002; ganre – crime, drama.
The Sopranos overview of episodes (season 3)

1 (40) episode The Sopranos description

“For All Debts Public and Private”
Tony lends Uncle Junior a helping hand as legal bills begin to pile up. Carmela wants to learn more about the family finances, though that is privileged information from Tony’s point of view. Christopher gets information on the man who probably murdered his father. Adriana continues her “friendship” with an undercover FBI agent.

2 (41) episode The Sopranos description

“No Show”
Resentment abounds when Christopher is made acting capo of Paulie’s crew. Meadow slips into a depression, announcing that she will be dropping out of school and traveling to Europe. Adriana learns the truth about her new friend Danielle. Tony grows concerned when Janice and Ralph begin a serious relationship.

3 (42) episode The Sopranos description

Sixteen years are on the line when the trial of U.S. v. Corrado John Soprano (Uncle Junior) gets underway. Silvio, intensely proud of his heritage, takes a stand to break up a Native American protest against the annual Columbus Day parade. Bobby Bacala suffers a devastating loss. Ralph’s general popularity continues to suffer.

4 (43) episode The Sopranos description

“The Weight”
Johnny Sack remains furious at Ralph after learning of an off-color remark about Ginny’s weight. Carmela finds herself becoming attracted to Furio, who holds a housewarming party. Tony worries that Meadow will abandon the career he hoped for her after she begins volunteering at a legal practice.

5 (44) episode The Sopranos description

Ralph invests in a race horse that Tony becomes very attached to. After a choice of self-preservation, Adriana meets her new FBI handler, Agent Sanseverino. Carmela’s persistence on matters of finance strain her relationship with Tony. Janice strikes up a friendship with Bobby Bacala.

6 (45) episode The Sopranos description

“Everybody Hurts”
Christopher’s heroin addiction continues to beset his competence. Tony learns of a major development in the life of Gloria Trillo that moves him to a streak of good will. After a situation involving borrowing a large amount of money goes sour, Artie Bucco attempts suicide. A.J. is surprised by his new girlfriend’s extraordinary wealth.

7 (46) episode The Sopranos description

“Watching Too Much Television”
After four months of incarceration, Paulie is released, and the family throws him a party at Bada Bing. Tony and Ralph express interest in a plan to scam a government department. Adriana desperately seeks engagement with Christopher, but only so that she could qualify for marital privilege.

8 (47) episode The Sopranos description

“Mergers and Acquisitions”
Tony considers starting yet another extramarital relationship, provided he’s not breaking his own rules. Paulie is concerned with the welfare of his mother after she moves to Green Grove. Furio looks for counsel on how to deal with his feelings for Carmela.

9 (48) episode The Sopranos description

“Whoever Did This”
Uncle Junior falls upon a possible loophole out of his pending trial. Ralph is cast into despair when his son suffers a life-threatening injury. Tony seeks brutal vengeance after a suspicious stable fire. Christopher becomes involved in engineering a disappearance with Tony.

10 (49) episode The Sopranos description

“The Strong, Silent Type”
Tony plans an intervention to confront Christopher and his addiction. Furio tries to distance himself from Carmela. Johnny Sack tries to get in on the HUD scam.

11 (50) episode The Sopranos description

“Calling All Cars”
Tony considers reaction as opposed to proaction after he finds out that Carmine Lupertazzi wants a piece of the HUD scam. Uncle Junior’s shot at avoiding trial is eliminated. Janice tries to steer Bobby Bacala away from the grief that continually plagues him. Dr. Melfi may lose a decidedly memorable patient.

12 (51) episode The Sopranos description

Without notice, Furio moves back to Italy, causing anger for Tony, and heartache for Carmela. Carmine’s restaurant falls victim to vandalism. Meadow’s annual tea with Carmela becomes confrontational. Paulie and Silvio argue over feelings. Johnny Sack presents a potentially dangerous proposition to Tony.

13 (52) episode The Sopranos description

Junior’s court case draws to a close. In an attempt to cheer up Carmela, Tony bids on a shore house for the family, but his efforts to save his marriage are swiftly undone. After a change of plans, Christopher is forced to deal with two would-be hitmen. Carmela and Tony finally face off when she finds out he slept with Svetlana.
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