The Sopranos description of episodes (season 5)

Description of The Sopranos episodes that were first released on HBO March 7, 2004 – June 6, 2004; ganre – crime, drama.
The Sopranos overview of episodes (season 4)

1 (53) episode The Sopranos description

“Two Tonys”
Tony tries to show Dr. Melfi his other side, but is rebuffed; Carmela and A.J. experience wildlife in their yard. Christopher and Paulie have a brief falling out when the “Pine Barrens incident” is re-mentioned. A possible power struggle within the New York Mafia arises.

2 (54) episode The Sopranos description

“Rat Pack”
Mafiosi from both the New York and New Jersey crews imprisoned in the 80s are released. Among them is Tony’s cousin Tony Blundetto; and a reunion party is thrown for them. Further unrest stirs for the New York Mafia after the untimely death of their powerful leader.

3 (55) episode The Sopranos description

“Where’s Johnny?”
An ailing Uncle Junior goes looking for the deceased. Tony’s powersharing plan for New York does not sit well with Johnny Sack. Paulie and Feech La Manna collide over territory for lawn mowing.

4 (56) episode The Sopranos description

“All Happy Families…”
A.J. has a night to remember in New York which causes Carmela to temporarily give Tony custody of A.J.; after a series of infractions, Tony handles the Feech La Manna problem. On orders from Johnny Sack, first blood is shed in New York.

5 (57) episode The Sopranos description

“Irregular Around the Margins”
While Christopher is away on business, a single-car accident involving Tony and Adriana causes members of the Soprano crew to play a game of telephone. Tensions mount until Tony Blundetto offers a solution that saves face for all involved.

6 (58) episode The Sopranos description

“Sentimental Education”
Carmela sets ground rules for A.J.’s return to her residence while starting a relationship with a school counselor, leading her to face some uncomfortable revelations; Tony Blundetto’s attempt at going straight goes sour.

7 (59) episode The Sopranos description

“In Camelot”
Tony meets his late father’s mistress and learns some troublesome details about his father and a childhood pet. Uncle Junior slips into depression after attending several funerals while under house arrest. Christopher ‘helps out’ his AA sponsor, with predictable results.

8 (60) episode The Sopranos description

“Marco Polo”
Carmela throws a 75th birthday party for her father, Hugh, and has a reunion with Tony; as the conflict in New York escalates, Tony Blundetto is courted by an old ally.

9 (61) episode The Sopranos description

“Unidentified Black Males”
Meadow lands her boyfriend a job which later backfires; Tony admits to Dr. Melfi the truth about his cousin’s arrest. Tony and Carmela receive surprising news.

10 (62) episode The Sopranos description

“Cold Cuts”
Janice enters anger management after an incident with another parent at Sophia’s soccer game; Tony Blundetto and Christopher visit their uncle’s farm to dig up dead bodies, bringing back unwelcome childhood memories.

11 (63) episode The Sopranos description

“The Test Dream”
Tony checks into the Plaza Hotel for rest and relaxation but suffers from one of his recurring nightmares. Tony Blundetto heads off to avenge the death of his good friend, but his actions threaten to bring serious consequences.

12 (64) episode The Sopranos description

“Long Term Parking”
Adriana finally pays the ultimate price for becoming an FBI informant. Tony reconciles with Carmela. When calls for Tony Blundetto’s blood are made, Tony makes a final stand for his now absent cousin.

13 (65) episode The Sopranos description

“All Due Respect”
With pressure from within and without, Tony is forced to make a difficult decision in order to appease all involved. A.J. develops his business acumen; Carmela counts her blessings. The New York power struggle ends, but a surprise still awaits the victor.
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