The Unit description of episodes (season 1)

Description of The Unit episodes that were first released on CBS March 7, 2006 – May 16, 2006; ganre – action, drama.

1 (1) episode guide The Unit

“First Responders”
The Unit’s newest member, Bob Brown, quickly learns the ropes from the team after terrorists hijack a business jet in Idaho. On base, Bob’s wife adjusts to the shock of learning that her husband is part of the team trying to rescue the airline hostages.

2 (2) episode guide The Unit

The team, except for Bob, is deployed to Africa to retrieve a radiological component of a crashed Chinese satellite. On base, Bob must deal with his family, who are still settling in, and interrogation from an FBI agent. Meanwhile, the wives comfort the wife of a soldier who was killed in action.

3 (3) episode guide The Unit

“200th Hour”
Jonas is sent to rescue a group of missionaries in Indonesia, while Bob must prove to the team that he is up to the job, after making a mistake in training. On base, the wives prepare to host a visiting senator who holds the power to increase financing for the Unit’s military training.

4 (4) episode guide The Unit

“True Believers”
The team is sent to Los Angeles to protect Mexico’s Drug Minister who has been threatened with assassination. The team is able to prevent an attempt the minister’s life, but his wife and two young sons are kidnapped. On base, a former Unit wife returns to recruit their husbands into the private sector.

5 (5) episode guide The Unit

“Non-Permissive Environment”
The team is forced to escape Spain when their mission to assassinate a terrorist is called off by the government. On base, Molly learns that her daughter, Betsy, wants to drop out of college. Kim considers signing up for courses at the local college.

6 (6) episode guide The Unit

The team is sent to Beirut to prevent the Russians from selling nuclear information to the Iranians. On base, Colonel Tom Ryan tries to end his affair with Tiffy, but she will not listen. Kim begins to ask Molly questions after she sees Tiffy enter a motel room.

7 (7) episode guide The Unit

While on a mission in Afghanistan to assassinate a high-ranking member of the Taliban, the team attempts to rescue other Unit members when their helicopter experiences engine problems. On base, Molly confronts Ron Cheals about his addiction to painkillers and Kim tries to land a job at a radio station.

8 (8) episode guide The Unit

The team participates in a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training drill in which they are treated as prisoners of war. The drill pushes them to their mental and physical limits when the doctor who runs SERE places their lives in danger. On base, Kim struggles with her faith in God, while Molly tries to help her find it again.

9 (9) episode guide The Unit

“Eating the Young”
The team must recover seven stinger missiles from a Brazilian arms merchant, who uses children as guards, before he sells them to Islamic militants. On base, Kim causes trouble when she tries to bring about change in the family-readiness group and Hector’s girlfriend discovers what his real job is in the Army.

10 (10) episode guide The Unit

Bob’s cover is compromised while guarding the U.S. Secretary of State in Africa. On base, Molly is conned when she agrees to purchase a home from an army widow and Kim receives an unwelcome visit at the radio station from an admirer she spoke to on the phone.

11 (11) episode guide The Unit

During the Unit’s annual “Day of the Dead” celebration, Jonas must deal with a young man who wants to know the truth about his father’s death. Meanwhile, Molly tracks down the woman who conned her and Bob is faced with a dilemma when a Unit widow insists that he sleep with her.

12 (12) episode guide The Unit

“Morale, Welfare and Recreation”
The team is sent to Atlanta to defuse a bomb. Kim discovers that her vacation with Bob to Canc?n, Mexico is actually cover for a mission. Bob asks for her help to catch a spy who is selling top-secret files to the Chinese government.

13 (13) episode guide The Unit

“The Wall”
The team is sent to assist French-led United Nations peace keeping forces in capturing a former Yugoslavian general for war crimes. On base, Jonas learns that Molly has lost their savings and Tiffy considers divorcing Mack after she reads a letter indicating that he has re-enlisted.

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