The Unit description of episodes (season 2)

Description of The Unit episodes that were first released on CBS September 19, 2006 – May 8, 2007; ganre – action, drama.
The Unit overview of episodes (season 1)

1 (14) episode guide The Unit

“Change of Station”
Mack and Tiffy prepare to leave the Unit, but she begins to feel conflicted when one of her former students, who claims to be physically abused, comes to her for help. The rest of the team are sent to Pakistan to prevent a plan to spread a deadly disease throughout the western world.

2 (15) episode guide The Unit

“Extreme Rendition”
The team must help a rogue former Unit operator escape from a Bulgarian prison in order to have him help assassinate the world’s leading arms dealer. On base, Molly takes a one time recruiting job to hire someone away from the Unit so she can put her sick mother in a nursing home.

3 (16) episode guide The Unit

“The Kill Zone”
The team is sent to Paraguay to eliminate a militia rebel leader, but the mission is put on hold when they must rescue two operators trapped by a sniper. On base, the wives help the fianc?e of a deceased Unit member gain custody of her two would be step-daughters.

4 (17) episode guide The Unit

The team must find a terrorist who is planning to attack a nuclear waste train. On base, Kim becomes upset when she sees a strange man talking to her daughter, Serena, outside of school.

5 (18) episode guide The Unit

“Force Majeure”
The team must evacuate an exiled dictator from an American hospital during a hurricane, but discover that other patients have been left behind. On base, Molly struggles over whether to honor Jeremy’s request to be sent to Iraq and Tiffy and Mack decide to have another baby.

6 (19) episode guide The Unit

“Old Home Week”
The team is sent to Africa on a mission to track down smuggled diamonds. On base, the wives organize “Old Home Week” to raise funds to help those in service in Iraq. Kim discovers an undelivered letter written by a soldier to someone he deeply loved, shortly before he was killed in action in 1944. She attempts to find the soldier’s widow through his friend-in-arms and deliver the letter to her.

7 (20) episode guide The Unit

“Off the Meter”
Jonas enlists Bob to take part in an unofficial operation to extract Ron Cheals’ illegitimate daughter from a religious cult whose members are about to flee the U.S. On base, Tiffy covers for Charlotte Ryan when she is questioned by the police after she sees her driving erratically and discovers pills in her car.

8 (21) episode guide The Unit

“Natural Selection”
Bob and his translator are stranded in the Russian wilderness after their helicopter crashes. As Bob fights to save his translator’s life, he remembers his experience during Unit selection through a series of flashbacks.

9 (22) episode guide The Unit

“Report by Exception”
The team are sent to assassinate a prominent Latin American official who threatens the U.S. oil supply, but the mission is made difficult for Jonas when the woman posing as his wife begins to take her role very seriously. Colonel Tom Ryan travels to Washington, D.C. and is questioned about the Unit’s mission during a congressional briefing.

10 (23) episode guide The Unit

Colonel Ryan is shut down by his contacts in Washington when Jonas becomes a prisoner of war in Georgia. Since his contacts refuse to cooperate with him, Colonel Ryan sends the team to rescue Jonas. On base, Tiffy learns she may face time in prison for her involvement in covering up Charlotte’s reckless driving.

11 (24) episode guide The Unit

“Silver Star”
Jonas’ father is awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Korea. Jonas recalls his father’s actions to his nephew, also a soldier, after he learns that his nephew beats his young wife. On base, Mack and Bob must help land a plane that has flown into a restricted area.

12 (25) episode guide The Unit

“The Broom Cupboard”
The team is assigned to protect a U.S. Senator who plans to meet a rebel leader wanting to overthrow his government. Jonas receives a top secret mission from the President of the United States to evaluate the rebel leader. Molly, Tiffy, and Kim help Jeremy with a surprise engagement party for Crystal.

13 (26) episode guide The Unit

“Sub Conscious”
Kim is overheard discussing a dream she had which inexplicably contains secret details of the team’s dangerous mission to North Korea. Colonel Ryan learns of the dream and believes Bob told Kim about the plan. Meanwhile, Jonas has to deal with the captain of a South Korean submarine.

14 (27) episode guide The Unit

“Johnny B. Good”
The team is sent into Iran to deploy sensors for detecting nuclear weapons, but the mission becomes complicated when civilians become involved. On base, Tiffy considers whether she should help a soldier who went AWOL and Molly visits Jeremy in the burn unit. She becomes disappointed when Crystal does not come to visit him.

15 (28) episode guide The Unit

“The Water is Wide”
The team is sent on a mission to protect a Middle Eastern dignitary at the United Nations, but must defuse a bomb found in the office of the U.N. Secretary General. Meanwhile, Molly and Tiffy visit Vietnam to honor the soldiers who fought there. On base, Crystal tries to seduce Mack and threatens to tell Tiffy about their relationship.

16 (29) episode guide The Unit

“Games of Chance”
The team competes against other elite military forces from around the world in counter-terrorism games staged in Hamburg, Germany, but the games turn deadly when someone tries to use them to stage a real act of terrorism. Meanwhile, Kim meets a former boyfriend while on a business trip and learns that he is now a multimillionaire and recently divorced.

17 (30) episode guide The Unit

“Dark of the Moon”
The team captures three Pakistani men from a Waziristan village to take in for questioning, but they are pursued by the local militia. After arriving at an Army support base in a remote area of Afghanistan, the team find the base in a state of disarray and must prepare the troops against an attack from the militia.

18 (31) episode guide The Unit

“Two Coins”
Grey becomes involved in a relationship with a female Israeli soldier when the team travels to Israel to study advanced desert warfare. When the two go off into the desert alone, they become surrounded by hostile Arab militia. On base, Tiffy stumbles upon a windfall which makes her question her motives.

19 (32) episode guide The Unit

Brown and Williams are sent to Papua New Guinea to retrieve an aircraft’s black box. Back on base, Mack discovers that Crystal may be talking to a reporter about the Unit.

20 (33) episode guide The Unit

“In Loco Parentis”
The team must work with a SWAT unit to rescue the students of an elite international private school in the Washington suburbs who have been taken hostage by unknown captors. On base, Lissy becomes interested in the son of an Officer.

21 (34) episode guide The Unit

Bob’s loyalty to Jonas and the Unit is challenged when he is recruited to work with the CIA on a covert mission. On base, Mack becomes convinced that Tiffy is having an affair.

22 (35) episode guide The Unit

Mack, Grey and Williams protect a Thai prince on American soil and uncover scandalous family secrets that include murder. Meanwhile, Bob’s life is endangered when a parachute jump goes awry.

23 (36) episode guide The Unit

“Paradise Lost”

The team is investigated by a government agency that is probing into possible infractions that could result in criminal charges. Mack confronts Tiffy about Wilson and the CIA continues to try and recruit Bob.

The Unit overview of episodes (season 3)

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